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Why Book Your Stag Do Early?

Don't leave your best friend's most important weekend of his life to the very last minute, start arranging his stag do now!

There are many reasons why you should book your stag do or weekend early and luckily I am about to list them.

In some instances in travel, booking late can make your holiday cheaper, such as a last minute week to Salou (Costa Brava) however, when booking a stag group you are usually confined to dates and this is usually over a weekend.

So if you're booking a stag do abroad the earlier you book the flights the cheaper they are going to be, if you're staying in the UK booking a large group into a hotel can be tricky especially on popular weekends, booking early you'll get the cheapest flights and the best hotels.

More Choice
Booking your stag do early will give you a lot more choice as the availability will usually be there, so that means getting the best hotels, flight times, activity times and nightlife.

When booking late there has some b…

Incredible Ideas For Your Stag Do Abroad

From the bizarre and unique to the amazing and incredible below you will find some weird and wonderful ideas for your stag do abroad.

On the DesignaVenture we obviously sell quad biking, paintball etc. however I wanted to show you what else is out there, what other amazing activities you can do on your stag do abroad to make it more than memorable.
Car Smash Destroy a car with weapons including axes, sledge hammers and crowbars, really go to town smashing windows, puncturing doors and nuking the interior and the great thing is you won't get arrested afterwards!

Available in: Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam & Hamburg

Beer Bike Why sight-see any other way, just think, beer in hand seeing all the incredible sights without having to follow an umbrella and you're burning calories to your own tunes (you do have to pedal a little).
Available in: Riga, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Munich, Bratislava & Hamburg

Stag Do Pranks From getting the stag arrested to having a hotel maid wake the st…

Dream Stag Weekends Abroad (If Money Was No Object)

For me, there are two destinations in the world which every stag party must visit if you have the dollar, and that's Las Vegas, USA and Bangkok, Thailand, OK, OK, it's starting to turn into a Hangover movie, but they have featured the best places in the world to party so it makes sense?

Private Jet to these destinations would be a bit of a nightmare as you'd be stopping every 3 hours to refuel, so assume it's business class with beds, bar and incredible food.

Top Tip: Book Emirates (Thailand) or Virgin (Las Vegas) for a in-flight stand up bar experience.

Las Vegas First and foremost Las Vegas just never sleeps and has the best pool parties in the day and incredible nightlife by umm night, so is a stag do heaven.

Head to Fremont Street to an experience of a lifetime.. Brilliant Bars, restaurants, a zip wire even goes down the middle of the street! Eat at the massive All You Can Eat grill, get whipped by sexy street performers or take in a live band at one of the many ba…

Dream Stag Weekends In The UK (If Money Was No Object)

We all love a dream list, if money was no object type of scenario.
I'm sure you've won the lottery in your head and worked out where that £30 million would go, we all have, so I have put together some dream stag weekends which after looking into to it isn't as expensive as I thought it would be! Party In Style The Royal Mile, Grassmarkets, The West End and also the streets off Princes street all have fantastic bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants making Edinburgh one of the best places to party in the UK.
First of all you'll need to fly into Edinburgh, which would be more desirable than sitting on the M1 in queues of traffic. If you have a group of 8 or less hire a Learjet and fly into Edinburgh in real style in your own private jet.
You'll need to arrive early morning into Edinburgh airport sop you can be whisked off to the highlands (roughly, hour and a half) in an executive coach which has a waitress, kitchen, toilet and an incredible sound system.
You will then get…

Stag Do Hacks

Life hacks are all the rage these days; from lifting ink stains with WD-40 to making a family sized trampoline with tarpaulin and elastic bands (I made that one up), so let's check out some stag do hacks which will actually help you organise a brilliant stag weekend.
Organising Communication
Set up a WhatsApp group and communicate with the attendees, that way you'll get the general consensus of what they are willing to pay and where they want to go.

Don't allow your inbox to become a snub-machine gun target by your group snubbing the stag weekend you've organised - always communicate with as many people as possible gauging budgets, destinations and activities the group will want. That way you'll organise a stag do your group wants.
Beat dirty airline tricks If you're in charge of booking the flights for the group or even some of the group, some if not all airlines will know what you are searching for and can sneakily put their prices up when you go back to book i…

Stag Do Destination Guide: Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a totally brilliant UK stag do destination, a party town with incredible nightlife, activities and accommodation, it's no wonder Bournemouth is one of DesignaVenture's top UK destinations and they offer loads of brilliant stag do packages, weekend and nights to this epic seaside town.

Pointless Uninteresting (but secretly interesting) Facts About Bournemouth
Average Temperature: June 20ºC | July 22ºC | August 22ºCRainfall: 810mm per year (which is well below the national average)Population: 190,000 ish!Crazy Fact: Amanda Holden for a £20 bet, once rode around Bournemouth on a motorbike naked, I wonder what she'd do for £50?Beach fact: Bournemouth has beautifully clean golden beaches which stretch for 7 miles and is home to 4 blue flags.Sunshine Fact: Bournemouth enjoys on average 7.7 hours of sunshine a day in the summerTravel: Nearly 1 million people travel from Bournemouth international airport each yearNightlife

You better believe it people, Bournemouth is…

Stag Do Destination Guide: Prague

Prague is an incredible stag do destination, a party capital, a European city so lively that the Rolling Stones loved it! True Story: The Rolling Stones paid their stage lighting technician £32,000 to light up the Castle, so they could see it whilst partying at night.

