Stag Do Ideas For The UK

In my mind if you're looking for adventure and plenty of stag do ideas then the UK cannot be beaten.

Whether you're looking for full on adrenalin adventure or chilled-out activities and weekends, the UK has just got so much choice!

So let's get stuck-in and see what the UK has to offer the humble stag party.


Without a shadow of a doubt you need balls to do this stag do activity, giant massive Cahoonas! You're exploring the coastline along cliffs, rock pools and caves.

Traversing rocks faces and jumping into deep pools, get's you from A to B. You can skip some of the bigger jumps, but would you really want to?

White Water Rafting
Imagine the banter flying around from your stag group in several rafts, shooting down white frothing rivers whilst you all try to keep afloat. You'll be kitted out in wetsuits and buoyancy aids because let's make no bones about this, you're all going in!

Zip Wire
Did you know that North Wales is home to the fastest zip wire in the World, well you do now!

Reaching speeds of over 100mph this stag do activity is a game changer, an extremely memorable activity for the stag to take into his married life, the stories he'll be telling his kids!

Similar to Coasteering this activity is all about having balls of steel, with the main part of it jumping off high ledges into deep pools. You'll also get chance to explore caves and walk behind waterfalls, don't forget your waterproof camera!


Quad biking
The most popular motorised activity in the UK for stag parties, quad biking is a brilliant stag do activity.

Choose incredible treks (not nature trials) where you'll be climbing and descending down very steep hills, rushing through woods and taking on terrain only a fool would consider.

Quad bike racing is also available, most sites offering epic dirt tracks with jumps, humps, chicanes and straights.

Rage Buggies / Dirt Buggies
If you're looking to race an extremely strong and agile dirt buggies, racing Rage Buggies should be your weapon of choice.

Extremely fast, fantastic acceleration and brilliant around dirt tracks these karts are an exhilarating stag do experience.

Indoor Karts
If your stag loves F1 and thinks he's a budding Lewis Hamilton, get him to put his money where his mouth is and get him on an indoor karting track.

Available throughout the UK so whichever stag destination you're almost guaranteed of an excellent karting track. Stag do destinations where you can indoor kart.

Motor Sport Mash-Up
Only available in Birmingham, this brilliant stag do activity really does need a mention. You'll be racing all sorts of vehicles including three wheelers in an activity straight off the Top Gear set.

If your stag is a bit of a petrol head, this activity is a must.

No wheels required for this stag do activity, just a cushion of air and a huge fan. Once you get the hang of this brilliant activity, get racing your mates whilst doing figures of 8s will become second nature.

You can find out about all our stag do ideas on our website.


Turbo Cricket
Like cricket 20/20 this is speed cricket where luckily umpire, balls, bats and stumps are all provided, all you have to do is turn up and play.

You'll need a minimum group size of 10, but you're on a stag do, so this will be easy. 

Bubble Football
The best game of football you can play on a stag weekend, it's like this activity has been created with stag dos in mind.

Wrap yourself in a bubble suit and get on the pitch where the only plan is to foul your opponent! All equipment, balls and referee is included, the winning team will also win a bottle of bubbly!

Some members of the stag group will love football, other members of the group are mad about golf making Footgolf the perfect mashup!

Shock Football
Football for the Sadistics. Once you get the ball can you withstand the electric shocks and get that ball in the back of the net or will you hit the floor like a sack of spuds?


The grandaddy of stag do activities, Paintball has been around for years but always and is always a great choice.

Paintball has actually taken a bit of a renaissance in 2020 with lots of stags booking this epic activity.

Clay Pigeon Shooting
An event for Gentlemen, so bring your hip-flasks, watch your P's and Q's and only shout pull when you're ready, hopefully the stag isn't Paul.

The trick is to aim with your eyes and predict where the clay will be when you pull the trigger.

.22 Rifle Shooting
Using live rounds and shooting Zombies this brilliant activity is both thrilling and an excellent competitive activity giving the best shooters bragging rights in the pub later.

This stag do activity is available in Bournemouth and Bristol.

This incredible shooting activity is loads of fun and highly competitive. Will you have a deadly aim or the accuracy of a blind dog aiming for a lamppost.

Axe Throwing
If you've looked back at your ancestry and you've got Viking in your blood, Axe Throwing surely must be your activity of choice.

Learn to throw lots of different axes before getting your stag party into a throwing competition. 

Whatever you get up to, have a good one.

Best of luck



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