Your Stag Do Glossary For 2020

Arranging a stag do can be very difficult, arranging 20 lads to pay, attend and enjoy a weekend isn't a walk in the park.

In my mind, you'll need to live by the 7 p's of planning*, making sure your best mate's stag do goes to plan.

*7 p's of planning = Proper Planning & Preparation, Prevents Piss Poor Performance

This stag do glossary for 2020 will help you book the best stag weekend known to man making you the very BEST best man.


Make sure you plan your stag do properly, so you'll need to read this 101 The Ultimate Stag Do Guide, remember proper planning.

You will also need help planning your stag weekend.


You have to try and think of everything, make sure everyone knows where they are going and what they're doing, so proper planning includes communicating information to the stag party.

Everyone has a smart phone and most people are on WhatsApp, so a WhatsApp group should be your communicating tool of choice, it's easy to set up and is a brilliant forum for chatting things-out and that all important banter.

I would also advise you to use a stag do organiser who will help you save loads of time, money and give you the facility where people can pay direct. This is so much easier than collecting money in yourself!

You will also need a Don't Forget List.

Keep the boys off the booze in the day with these fantastic stag do ideas for 2020.


Preventing issues before they happen WILL REALLY help your weekend run smoothly.

One of the main parts the best man or organiser forgets to arrange is the transport.

Leaving it until the very last minute can be problematic. I know of some groups leaving it to the very day when they need to get the group to an activity site and then missing out on the activities, so get this booked in advance.

The Finishing Touches should include Pranks, Dress Codes Including Fancy Dress and the infamous stag do kitty.

You will also need Stag Do Games to keep your party together over the weekend.


Make sure you get the very best for your budget, even down to where to go to get the cheapest pint on your stag weekend.

Find out how you can keep your price down on your weekend.

Plus look at various ways you can achieve optimum performance which includes organising, packing and on tour stag party hacks.

Avoid the 7 deadly stag do sins when booking your weekend away, that way your Performance Score will remain at 100%.

Don't forget your stag weekend essentials.

Pictures of DJ, shots and Buggies

Just contact DesignaVenture who will help you arrange the best weekend your best mate deserves.

Good luck



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