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Wedding Industry Under Lockdown

We are currently living through historical times people. In my lifetime I have never witnessed a lockdown at such unprecedented proportions, not just in the UK, but throughout the world. I have been working in the travel industry for over 30 years and I have never seen 90% of the world's flights grounded.  Events such as the sad times of 9/11 or the unpronounceable let alone spell-able Icelandic volcano springs to mind, but nothing on this global scale and for this timescale. So that leads us on to your wedding. Well the whole wedding industry ground to a halt, with weddings banned for at least the next three weeks, no one can or will predict when this embargo will be lifted. Zoom to the rescue A small amount of couples are getting married on Zoom*, I am guessing you would need at least 3 different screens. Clergyman or minister / registrar Bride and groom Witnesses *Other reputable video calling platform are available, however across devices Zoom is pretty

Stag Party Ideas Under Lockdown

The crazy times we are currently living under can only be described as unprecedented, never seen before and historical. Your children or grandchildren will be opened mouthed when you tell them that you couldn't even go to the pub! So if you are in need of a stag do in lockdown here are some cracking ideas. By the way, this shouldn't replace your physical stag do because at the end quarantining, you will be in desperate need of some socialising. Stag Do Under Lockdown - How to Prepare First and foremost you will need video calling software, which will work across lots of different platforms and devices, such as Apple, Android, Windows etc. If you are all on Apple I would highly recommend FaceTime for ease of use and quality of calls. If your group is on multiple devices then Zoom* is a great option. There are others such as; Houseparty, Discord, Messenger etc. There are some time restraints on Zoom if you have the free version on your desktop, so set up the zoom