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A Stag Do Experience Like No Other: The Beer Bike

When it comes to celebrating the last days of bachelorhood, stag do activities have become a quintessential part of the pre-wedding festivities.  While a traditional bar crawl is always a winner, what about sitting down on a moving table you power whilst sipping on your favourite brew and taking in the sights and sounds of your chosen stag destination. What is a Beer Bike? A beer bike, also known as a party bike or pedal pub, is a custom-made mobile bar (kind of) on wheels, powered by the collective pedalling efforts of its passengers. It features a central bar table, comfortable seats, and a designated driver (often called a "captain") to ensure everyone's safety during the journey.  The group sits together, sips on refreshing drinks, and explores the city while peddling merrily through its streets. It's an entertaining and interactive way to combine sightseeing, socialising, and, of course, savouring a beer or two.  Most Beer bikes have sound systems where you can

Why Choose A UK Stag Do

There are a huge amount of pros when having your stag do in the UK including the familiarity factor, language, no currency exchanges needed, passport not required etc. However there are some other REALLY important factors which also need to be considered and not just, I can get a pint for £2.99 in Wetherspoons..... Diverse destinations The UK offers a wide range of destinations to suit different preferences and interests. From vibrant cities like London, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff or Edinburgh to beautiful countryside locations such as North Wales, South Wales, Herefordshire, Shropshire, The Lakes and The Highlands there are plenty of options to choose from.  You can either tailor your activities around your city or choose your stag destination around activities, for example: Lots of cities are within 45 minutes from epic activity sites... Newquay has almost 365 days of surf, perfect for a surfing lesson or body boarding (activities very rarely get cancelled due to no sw

Stick A Turbo Into Your Game Of Cricket - Ashes Edition

  Prepare for the Ashes and get ready for the latest sensation in the world of stag do activities: Turbo Cricket !  Gather your mates and prepare for a cricket game with rules that are simply out of this world, dear boy. Turbo Cricket is a thrilling 6-a-side cricket game that can be played practically anywhere. Whether it's a 5-a-side football pitch, an indoor sports hall or any outdoor space, you can unleash your cricketing skills and have a blast. Forget the hassle of pads, jock straps and helmets. We've got you covered with proper cricket bats, full-sized wickets with a base and a soft ball that ensures a safe and enjoyable game. Our trusty umpire will arrive with everything you need, including the equipment and a thorough explanation of the rules. If you're curious about the specifics, here we go.... The Rules Batting: - 10-over innings with 6-ball overs. - Batters retire at 20 runs. - Enjoy unlimited turns with a conveyor belt-style batting order. - Batters stick to on

Why is booking your 2024 stag weekend in advance so important?

Here is why booking your 2024 stag weekend early is so advantageous to you and your group. First and foremost - Availability Popular stag weekend destinations and accommodation can get booked up quickly, especially during peak season or holiday periods. By booking early you have a better chance of securing the dates and location you desire, ensuring that you and your group can celebrate your stag weekend without any last-minute disappointments. Make it easy for your and your group Planning a stag weekend involves coordinating with a group of friends or family members. By booking early, you can give everyone in your group ample time to mark their calendars, make arrangements and budget for the event. This helps ensure maximum attendance and avoids conflicts with other commitments. Save Money Many travel and accommodation providers offer early bird discounts or special packages for those who book in advance. By securing your booking early you may be able to take advantage of lower price

Let's Talk Free Place For The Stag

Getting married isn't cheap, actually getting married is as expensive as you want it, it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg but it usually does. With this in mind, think about the happy couple when booking the stag do. If they're forking out an absolute fortune to create an incredible memorable day not just for them but for their friends and family, maybe alleviating some of the cost burden would be a massively welcomed by trying to make sure the stag goes for free on his stag weekend. "So how do you do that?" alright, alright this isn't Panto! In my mind there are 2 ways.... Booking through a stag company DesignaVenture offers a free place to the stag , providing at least 15 people attend the weekend/day. The only stipulation is it doesn't include flight inclusive stag packages. If, there are 10 - 14 people attending then he can go for half price, you can then spread the difference of his half price place over the whole group. This is the best way of gif

Stag Do Ideas For The Summer

The summer is the ultimate time to have your stag weekend, you've got the weather, time off and oh it's close to the actual wedding date*, it's traditional to have your stag do before your wedding however tradition these days has gone out the window and some stag weekends are held when the. weather is better. *According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) wedding breakdowns by season are: Spring: 33.4% Summer: 38.6% Autumn: 22.7% Winter: 5.3% So we've put together some summer stag do ideas which are available throughout the UK. Whether you've booked a city centre hotel or a Air B&B in the country, it's always a great idea to have an event to keep the boys busy, out the pub and giving the groom a memorable event he can post on social media, might be the only time photos are allowed! Stag do ideas.... Rage buggy racing - This is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and is one of our favourite all time activities. You'll be driving a high-po

Bournemouth Stag Heaven or Hell?

