A 5-Step Guide To Planning A Stag Do

It's easy, you've been asked by your best mate to be his second most important person at his wedding, his best man.

However before the wedding there's that extremely important task of planing the stag do. However complexity is not your thing, you like to keep things simple, you don't have time to be dicking around, so here's a quick 5 step guide to planning a legendary stag do.

Step 1 - Up For Discussion

Don't just go and book a stag weekend and expect everyone to fall in line, it doesn't work that way. You need to speak to the stag himself and find out what he has in mind. Then you need to speak to his other best friends / ushers and get their take on what should happen on this legendary stag do.

Don't: ask the whole group or it'll take you a month to digest your findings.

Do: take on suggestions and ideas.

Step 2 - Be Money Mindful

Every invitee will have their idea of budget, how much they are willing to spend on your best mate's stag do. 

Sometimes, it will seem like every man and his dog is getting married so there's a lot of stag dos to cram into each year.

So try not to budget too many people out, otherwise it'll be just you and the stag on this weekend.

Don't; over budget, otherwise you'll end up with just you and the stag.

Do; listen to what the main people in the group are willing to spend.

Step 3 - Be Assertive

Once you collated your information from budgets, to which stag weekend destination, you'll need to get it booked. You are just about to book lots of beds in a hotel or book a house for the weekend so you can't afford to leave it to the last minute,

Don't; pay for people you don't know or don't trust if you can't cancel people off without getting your money back.

Do; be assertive and get it booked, if people delay in getting the money to you add them on later, if they can't go, it's their fault for delaying.

We have lots more posts on stag do advice, alternatively check out our 101 guide to arranging the ultimate stag do.

Step 4 - Communicate

In order to have this stag do run like a well oiled machine you need to make sure you communicate with every member in the stag group. We recommend setting up a WhatsApp group for pre weekend banter, plus it's a great place to keep all members of the stag party up to date.

Don't; keep things to yourself, you'll only get unhappy people if they turn up to an extremely muddy activity wearing their best trainers

Do; send all the information you have to ALL the group before you go on the stag weekend (see step 5).

Step 5 - Enjoy It!

Enjoy the stag do, just because you have arranged the weekend and you''re the best man, it doesn't mean you have to mother the whole group on the weekend.

Communication is king, get all the information to the group before you go; transport times, which terminal (if you're on a stag do abroad), what to wear, which hotel etc. That way, your questions on the weekend should be down to the minimal.

Don't; keep information to yourself, share it!

Do; do all your caring and sharing before you go, that way you can have an Epic stag weekend!

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!

Good luck



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