Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: White Water Rafting

What's a stag weekend without a thoroughly decent activity which will knock you about and stick you in the drink?

White water rafting is that very activity.

In a nutshell, white water rafting is bombing down a river in an inflatable where paddles, at times, seem surplus to requirements.

Luckily each raft will have an instructor who knows the river like the back of his/her hand and can steer your raft away from huge rocks and keep the raft upright, most of the time!

Why is white water rafting a good stag do activity?

  • An excellent hang over cure - TOP PRIORITY!
  • Great bonding session for the whole group
  • Better for groups that want to do the activity together
  • A very memorable activity for the groom to take into his married life

So where are the best places in the UK to white water raft?

Excellent question my friend, for an epic rural stag weekend we believe North Wales to be one of the best locations. With plenty of rainfall and epic Rivers (which in the summer is kept full by dam releases) you will be able to white water raft all year round. Grade 3 rapids.

My other UK stag destination I would highly recommend is Edinburgh. Edinburgh is about an hour and a half from the frothing and quite frankly angry Rivers Tay or Tummel, but it's well worth the day out.

Just think, you have the excellent nightlife of Edinburgh, and on Saturday when all the guys are jumping at the bit to do something, you have a brilliant day trip to the highlands to get in some fantastic grade 3 rapids.

Stag packages that include white water rafting.

I have mentioned grades, this is how the white water rafting grading system works:

Grade 1 - Moving water, great for canoeing

Grade 2 - 3 feet waves with wide channels to manoeuvre your raft down

Grade 3 - 4 feet waves down narrower passages with water coming into the boat from all side, great for beginners, intermediates - loads of excitement and fun.

Grade 4 - Ferocious rivers which need expert manoeuvring on long and persistent stretches of rivers

Grade 5 - Only for the experts, everything grade 4 has, and then some.

Grade 6 - waterfalls!

Other stag do activities under the spotlight to consider.

Where else can I white water raft on my stag do in the UK?

There are a couple of man-made white water rafting sites which have been put together to help train Olympic canoeists and are based in Nottingham and Cardiff.

Both are grade 3 rapids and aren't particularly long, but you have more than one go at it. The great thing about the Cardiff site is it's right in the Bay which is ideal if you didn't want to travel too far out of the city for an epic activity.

Other popular stag do destinations you can white water raft include:

  • Valencia, Spain, 
  • Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Krakow, Poland

Where are the best places in the world to white water raft?

Now you are talking, if you are looking for long distances or insane white water you have to head out of Blighty.

For a stag do to Las Vegas than you have to consider the Colorado River.  White water rafting the infamous Grand Canyon. You can actually go for trips that last days, camping under the stars with big brown bears for company, now that's a stag do!

Other destinations in the world to white water raft include Noce River in Italy, Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Magpie River in Canada or FutaleufĂș River (Chile).

These sites are all at least grade 3 and 4 rapids with long stretches of river which will really test your stamina and nerves!

Wherever you decide to go, have a good one!

Good luck



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