Best Stag Do Activities For 2020

2020 is an epic year to get married, and you don't have to be Rachael Riley to work out how long you've been married for!

So if you're getting married in 2020 (or your friend is) you're going to need a stag do.

There is no better time to have a stag weekend as there are so many activities and options on hand you are literally spoilt for choice.

So let's delve deep into the best stag do activities for 2020:

Quarry Karting & Zip Wire Velocity 2 above the karts head


Quarry Karts

Rip down a mountain dirt track at high speed in this epic, environmentally friendly, stag do activity.

You won't need to add carbon to the atmosphere as you are using a natural energy called gravity to fuel your speed and adrenaline fix.

The track is 3km long and you can expect to compete against chicanes, banked corners and tunnels as well as the other stag party members.

Combine this activity with the fastest zip line in the world and you have yourself one hell of an activity day!

Location: North Wales - more details

Zip Wire Velocity 2

If you're looking to experience the sense of soaring at over 100mph without the aid of a jet engine then this stag do activity is for you.

Not only is it the longest zip wire in Europe but it's the fastest in the world, now that's a memory the stag will take into married life.

Location: North Wales - more details

Dodgem Racing

2 dodgems on track in Birmingham

This is a proper motor racing activity perfect for stag groups. as you'll all be competing against each other in totally brilliant vehicles adapted to race around an epic track.

This isn't a fairground ride so get your racing head on.

Location: Birmingham - more details

3 brilliant stag do activities - quad biking racing, foot golf and bubble football

Quad Biking

Quad biking is an extremely popular stag do activity in 2020, with most popular, UK, stag weekend destinations offering epic, 4 wheeled adventures it's not surprising.

My top 2 destinations for quad biking are Newquay; for racing along an unbelievable mile long track which has adverse cambers, chicanes and jumps and North Wales which is a trek up an incredibly steep mountain. At the top you'll see Manchester, Chester and Liverpool on a clear day!

Locations: Nationwide - more details

Bubble Football

Over the last 5 years an extremely popular stag do activity and it's still going strong. There's good reason too, more and more people are getting into football and keeping fit plus, it's a brilliant team activity where all of you are involved.

Bubble football is the only game of football where the idea is to foul, no VAR required!

Location: Nationwide  & Europe - more details


Another football based activity which again, has seen huge popularity over the past few years. 

The idea is to kick a football from the tee to the hole in less kicks than your opponents, easy right? Well it's a lot easier than golf, and you don't need to be quiet, so perfect for a stag party.

Location: Nationwide - more details.

Rage Buggies kicking up dust / powerful dirt buggy

Rage Buggies / Rebel Buggies / Dirt Buggies

To be honest I have been in the stag do business since 1997 and karting has never been out of favour however these days we are spoilt for fast, strong and responsive buggies which are a brilliant racing experience where you'll walk away wanting one.

Some of these karts can hit 60mph which is double what used to be on offer!

Location: Nationwide - more details

Horse Racing

A totally awesome day out. Dress up to the nines, put your best cologne on and do some homework into which horse is going to make you money.

Ascot, Newbury, Kempton Park, Cheltenham and Chester seem to be very popular for 2020 and I haven't mentioned Nottingham and Newcastle, which are also brilliant horse racing courses.

DesignaVenture offer very poplar horse racing stag packages which include transport, accommodation and entry, stag weekends made easy!

Location: Nationwide - more details


Guided Bar & Club Tours

You can''t have a stag weekend without sampling the local nightlife, especially if you're on a stag do in Europe.

Book a guided bar tour and get taken with guaranteed entry into all the bars and clubs on route. Nights of getting Google maps up on your phone or not getting let in because you're not on the list are now behind you.

HOT TIP: A guided bar tour on your first night will give you your bearings for the nights ahead so always book your guided bar tour for the first night.

Comedy Club Entry

Another brilliant night time activity which will have your stag party laughing in to their beers. Most comedy clubs offer food before the show and then an after show party until the small hours, so a great night out without having to traipse round town and miss out on valuable partying.

HOT TIP: Sit near the front and hope your stag gets picked on!

Greyhound Racing

A Night At The Dogs

A brilliant night which is full of thrills and excitement as you watch your King Canine (great name for a Greyhound) race around a track at 40mph - boy they go fast!

On site you will find fully stocked bars and places to eat including a restaurant and burger style vans plus lots of totes to place your bets.

HOT TIP: Have transport sorted to take you onto a club after the last race (which is usually about 10:45pm) - if you book with DesignaVenture we usually get this sorted for our groups so there's no issues on the night.

Evening Meals

In the old days we used to say eating is cheating however as the stag's got slowly older sitting down to a nice meal at the start of night is a good touch.

An evening meal sit down is a great place for banter, good food and drink and where you can plan the night ahead.

HOT TIP: To avoid disappointment always book ahead, big groups order ahead so you're not sat there waiting for food.

Whatever you get up to have a great one.

Good luck!



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