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Top 5 Stag Do Bucket List

Bucket lists are all the rage these days and so are unique stag dos, putting both of these together seem to make a whole load of sense. So we have compiled a top 5 stag do bucket list…. Create Your Very Own Hangover Film Las Vegas or Bangkok? If you’ve done Bangkok, booking Las Vegas for your stag do is a must and vice versus Vegas has so much on offer from the pool parties, casinos, hotels, shows, clubs and just the overall crazy vibe. Day clubs and pool parties are a massive hit, top DJ’s banging tunes and beautiful ladies wandering around in bikinis and California* tans, high 5! One word of warning, it isn’t cheap! Bangkok is the other extreme, once you get there eating and drinking can be really cheap and is a total cultural exchange. This city will open your eyes, it’s one of the maddest cities in the world, you’ll see flashy sports cars and knackered out rickshaws, lady boys and elephants all in a blink of an eye.   You’ll eat thing

Canoe and Camping On The River Wye

Stag Do Ideas Alert – Why not spend your stag do canoeing and camping down the River Wye? It doesn’t have to be on the River Wye, however over the last couple of years the facilities on this beautiful river have increased considerably. I have actually been on three camping and canoeing trips down the River Wye and each one has been loads of fun, you will never get bored of the breathtaking scenery and the sense of freedom, isolation and tranquility, you get when floating down river. The best way to do it and the most enjoyable way is to Lord it, have a single base and have pre arranged transport, we cater for this type of canoeing and camping stag do on our website . You set up camp on the banks of the River Wye next door to a pub, well you are on a stag do. The facilities include great pub food, showers, toilet facilities and a place to land your vessels. The first day you get picked up and transported 10.5 miles up river, you then canoe down to your ca

Budget Stag Dos

Your groom wants a stag do but the budget is tighter than a gnats armpit. What to do? The UK is a great place to start; you need cheap and cheerful accommodation (as after all it's just a place to rest your head) and plenty to do so with that in mind: North Wales Stag Do North Wales is the choice for stag parties wanting loads of activities, good accommodation for not an awful lot of wonga. For example: 2 Nights accommodation, breakfast both mornings, an evening meal and Canyoning comes to less than £100 per person, (it actually currently £99 per person at today’s prices). Camping anyone? Don’t turn your nose up, camping is actually a fantastic way to enjoy a stag weekend. What's not to like: Campfires BBQ's Beer Funny Stories  All this equates to a fantastic stag weekend. Book out of season Most stag dos take place in the summer, because most weddings are in the summer, its easy math. So book the stag do ea

Joint Stag and Hen Do… For better or worse?

Joint Hen and Stag weekends, a SHAG or a STEN Do is growing ever more popular between couples.  But is this a great bonding event or a very bad idea? First of all before you decide on having a joint hen and stag do consider the reasons behind why. Is it because you want to celebrate together?  Would you both prefer a more relaxed pre-wedding celebration?  Is it to save money (especially if travelling abroad)?  Or are there underlying issues such as trust and jealousy (questions will be asked)? All this should be taken into account before booking anything, after all, this should be an event you should both enjoy with the memories lasting for the rest of your lives. Having a joint hen and stag do is a great idea for couples with mutual friends or friends of both sexes.  Plus it's a great way for meeting partners of those in the wedding party who may feel uncomfortable in not knowing anyone on the night out or weekend away, if you had separate h