Thursday, 30 January 2014

Top UK Stag Destinations For 2014

January is a busy month for DesignaVenture, not only do we get loads of stag do enquiries our stags are booking like mad for 2014.

So where in the UK are our stags looking to party?

Well my faithful friends let me tell you, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Nottingham, Newquay and Bristol are taking the majority of our hits, and our stags are booking anything from racing rage buggies, to actually going to the races!

Other destinations such as Edinburgh, Birmingham, Chester and Manchester have also seen a huge increase in enquiries and sales.

Take Chester for instance, why are stags booking their weekends and nights here?

Good question, and one I am about to answer, Chester is literally 45 minutes drive from loads of brilliant activities (mainly based in North Wales), activities such as white water rafting, hovercraft racing, rage buggy racing, canyoning, clay pigeon shooting the list is endless.

And by night, Chester is sophisticated, bars and clubs are lively but not outrageous which may suits some of our stag parties but will not suit others.

There's an important point to be made here, in many large cities like Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester and Edinburgh you will have the choice to either go to the crazy clubs or hang out in quieter bars and clubs, so these destinations you should consider when booking a large or mixed stag do.

So you can, go crazy Friday night and sit down and chill Saturday night, pleasing everyone!

If you are looking for a stag destination by the sea - to give you that seaside stag experience (whatever that is!) then Bournemouth and Newquay should be top of your list.

Let's start with Newquay

Over the years Newquay has transformed into a really lively town, and when the sun is shinning you could be anywhere in Southern Europe.

Nestled on two amazing beaches, Newquay has some of the best surfing in the world (that is no exaggeration), with the constant North Atlantic rollers, everyday is a surfer's paradise. Surfing is a fantastic stag do activity and will bond the boys together 'like no nails'.

You also have other incredible stag do activities which can make your stag do unique including; coasteering, the extremely funny Cornish Challenge, Deep Sea Fishing and Jet Skiing.


With it's own weather system, Bournemouth boasts more sunshine then anywhere else in the UK. With 8 miles of white sandy beaches you have a great place to hang out when the sun is shinning.

However, you won't be doing much hanging out in the day if you take advantage of some of the great activities on offer.

It's a knockout, Quad Bike Mega Treks, Rifle Shooting, Rage Buggy Racing - Bournemouth is a real boys toys destination.

At night the clubs and bars are banging, head to Old Christchurch Road for the liveliest bars and clubs in town or take a short walk to Boscombe or grab a cab to Poole for a different scene.

The UK has masses of destinations that would suit your stag party, whether you are looking for a lively weekend, a weekend of relaxation or a bit of both, I am sure that this Island will deliver.

You can find loads of stag do ideas and destination on the DesignaVenture website.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Birmingham, Why?

You may be wandering where to book your stag do in 2014, you fancy the UK, but where?

Well, my blogger friends let me enlighten you and take you on a little stag trip to Birmingham.

Birmingham is one of the easiest UK stag destinations to get to, outside of London that is, and talking about London, from the big smog it's only 1 hour and 24 minutes on the Virgin Fast Train.

There are hundreds of hotels all within easy walking distance of the station and more importantly, walking distance from most of the nightlife, which is typically situated around Broad Street.

The nightlife in Birmingham is nothing short of spectacular, loads of lively bars and pubs, fantastic comedy clubs, nightclubs to suit all tastes and ages and whether you are after fast chicken or an authentic Balti, Birmingham will cater and cater some more.

By day you don't have to drink, on the contrary, around Birmingham you have some crazy activity sites offering anything from the current favourite of the Zombie experiences* to racing hugely fast buggies**, clay pigeon shooting, crossbows and even poker lessons.

*The Zombie experience is like no other, you are geared up with pump action guns with only your wits and fellow stag do members for protection. Get rid of the Zombies, which are trawling this underground bunker you have abandoned in, OUCH!

**Now in most locations, Rage Buggies or similar, you can only race 2 to 3 karts max on the track at only time, not in Birmingham, there is a track where you can actually race 6 of these beasts at the same time!

There is a full spectrum of hotel choices all in the city centre from luxurious 4 star hotels to a place to rest your warn out partied soul.

With regards to availability, most weekends currently look good, however watch out for weekends when Birmingham hosts various events such as The Clothes Show Live and Top Gear at the NEC and when big bands and artists play at the NIA.

Over the years, the Birmingham city centre has had a massive amount of investment making it one of the most desirable cities to weekend trip in.

DesignaVenture offer loads of fantastic stag dos in Birmingham from as little as £55 per person.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Why Booking Your Stag Do Early, Is A Great Idea

Booking your stag do early will save your bacon, don't put it on the back burner, it will never get done.

First and foremost, booking your stag do and estimating how many people will come is a little bit of a guessing game, so before you book anything, make sure you understand the terms and conditions, knowing when you can, and when you can't cancel people off without a charge.

We at DesignaVenture will allow you to cancel people off the booking, free of charge, up until 4 weeks before you depart.*

So that ticks that box, booking early doesn't necessarily mean you have to know the exact amount of people at the time of booking.*

Destination Stag Do….

Popular hen and stag destinations get booked up quickly especially in the summer months, so getting your booking in before all the other stag and hen groups will keep you one step ahead of the game.

Hotels can run out of beds....

Most stag parties consist of around 12 blokes and if you're popular even more, so getting 12 beds into a city centre hotel can sometimes be tricky, so booking your hotel early will give you the best choice of hotels.

Hangovers and lie-ins.....

Booking early will also give you the option for the more popular daytime activity slots, which are usually midday onwards, hangovers and all that!

Give your boys the notice....

Get the weekend date in everyone's diary, getting them to stump up a small deposit will certainly do that and they will be grateful to you for it, getting them out of Aunt Edna's 90th birthday party.

Welcome to the cheap seats….

If you are looking to book a stag do abroad then booking your flights as early as you can is essential. The closer you get to the departure date, usually, the more expensive the flight becomes. We know this from people wanting to add onto bookings and sometimes paying twice as much as the boys who booked early!

Finally, Be Heroic….

Booking the ultimate stag do with the best hotel, activity slots and destination will make you a hero, people will be flocking from miles around just to hear your stories, you will get the key to your hometown, ladies will be weeping in the street when they meet you, and all this, because you booked your stag do early, nice.

*On all non flight inclusive packages and bookings.