Who Organises The Stag Do?

Who organises the stag do? Really, is that the question? It's simple, the best man, right?

Or is it....

There may be a number of reasons why it's not a good idea for the best man to organise the stag weekend:
  • The Best Man is your dad and doesn't share your view on a fantastic stag do
  • The Best Man is Under 18 (your son)
  • The Best Man is your dog
  • The Best Man couldn't organise a stripper in a lap dancing club
Whatever the reason why the best man can't organise the stag weekend it'll still need to be organised.

Does the groom need to take the bull by the horns and organise it himself?

The Groom Organising It

This isn't such a bad idea, he'll know what he wants to do. He'll also know who to invite and who definitely NEEDS to be there.

Speaking to some of the staff at DesignaVenture, they sometimes find that the groom will get it all organised and then pass on the role to the best man to complete.

Some grooms would actually prefer to take control of the whole stag event. He would book through a stag do organiser like DesignaVenture so the effort is minimal - see our post on why you should use a stag do organiser to arrange your stag weekend.

DJ, Shots & Rage Buggy

What about one of the groomsmen aka the ushers?

Absolutely. Usually you will find one of the groomsmen is good at organising holidays and weekends so play your ushers to their strengths, it's not just a free ride being a groomsman you know.

The Hen

The Blushing Bride?! Hasn't she got enough to do?

Actually some hen's, as well as arranging their own hen weekend, will choose to also organise the stag do.

These hens are highly organised (as they're also planning a wedding) and will probably have the stag do sorted in no time.

The Best Man's Girlfriend / Wife

At DesignaVenture we regularly get the best man's girlfriend or wife call up and book the stag.

A good lady (just like a good man) will always crack the whip and get the money out of the boys. Can I say that? Is that PC these days? I mean women are better at having babies than men, so we all have our strengths!

Parents of the Best Man

Old Man Meme - funny

Oh C-mon really? It has been done I'm afraid! Why not? Again, if one of the parents is good at organising and is open minded, why the heck not - don't be ageist.


Usually it's the best man who organises the stag weekend and if he can't step up to the mark, anyone who has a natural gift for organising. For peace of mind and for a stress free experience use a reputable stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture.

Good luck



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