Well let's gets straight to business, Bournemouth is only stag do hell if you're not on a stag do and you're in your 70s, in our humble opinion and we have been sending stag parties to Bournemouth for 20 years, Bournemouth is definitely stag heaven. So that's that question answered, move on there's nothing to see here, well actually there's loads to see here, as you were: Nightlife   First of all the the nightlife in Bournemouth is legendary. Whether you're looking for a quiet pint or a wild night out, you'll find it all here. Just make sure you don't end up in a karaoke bar singing "I Will Survive" in a tutu - or make sure you do, whatever stirs your custard. Activities No matter what stag activity you are looking to do whether it's racing, shooting, paddle boarding or anything else ending in ing, Bournemouth has it all. One of the reasons why stags come to Bournemouth is because there is loads to do, the firm favourites are mostly mot

Best Man Top Ten Tasks

Think of the best man as an integral part to the pre wedding and wedding celebration, once the ceremony has ended his job is done and he should look back with pride. So we at DesignaVenture towers have put together an all important top 10 list of best man duties, in chronological order.* * I say chronological order however some tasks will overlap. Planning the stag weekend
 Actually if this was the a top 10, planning the stag do would be numero uno. Your groom needs a good send off from the lads and you are head of the lads and your duty is to make sure every moment of his last weekend of freedom count.
 Don’t leave it to chance, book your stag do with DesignaVenture , that way your stag do plans will be bullet proof. Be available to assist with wedding plans You may be needed to help the groom and bride with their wedding preparations including, organising transportation, hotel reservations, choosing what to wear (Groomsmen) co-ordinating with wedding vendors, even helping out with in

10 Point Plan To Arranging A Stag Weekend For Dummies

Arranging a stag weekend is a fairly stressful affair, especially when you have 12 hairy men to please, so avoid any visits from Mr Cockup and read this "10 Point Plan To Arranging A Stag Weekend For Dummies" - oh and don't forget to book it through DesignaVenture , we are the best man's best man. Plan early : Start planning the stag do well in advance to ensure that you can book accommodation, activities and transportation. Consult the groom : Find out exactly what the groom wants to do on his stag do and make sure that the plans suit his interests and preferences. Set a budget : Decide on a budget for the stag do and stick to it, avoiding any financial surprises or embarrassment for anyone in the party. Choose a location: Decide on a location for the stag do, taking into account the activities you want to do, the time of year and the budget. Book accommodation: Book accommodation for everyone early, to ensure your group can all stay together, book well in advance

The Ultimate History Of The Stag Do

The concept of a " stag do " or "stag party" has a long history dating back several centuries. The origins of these events can be traced back to ancient civilisations where men would gather for a final celebration before one of their own got married. In ancient Greece, a pre-wedding celebration was held for the groom-to-be, known as a "symposium". This was a celebration of male bonding, where the groom and his mates would gather for a night of drinking, storytelling and partying. In medieval Europe, the "stag night" was a similar gathering of male friends to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. The night would often involve drinking and celebrations, sometimes to the point of debauchery. This tradition continued into the Renaissance period, where wealthy men would host elaborate feasts and events to celebrate the upcoming wedding. As time progressed, the concept of the stag do evolved and became more formalised. In the 19th and early 20th centuries,

Stag Do Ideas For The Over 40s

When you're in your 40s you still think you're in your early twenties but your tastes have changed and what you want to get up to on your stag weekend will also have changed. With more collateral in your pocket and possibly no longer wanting to share a bedroom with eight sweaty men, your expectations may have gone a little more upmarket. We have found that the more mature stag do involves a couple activities in the day, well lets face it all-day drinking is a young man's game unless..... You decide that the Munich Beer Festival is something you've always wanted to experience. Also known as Oktoberfest, this incredible beer festival usually runs from the last 2 weeks of September to the first week or so in October and has been running since 1810! Approximately 7.7 million litres of beer is served every year with market stalls, restaurants, parades and everything else you can imagine creating an incredible atmosphere. Every stag weekend must be full of beer and dangerou

Why book your summer stag do early?

  There's a classic saying "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, especially your stag do ". OK I have added "especially your stag do", but there's a hell of a lot to say about old proverbs, these are wise words, words that you should integrate into your life.  Putting things off will only create a nagging voice in your head saying, "you haven't done this and you haven't done that", and getting drunk will only temporarily mute the voice, and believe me it will come back louder when you're sober. Booking your stag do early will mean you will get the accommodation and activities of your choice, get the best price (as these days in travel, the closer you get to the date the more expensive the rooms, flights or activities become) and you'll get rid of that nagging voice! What's stopping you? Is it money? Most stag do companies like DesignaVenture allow you to put down a small deposit of £30* and then the lads can