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Stag Do Destination Ideas For 2019

2019 will soon be here, blink twice, eat a Christmas dinner and you'll be singing 'Auld Land Syne' like a drunken teenager before you know it. So below, under some popular categories, you will find some brilliant stag do destinations, helping you to decide on where to go for your 2019 stag do . ADVENTURE Abroad - Riga and Prague If you're looking for an adventurous stag do abroad then Riga or Prague spring to mind straight away. Both stag destinations are epic and include a whole host of activities including shooting AK 47s, Bobsleigh, white water rafting, stag kidnap, snowmobile safaris to name just a few. At night you have guided bar crawls where you're taken around by incredibly friendly female reps who know all the best bars and nightclubs and love British stag dos, because apparently we are all very friendly (I was told this by a rep a couple of years ago in Prague). UK - North Wales In my opinion the best place for adventure in the UK is

Ideas For A January Stag Do

The January stag do, Christmas is over and it's going to be a struggle to ask the boys to pay out for a pricey stag do, after all January is known as the skint month, the month when you can barely pay attention, let alone pay for a stag do. Well luckily DesignaVenture is here to give you some great stag do ideas along with a load of discounted stag do packages which will make the boys say, "OK, I'm in" . UK Stag Ideas January is a fantastic time to go on a UK stag do, think about it, hotels will be screaming out for your business so will offer cheaper deals (see below for our discounted January packages). Activity sites will also be fairly quiet so availability will be good - just remember it gets dark early in January so activities will have to start earlier in the day compared to the summer months. Outdoor Activities Ideas Quad Biking are brilliant fun in the mud / snow, and better than in the dry dusty summer. Thrashing though swollen streams, slidin

Hangover Cures For Your Stag Do

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime and I suppose that may also apply to drinking a VAT load of booze on a stag weekend however, that doesn't make things easier, your head won't bang any less thinking, "well I'm the only one to blame here" , so with that in mind, let's find some cures to make life a little easier on that fateful Sunday morning! Keep Hydrated Seriously, it's so easy and free! One of the main reasons why you have such a bad head is your body has pee'd out most of your bodily fluids - did you know that drinking 200ml of say a 4 or 5% lager, your body will urinate 320ml, that's 120ml of fluids you are down on half a pint. So if you haven't remembered to drink a ruck load of water before hitting the sac then when you wake up drink at least a litre of water (slowly), get your fluids back up to normal levels, that should help alleviate some of the pain. Tablets According to Dena Davidson a Ph.D professo

Stag Do Outfits - Dress Your Stag Up!

Dolly likes to be dressed up and funny enough so does the stag on his stag weekend, SO, make sure he stands out like a fart in a lift with one or more of these fantastic ideas... Stag Do Favourite - The Bride (Wedding Dress) Dressing up your best mate as a woman may have been in one of your sick and perverted dreams however, now you have a chance to really stitching him up by sticking a wedding dress on him. Just take a trip to the local charity shop, pick one in his size and you're good as golden. Morph Suit If you are unsure what a Morph suit is or what it looks like, it's basically one piece of Spandex shaped like a human which fits your whole body including your head, like a glove. These days Morph Suits aren't just one colour, they have other designs including dinner suits, super heroes (such as Spiderman or Deadpool), Sumos etc. Mankini I am so sorry to all stags to actually even put this in my list of ideas however, The Mankini makes the

Stag Do Ideas For November

So you have the task of organising a stag do, you've got the crew together and set the date however it's November! What the hell can I do in November? It's cold in Spain and on the continent, I also need to keep the cost down due to the date being close proximity to Christmas, so what the hell am I to do? OK, OK, calm down, this isn't the end of the world, on the contrary this is an incredible time to celebrate a stag do, in fact it's like a sneaky weekend away with your mates before the years out. If you're looking to keep the price down, keep it British, there are loads of cities with fantastic nightlife and brilliant activities on offer and you could get a bargain in the mix. Activities I always recommend for November are either indoor, extremely muddy or beer / cider / whisky tasting. Below are UK stag destinations perfect for a stag do in November, I have included from prices from the DesignaVenture website just to give you an idea. B