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Stag Do Destination Guide: Newcastle

Newcastle is the party town of the North East and has been welcoming stag parties for flipping years. It's infamous for fantastic nightlife and friendly locals and if you've never been out in Newcastle you'll need to have a word with yourself and get yourself up there, it's an experience you will never forget! Let's get some crappy facts first, before we get knee deep in why you should have your next stag do in Newcastle: Population: 268,064 (ish) Average Summer High Temperatures: June 15℃, July 18℃ & August 18℃  Average Rainfall: 604mm per year - one of the driest major cities in the UK Uni Life:  Newcastle's university according to QS World 2016 University rankings is in the top 1% of the world with the added benefit of the best best student nightlife in the UK Drink!: Newcastle Brown Ale is America's most imported British Ale PLUS Lucozade was invented in Newcastle, the World's first EVER energy drink. Accent: We can

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Quad Biking

The brilliant  quad biking  activity has been a stag do favourite for as long as I can remember. They are an immense amount of fun to ride and are versatile, strong, can go through almost any terrain plus they're easy to drive. What is a quad bike? A quad bike is 4 wheeled motorcycle which usually has low pressurised tyres giving you more grip. It has handle bars to steer with, a throttle push lever usually underneath the right side of the hand grip which you push with your thumb. Most stag do destinations that offer quad biking use automatic gears (forward and reverse) making it the perfect stag do activity which doesn't involve wasting loads of time learning how to drive it. Quad Bike Racing Quite a few stag do destinations offer quad bike racing around specially designed race tracks which usually includes, chicanes, tight corners, jumps and adverse / reverse chambers. Before you start racing you will be given a full safety briefing and demo. You'll

The Rules To Pub Golf

Liven up your stag night with a theme or game, and there's no better stag do game than pub golf. So here at the DesignaVenture Towers we have been listening to our stag parties and recently we have been asked for the rules to the stag do game Pub Golf . So like the pleasing company we are, here are the rules to this brilliant game that doesn't come with frustration and certainly doesn't ruin a good pub crawl. Pub Golf Rules Rule #1 - Dress Code Everyone MUST dress up like a pro golfer. Socks with a tartan or Argyle pattern if you please, brightly coloured golfing trousers (the more pastel the better), a matching shirt or polo shirt and a sun-visor. Golf shoes are not compulsory but are a great addition. Rule #2 - Pick Your Course Wisely At your chosen stag weekend destination you're going to need a pub crawl route. 9 pubs / bars in fairly close proximity of each other, to add to the theme try and pick sports bars or pubs or a pub/bar with a r