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Best Man Top Ten Tasks

Think of the best man as an integral part to the pre wedding and wedding celebration, once the ceremony has ended his job is done and he should look back with pride. So we at DesignaVenture towers have put together an all important top 10 list of best man duties, in chronological order.* * I say chronological order however some tasks will overlap. Planning the stag weekend
 Actually if this was the a top 10, planning the stag do would be numero uno. Your groom needs a good send off from the lads and you are head of the lads and your duty is to make sure every moment of his last weekend of freedom count.
 Don’t leave it to chance, book your stag do with DesignaVenture , that way your stag do plans will be bullet proof. Be available to assist with wedding plans You may be needed to help the groom and bride with their wedding preparations including, organising transportation, hotel reservations, choosing what to wear (Groomsmen) co-ordinating with wedding vendors, even helping out with in