Book A Stag Do Package & Keep Life Simple

Doing The Beer Minimum Will Make You Happy!

There's no doubt about it, booking a stag do package through a stag do company like DesignaVenture, will make life simple.

In a world where everything is getting far too complicated, from your personal life to just getting on the bus, we have made modern life complex.

So, keeping things simple is the key to a less stressful life.

Booking a complete stag do package with DesignaVenture just makes things simple. Forget about contacting lots of providers, let someone else do all the donkey work for your group.

You can then sit back and relax with the ushers making up stag do pranks for the groom and figuring out what stag do games you're going get the group to play whilst on the weekend.

So why book though a stag do company like DesignaVenture?

  • Every part of the stag weekend booked in one place
  • You can get the guys to pay direct to the stag do company instead of you having to chase
  • You get a full information pack of the weekend which you can pass on to the guys, that way you won't have to "mother-them" all weekend
  • Peace of mind on the weekend, should anything go wrong you have a number to call
  • Stag Goes Free*

*With DesignaVenture this is based on a min group size of 15 people, should your group size be between 10 and 14 people the stag will go half price.

When booking through a reputable stag do company, always check 2 things:

  1. They have good reviews 
  2. They are easily contactable, not just by email!

You then have the choice of either booking one of their popular stag do package which are usually discounted or building your own stag do.

Building your own stag do online gives you all the options and choices. Put together a package with and without accommodation, activities, nightlife or transport. In other words book as much or as little as you like.

DesignaVenture offer an excellent Build Your Own stag do tool on their website which gives you instant prices plus you can add and subtract options just like a shopping basket.

DesignaVenture also has an excellent stag do package finder, just simply select how many nights, add the stag destinations you're interested in, along with budget and as quick as a flash, your web page will populate with fantastic stag do package options.

So whatever you decide to do, make things simple, why complicate!

Make life simple and get some Stag Do Hacks in your life.

Good luck



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