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Should The Groom Pay For His Own Stag Do?

This question possibly pops up in the best man's mind as soon as he has been offered the job, "should the groom pay for his own stag do "? As best man you could pay for his share or split the price between the whole group. This would mean the group paying an extra £10 - £30 depending on the group size and the price of the stag do. There are many arguments whether he should or should not pay for his own stag do, such as: He should pay for his own stag weekend because; I paid for my own stag do I am paying to go on his stag weekend and that's costing me enough so why should I have to pay for part of his? The groom is minted, why should I have to pay for him. He should not pay for his own stag do because; As best man, I should do my best to look after him He is paying for the wedding, he has enough to pay for You and most of the stag group are invited to the wedding, this is a good way of showing gratitude The above bullet points

Stag Weekends in Bournemouth

I am just about to embark for Bournemouth visit and check out the hotels and activity sites we use in Bournemouth for our stag dos . I have been to Bournemouth many times and absolutely love the town.  This stag do beach destination has loads to offer; from Rage Buggies , clay pigeon shooting, surfing, quad biking and paintball to a 7 mile sandy beach, fantastic night life and great restaurants. It caters for lots of different types of stag parties, from the older golfing parties to the young energetic stag groups wanting sun, sex and Stella. The accommodation down in Bournemouth has dramatically improved recently and all the hotels we use meet a very high standard, in fact I am staying in one of our 3 star hotels tonight and look forward to relaxing in front of my flat screen tv in my bedroom, taking a shower in my wet room, before drinking in the lively late bar downstairs. I will obviously be testing out the daytime activities which means, thrashing around on a quad and Rage B

Winter Stag Do Activities

With a cold snap around the corner, maybe a quick reminder of what  stag do  activities can handle winter without breaking stride. First of all the farmer's favourite, the quad bike, these four wheel drive machines can handle any terrane and as much snow as mother nature can send it's way. It's not just the versatility of these bikes which make them popular, some can reach speeds of up to 60mph and getting air between terra-firma and the wheels is easily done making them an extreme stag do activity. To go to the other spectrum of activities are the indoor ones such as karting and paintball.  Indoor karting  are always a good move as the elements cannot disrupt your racing line. Indoor Paintball is also a fantastic move however, outdoor  paintball  in the snow, in my mind, is pretty awesome. No mention of water activities, however if you are made of sterner stuff go white water rafting or gorge walking, the cold water will shake away your hangover and the wet-suite wil

Nottingham, Bristol And Bournemouth Is A Real Knockout

Looking for a great place to have a cracking stag weekend with a unique activity? Keep your stag do UK and go to Nottingham, Bristol or Bournemouth and have a go at a hen and stag do activity that will keep you laughing all the way to the pub and the name of this crazy activity is called " It's A Knockout ". Dressed in costumes you will be racing with obstacles, props, inflatables, water and foam. This is the nearest activity you will get to the modern day Wipeout . This hilarious activity will take up about 3 - 4 hours of your Saturday and will usually start about midday to 1pm.  Hen and stag parties alike enter teams to compete against each other which adds to the tongue in cheek, good natured, party atmosphere. The winning team gets a bottle of bubbly to either down or shake and spray, with the latter option being the preferred!  A compere will keep all teams up to date with the latest scores and will chuckle at you falling over and making a fool of yourself.

Keep Your Head Whilst On Your Abroad Stag Do

You have just checked into your hotel and the stag party is looking at you, 'the best man' , and asking the question; "right what do we do now?" You are in a new city, a foreign country, you don't recognise any where so you may feel a little out of your depth. First things first; 'keep your head' , advise everyone to congregate in the bar and then you can compose yourself and get people out of your face. Then, get yourselves on a mini bar crawl around the area you are in, this will help everyone in the group to start recognising the local area their hotel is in. Alternatively pre book a bar crawl with a guide for your first night, this will then give you a great idea of where the good bars and clubs are and where to keep away from. Quiz your guide to find out about everything you intend to get up to whilst on your stag weekend, remember she will have first hand knowledge of the city and will know where to party. A good walk through the city centre w

Do I need to Insure My Stag Do?

The plain and simple answer to this question is yes, a stag do like other short breaks and holidays needs to be insured. But it's two nights in Bournemouth why do I need to waste my money? Well, for starters a UK policy will probably cost you less than a tenner, giving you peace of mind and protection from unwanted costs or loss of money. In my opinion one of the main reasons is to cover you is for cancellation.  For example, say you are two weeks away from your fun filled stag do in Bournemouth and you have an accident or someone in the family gets ill, which stops you from from attending, how are you going to get your money back? This does happen on a regular basis believe or not, that's why at DesignaVenture we advise you to take out insurance every step of the way, we don't actually sell insurance just the benefit of taking it out. It will also cover you for other elements whilst on your stag trip including loosing your Smart Phone or more importantly your beer