Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Quad Biking

The brilliant quad biking activity has been a stag do favourite for as long as I can remember. They are an immense amount of fun to ride and are versatile, strong, can go through almost any terrain plus they're easy to drive.

What is a quad bike?

A quad bike is 4 wheeled motorcycle which usually has low pressurised tyres giving you more grip.

It has handle bars to steer with, a throttle push lever usually underneath the right side of the hand grip which you push with your thumb.

Most stag do destinations that offer quad biking use automatic gears (forward and reverse) making it the perfect stag do activity which doesn't involve wasting loads of time learning how to drive it.

Quad Bike Racing

Quite a few stag do destinations offer quad bike racing around specially designed race tracks which usually includes, chicanes, tight corners, jumps and adverse / reverse chambers.

Before you start racing you will be given a full safety briefing and demo. You'll be issued with a helmet, and in most cases, gloves and overalls. You will then have a few laps of getting used to the bike before going full pelt on your quad biking race-off.

My favourite stag do destination offering quad bike racing is.... (drum roll if you please) Newquay.

Quad Bike Trekking

Stag destinations that offer quad bike trekking usually offer an extreme course. This is not a nature trail people, expect steep hills/mountains to climb and descend, narrow trails through woods and scary terrain.

Most destinations will issue you with full overalls, however you are guaranteed a helmet and a full safety briefing.

Before you hit the scary terrain you will also have a practice on the bike with a few tests to make sure you're competent enough.

My favourite stag do destination offering quad bike trekking is..... North Wales.

Where you can book quad bikes as part of a stag weekend package.

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Why is quad biking so popular with stag parties?

Quad bikes are an enormous amount of fun to drive and are extremely easy to get the hang of and as this is a one off experience you won't need a huge amount of time to get used to driving the quad, giving you maximum experience.

They also have a good amount of acceleration and when you take your thumb off the throttle it slows down instantly so you don't need your brakes that much!

Courses are usually extremely muddy and slippy giving you that element of control when you're out of control, if that makes sense!

In my mind there's no better motorised activity where you'll just get caked in mud!

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!

Good luck.



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