Crazily Pointless Facts About Prague
Average Temperature: June 23c | July 26c | August 25cRainfall: 493mm per yearPopulation: 1.3 millionAbove Sea Level: 202 metresCastle fact: Prague has the largest castle in the world according to the Guinness Book Of Records.Beer: Per capita, Prague locals drink more beer then anywhere else in the whole world, I told you you're for a party
Quick postcode lesson:
There are 10 districts to Prague all numbered; Prague 1 (central), Prague 2, Prague 3 etc. as shown here - that's it lesson over, now that wasn't painful was it! When booking your accommodation Prague 1 is the best place to be, however there is a very good tram service which goes from 4:30am to midnight, a day's…

Stag Do Ideas For 2019

Looking for the best destinations, incredible activities and ideas on what to do on your stag do in 2019, well you've struck gold my friend, next year we know that stag dos will be going bigger, better and brighter.

Below you will find a full list of ideas plus some further resources to make your 2019 stag do go down better than a 20 pound note at a lap dancing bar.
2019 Stag Destination Guide In 2019 popular destinations will stay popular:

Hot beach destinations for 2019 include: Magaluf, Benidorm,  Playa Las Americas (Tenerife) or Barcelona.

UK beach stag do destinations big in 2019 include: Newquay, Bournemouth, Brighton or even Blackpool!

Stag do city breaks are the perfect choice for stag dos in 2019 looking for nightlife, activities and loads of fun. Choose Prague, Bratislava or Riga for incredible nightlife and activities in Europe or Bristol, Edinburgh or Nottingham in the UK.

Rural adventures don't get any better than North Wales, for full on adrenaline fuelled activitie…

Top 5 Quad Biking Sites

Believe or not the humble quad bike is one of the most popular stag do activities in the UK, stags love the quad bike because they're easy to drive (no gears to dick around with) and are so versatile you could practically drop them in a lake and drive out, although I wouldn't recommend it, I was just trying to point out how versatile they are, so please don't drop one in a lake, that would be stupid.

So, if you're looking to do quad biking on your stag do in the UK, here are the top 5 destinations I think have the best quad biking sites, in no particular.
Newquay Oh my, Newquay has the best quad biking race track, it's immense. Established in 1979, yes 1979, they have improved and improved the track until it's crazy, fast and more thrilling than a bungee jump off Big Ben.

There have jumps, chicanes, adverse chambers, straights and bends on a 1.2km track and if that isn't good enough for you, they have over 50 quad bikes to keep even the largest stag group h…

Stag Do Ideas For February

Whether the wedding is on Valentine's Day, in March or the Groom wants to get his stag do sorted early, February is the month when the stag do season really starts to kick off.

Whether you're looking for a stag do in the UK or want to get away abroad, below I have put together some facts and lots of ideas to give you inspiration, as February will soon come around.

Weather + Flight Time Facts There are a couple of weather and flight facts to consider before booking your stag do, this section is more factual than a fact sheet from the German Government - no fake news here people:

All the facts below are averages in February.
UK Average daytime temperatures is 7CAverage rainfall 40 - 60mmAn average of 2.65 hours of sunshine a day
Prague Average daytime temperatures is 4CAverage rainfall 20mmAn average of 3.00 hours of sunshine a day
Berlin Average daytime temperatures is 4CAverage rainfall 34mAn average of 2.00 hours of sunshine a day

Amsterdam Average daytime temperatures is 8CAverage …

7 Deadly Stag Do Sins

You look forward to your stag do for what can sometimes feel like an eternity only for something to go wrong and put a dampener on the weekend.

So here at DesignaVenture HQ we have put together 7 Deadly Stag Do Sins to look out for and fix / sort before they happen.

1. Forgetting The Stag

Would you believe this happens a fair amount, where the best man / stag do organiser forgets to include the stag in the list and calls up frantically 2 days before they're meant to go to try and book him on.

Maybe because you've booked with DesignaVenture and got the stag goes for free offer, you still need to include him in your overall group size.

Sin To Avoid: Don't forget to include the stag in your numbers

2. Paying For Nothing

You are the best man and the stag has given you a list of names who he wants to invite, half of these people you don't know.

But you're the best man and you feel responsible for arranging the greatest stag weekend ever, your goodwill and judgement may be…

Stag Do Destination Guide: Nottingham

Nottingham has always been a top destination for stag weekends, from the 1990s until now, if you haven't had a stag do in Nottingham then it's time you got your merrymen together and get yourselves to one of the friendliest cities in the UK.

Pure Crazy Facts About Nottingham

Average Temperature: June 19c | July 22c | August 21cRainfall: 648mm per yearPopulation: 289,301Above Sea Level: 46 metresPointless: A Saxon Chief who lived there in 1135AD was called Snot, and Nottingham was called Snotengaham!Fashion: Designer Paul Smith is from NottinghamHangover: Boots The Chemist originated from Nottingham Translation: "Allraa me duck" means; how are you?
OK, OK, enough of the facts, so why should you have a stag do in Nottingham?
Let's start with a few geographical facts...
Oh no, not more bloody facts!!
Hold on to your trousers me duck, this is important, Nottingham is situated pretty much right in the middle of the UK, so if you have a stag party scattered across the fo…

Stag Do Destination Ideas For 2019

2019 will soon be here, blink twice, eat a Christmas dinner and you'll be singing 'Auld Land Syne' like a drunken teenager before you know it.

So below, under some popular categories, you will find some brilliant stag do destinations, helping you to decide on where to go for your 2019 stag do.


Abroad - Riga and Prague

If you're looking for an adventurous stag do abroad then Riga or Prague spring to mind straight away.

Both stag destinations are epic and include a whole host of activities including shooting AK 47s, Bobsleigh, white water rafting, stag kidnap, snowmobile safaris to name just a few.

At night you have guided bar crawls where you're taken around by incredibly friendly female reps who know all the best bars and nightclubs and love British stag dos, because apparently we are all very friendly (I was told this by a rep a couple of years ago in Prague).

UK - North Wales

In my opinion the best place for adventure in the UK is North Wales, this fantast…