Top 10 Activities Perfect For A Stag Do

6 epic stag do activities, bubble football, paintball, shooting, coasteering, Turbo Cricket and rage buggies

There are activities and there are stag do activities, what's the difference I hear you ask?

OK, let me explain myself...

I personally think that a stag do activity needs to include something which will give you something to talk about in the pub later, it also needs to either scary or hilarious and most of all, it needs to be memorable for the stag.

I also think team competitive activities are a real winner.

Bubble Football

A brilliant stag activity, it's like Bubble Football was invented for the stag do!

You have all the elements in this one, competition, team sport, will make the whole group laugh their socks off plus it's the only game of football you'll play where fouling is the name of the game!

Fond out more about Bubble Football here.

Turbo Cricket

Obviously the group must love cricket, which most stag groups do. This is an excellent stag do activity which includes competition and is a fantastic team sport. Umpires are there to stop groups of cheating and everything is done on all weather pitches so the weather will not spoil your game!


Coasteering is a real leveller, where you're all pretty much in the same boat. Jumping off high ledges into the sea takes real balls.

It will also give you plenty of stories and memories for not only the evening but also for the rest of your lives.

Find our more about Coasteering.


Similar to Coasteering, gorge walking / canyoning takes place in a gorge where you'll explore waterfalls, caves and lots of deep pools, ideal for jumping into.

Again, a fantastic stag do activity pack with adventure.

Indoor Karting

Fast karts and stag groups mixed together extremely well, you'll have the Lewis Hamilton wannabes who will tend to get too confident and over cook it, you'll also get the drivers who look like they're driving for the Queen.

I recommend the Le Mans style races where you're in groups of 2 or 3 and you have pit stops and fast change overs where the winning team completes the most laps.

Quad Biking

These monster bikes are easy to drive (automatic), extremely manoeuvrable and are really popular with stag parties.

Most destinations will either offer racing or trekking. Brilliant stag destinations which offer this epic activity include; Newquay (racing), Bournemouth (trekking), North Wales (trekking) and Cardiff (trekking).


We may of all played Paintball before, but I personally think it's a BRILLIANT stag do activity where the whole group are involved in the mission to obliterate the opposition.

Paintball is competitive, exhilarating and incredibly exciting,  plus it's quite cheap, unless you're extremely trigger happy!

Rage Buggies / Powerful Dirt Buggies

Rage Buggies is one of the most sort after stag do activity.

Win the race or the time trial and you'll he hailed a dirt buggy hero, loosing the race has meant that you've done far too many donuts.

It's official - stag parties love Rage Buggies or similar powerful dirt buggies such as the Walker Adams.

We did a stag do activity ideas spotlight on Rage Buggies.

Deep Sea Fishing

A bit of a curve ball and in my mind the stag has to be a fisherman. However, it's also loads of fun where you can take a few 'tinnies' onboard, chill out and stick your maggot in the water, or whatever bait you intend to use.

I did this in Brighton and we ended up buying some portable BBQs and eating what we caught, delicious!

Gun Shooting

Whether it's clay pigeon shooting or rifle shooting in the UK or shooting AK47s or hand guns in Europe, there's no doubt about it, stag parties love this amazing activity.

I shot AK47's in Tallinn and it was so much fun, noisy, powerful and I won't lie to you; a bit scary, but it was immense!

Whatever you get up to, have a great one!

Good luck!



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