Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Paintball

Yellow paint explodes near a man from a stag party playing paintball

Paintball, really?


Paintball maybe old hat, you probably played it when you were fourteen years old however, it's making a comeback.

So far this year we have noticed a 19% increase in paintball bookings for stag weekends. 

Whether it's part of a multi activity day or half or a full day, there's no getting away from it, Paintball is an awesome activity, perfect for a stag do.

Paintball is also more than just nationwide it's everywhere. Whichever stag destination you choose I bet there's a paintball site nearby.

So what makes Paintball a perfect stag do activity?

Lovely lady in a bikini and sunglasses aiming a paintball gun

  • It'll bond the group together, no other activity will your make your stag group work together coherently 
  • It's extremely exciting, especially if you're fighting other stag groups
  • The price is low compared to other stag do activities, providing you're not trigger happy
  • These days there are lots of pyrotechnics including; smoke, thunder flashes and paint bombs

Technology has helped vastly, improving the equipment. So no longer will your gun jam, mask totally steam up or your gun's aim is rubbish. Unless it's windy your bullet should go fairly straight.

Paintball games and game areas have also improved. More buildings, obstacles and war zone scenarios making for a more realistic experience.

stag party standing next to a helicopter playing paintball

So if you are looking for an activity which is good for the budget, keep the guys together and give them plenty to talk about on the stag night, paintball is the perfect stag do activity.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!


brightly lit stag, shots and rage buggy


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