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Incredible Ideas For Your Stag Do Abroad

From the bizarre and unique to the amazing and incredible below you will find some weird and wonderful ideas for your stag do abroad. On the DesignaVenture we obviously sell quad biking, paintball etc. however I wanted to show you what else is out there, what other amazing activities you can do on your stag do abroad  to make it more than memorable. Car Smash Destroy a car with weapons including axes, sledge hammers and crowbars, really go to town smashing windows, puncturing doors and nuking the interior and the great thing is you won't get arrested afterwards! Available in: Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam & Hamburg Beer Bike Why sight-see any other way, just think, beer in hand seeing all the incredible sights without having to follow an umbrella and you're burning calories to your own tunes (you do have to pedal a little). Available in:  Riga, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Munich, Bratislava & Hamburg Stag Do Pranks From getting the stag arrested to hav

Dream Stag Weekends Abroad (If Money Was No Object)

For me, there are two destinations in the world which every stag party must visit if you have the dollar, and that's Las Vegas, USA and Bangkok, Thailand, OK, OK, it's starting to turn into a Hangover movie, but they have featured the best places in the world to party so it makes sense? Private Jet to these destinations would be a bit of a nightmare as you'd be stopping every 3 hours to refuel, so assume it's business class with beds, bar and incredible food. Top Tip: Book Emirates (Thailand) or Virgin (Las Vegas) for a in-flight stand up bar experience. Las Vegas First and foremost Las Vegas just never sleeps and has the best pool parties in the day and incredible nightlife by umm night, so is a stag do heaven. Head to Fremont Street to an experience of a lifetime.. Brilliant Bars, restaurants, a zip wire even goes down the middle of the street! Eat at the massive All You Can Eat grill, get whipped by sexy street performers or take in a live band

Dream Stag Weekends In The UK (If Money Was No Object)

We all love a dream list, if money was no object type of scenario. I'm sure you've won the lottery in your head and worked out where that £30 million would go, we all have, so I have put together some dream stag weekends which after looking into to it isn't as expensive as I thought it would be! Party In Style T he Royal Mile, Grassmarkets, The West End and also the streets off Princes street all have fantastic bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants making Edinburgh one of the best places to party in the UK. First of all you'll need to fly into Edinburgh, which would be more desirable than sitting on the M1 in queues of traffic. If you have a group of 8 or less hire a Learjet and fly into Edinburgh in real style in your own private jet. You'll need to arrive early morning into Edinburgh airport sop you can be whisked off to the highlands (roughly, hour and a half) in an executive coach which has a waitress, kitchen, toilet and an incredible sound s