Best Stag Do Destinations In April

Believe it or not April is an extremely busy month for stag dos.


The average time between the stag weekend and the wedding is getting nearer 2 months.

No longer is it the night before. Many people choose stag weekends rather than stag nights, so the night before the wedding is no longer feasible.

April and May is going to busy, so where is the best stag do destinations in April?

OK, so it depends on what you are looking for...


In April, you are not guaranteed sunshine in the Med, I know that's a bit of a shock but I've been to Majorca in April and it rained for the whole week and it was actually warmer in Blighty, the friggin cheek of it!

So you'll need to go further a field for guaranteed sunshine such as the Tenerife or Las Vegas! But to be honest you don't go to Las Vegas to sunbathe!


If you are looking for a cheap stag weekend abroad then look no further than Prague, Bratislava or Riga. You can get a decent pint in Prague for less than £1.20 so that's a cheap round wouldn't you say!

Other cheap cities include Krakow in Poland and Budapest in Hungry.


Stag parties and competitive racing go hand in hand, like strawberries and cream and Ant and Dec!

Destinations of choice where you can get some decent off road and on road racing would be Bournemouth, Bristol, Reading, Birmingham, Newcastle, North Wales and Edinburgh.

In fact, most stag do destinations in the UK will offer karting whether it's indoor or out.


Wales is possibly the best adventurous stag destination, with the fastest zip line in the world and some incredible gorges to explore, your adventurous stag do has just stepped up a notch.

North Wales has natural white water rafting sites and incredible activities available throughout Snowdonia.

South Wales you can quad bike, go canyoning or race super fast Rage Buggies all within throwing distance of Cardiff.

Our post on South Wales Vs North Wales will help you decide on which one to pick.


If you're looking for incredible nightlife where daylight is just an inconvenience, in April your stag do destinations of choice should be Newcastle, Edinburgh, Prague, Bristol, Berlin and Cardiff, none of these epic cities will let you down.

There are also other European stag destinations to consider for epic night time adventures such as Krakow, Amsterdam and Hamburg.


The UK is a hotbed for stag do celebrations and in April you'll need to head to the big cities such as Newcastle, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol for lively nights.

The only seaside stag resorts to consider in the UK is Bournemouth and Brighton.

Throughout the day you have on offer an incredible amount of decent activities plus lively nightlife.

Where ever you go in the UK for your stag do you will find loads of great activities on offer and in April you should get some really good prices.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one.



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