The Rules To Pub Golf

Liven up your stag night with a theme or game, and there's no better stag do game than pub golf.

So here at the DesignaVenture Towers we have been listening to our stag parties and recently we have been asked for the rules to the stag do game Pub Golf.

So like the pleasing company we are, here are the rules to this brilliant game that doesn't come with frustration and certainly doesn't ruin a good pub crawl.

Pub Golf Rules

Rule #1 - Dress Code

Everyone MUST dress up like a pro golfer. Socks with a tartan or Argyle pattern if you please, brightly coloured golfing trousers (the more pastel the better), a matching shirt or polo shirt and a sun-visor. Golf shoes are not compulsory but are a great addition.

Rule #2 - Pick Your Course Wisely

At your chosen stag weekend destination you're going to need a pub crawl route. 9 pubs / bars in fairly close proximity of each other, to add to the theme try and pick sports bars or pubs or a pub/bar with a relatable golfing name.

We have guided bar crawls all over the UK and Europe which would accommodate your game, so you don't have to think while you drink.

Now we have suggested 9 watering holes however, if you would prefer to do 18 you could always change your drink measures or every third hole is a soft drink - look we are not here to mother you, you're all grown men, so we'll leave the length of the course to you.

Rule #3 - Choose Your Drink

Everyone must drink the same measure, usually a half or a pint of lager, beer, bitter or cider.

Rule #4 Designate A Par To Each Hole

Each pub / bar or hole must have a par. So that's an assigned amount of sips (gulps) it takes to finish your drink.

Rule #5 How To Mark Your Scorecard

Simple Scoring
Each pub / bar you visit counts as a hole, so one drink per hole. Every sip, gulp or guzzle of your drink counts as a shot - simple hey?

What use are the pars then?
Well in order to make things less complicated 3 par pubs or bars are the establishments you don't want to stay in for long, 5 par pubs are the venues you really like.

Unless you have a proper golfer in your midst who knows how to score using the par scoring system, it just isn't worth the headache.

So let's make it a bit more interesting...

Rule #6 Penalty Shots / Strokes

This is where you can really go to town, here are ideas on penalty strokes:
  • 1 Penalty Stroke for spilling your drink
  • 2 Penalty Strokes for falling over
  • 3 Penalty Strokes for the last one to finish their drink
  • 4 Penalty Strokes for drinking someone else's drink by mistake
  • 5 Penalty Strokes for missing a hole
  • 6 Penalty Strokes for talking to their mum or partner on the phone
  • 7 Penalty Strokes for not wearing the proper golf attire

If pub golf isn't for your stag party there are more stag do games.

Rule #7 The 19th Hole

Visit the local kebab house. 😀

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!

Good luck.



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