Stag Do Destination Guide: Benidorm

Benidorm is a stag do favourite and, if possible, getting more and more popular each year with groups wanting 3,4 or 5 nights away in the sun.

Before we get knee deep in why you should choose Benidorm for your stag weekend, lets have some no one cares facts:

  • Population: 67,558 (2018), however 11 million people currently visit each year!
  • Av. Max Temperatures: May 24℃, June 28℃, July 30℃ & August 31℃
  • Rainfall: 548mm annual rainfall (rainiest month is September, all the rest very low)
  • Sky Living: Benidorm is home to over 300 skyscrapers all with their own leisure space so they don't feel all crammed in.
  • Beaches: The sandy beaches of Benidorm are 100% natural and contrary to rumour the sand has not been imported. The sea is one of the cleanest in Europe and did you know (possibly not) Benidorm was the first resort in Spain to allow Bikinis?
  • Nightlife: Benidorm offers over 1,000 bars and 200 nightclubs so you'll need to come for a month, not a weekend!

Do The TripAdvisor Top 10 Bar & Club Crawl

There are so MANY bars in Benidorm (over 1,000) so my advice would be, do one of two things...

Do the current* Top 10 TripAdvisor Bars and Clubs of Benidorm, making sure you start early and have a good route, mapping all places on Google Maps. 

The current* top 10 bars and clubs are: 
  1. Kafee Klee
  2. The Explorers Club
  3. Bar 69
  4. West End Showbar
  5. Olivers Bar
  6. Scruffy Murphys
  7. The Bodhran Irish Bar
  8. Rock and Roll House
  9. Jail Rock
  10. Western Saloon.


Book a DesignaVenture Benidorm guided bar and club tour for a stag party. Job done, you won't need to worry about anything, just let your knowledgeable guide take you to the best clubs and bars.

*Current = this list will change from month to month and it might be worth skipping really bad themed bars which have been voted for by the grey generation.

Beaches full of bikinis but not Mankinis

In the past, Spain had a ban on bikinis. However, thanks to the mayor of Benidorm back then, Mayor Pedro Zaragoza, he managed to persuade former dictator General Franco to lift this legislation, opening up the Benidorm beaches to beautiful sun dwellers.

Please note: we do not recommend the Mankini, recently the Spanish police have started cracking down on offensive fancy dress.

Beaches of Benidorm...

  • Levante Beach - walking distance from the town, 3 km of sand, width ways obviously, lengthways would be a bit of a trek to the sea!
  • Poniente Beach - popular with locals and the grey-market
  • Playa Del Mal Pas - measuring 120 metre wide, a good little sheltered cove possibly not recommend for the raucous stag party
  • Playa del Albir - A more relaxing beach where the sea is noticeably clear, a change of pace compared to Levante beach
  • Cala Almadraba - Pebble beach ideal for snorkelling and apparently a well know nudist beach!

If you're enjoying this post take a look at our many stag do destination guides, covering the UK and Europe.

The Benidorm Stag Activity Collection

Benidorm is a place to relax, get some sun and party late into the night so you may find booking an activity for the daytime may not necessarily be a good shout. However 50% of groups do book a daytime activity just to break the monotony of drinking all day!

All the daytime activity usual suspects are available; footgolf, bubble football, karts and paintball but why not book something different, a bit more themed to Benidorm:

  • Jet Skiing
  • Power-Boating
  • Theme Park 
  • Water Park
  • Jeep Safari
  • Sailing

So there you have it, the Benidorm stag do guide, go to DesignaVenture's full list of stag do activities in Benidorm, or take a look at the popular packages.

Good luck



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