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Stag Do - UK or Abroad?

Over the years more and more stag weekends have been spent abroad, on a beach in Magaluf or on a bar crawl in Berlin, abroad stag dos are just the norm. In 2019 - 50% of all flights taken by 20 - 45 year old men were stag dos . However in 2020 things are seemingly changing. Stag weekends abroad may become less popular due to soaring flight prices (pardon the pun), some stag and hens are wanting to keep their carbon emissions down and currently cities are shutting down due to the Coronavirus, so the UK has become a more attractive proposition. So this post quickly compares having your stag do in the UK to having a stag weekend Abroad. Which is the best destination for your stag party? So why consider the UK for your stag do? Incredible nightlife A full spectrum of brilliant activities geared up to stag and hen parties A huge variety of destinations, from rural North Wales, to beach resorts such as Bournemouth and Newquay to lively cities such as Liverpool, Newcastle and

Should I Be Thinking of the Environment When Planning My Stag Do?

Are your carbon emissions a factor when organising your stag do? Over the years the stag do trend has always been  'the bigger the better' -  however even though this might be a one off for you, in 2019 50% of flights taken by 20 - 45 year old men were stag dos going abroad. It's not just stag parties choosing abroad for their stag weekends, hen parties are also getting on flights with a massive 35% of flights taken by 20 - 45 year old ladies, were hen parties going abroad. So what are the environmental companies saying stag and hen parties should be doing? They are saying in order to cut carbon emissions stag and hen parties should be choosing the UK instead of going abroad. Well first of all here are some interesting facts: If you chose Manchester for your stag weekend instead of Las Vegas and you were all travelling from London, not taking that flight is like going Vegan for 1½ Years! Choosing Newquay instead of flying* to Amsterdam is like not driv

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Paintball

Paintball, really? WELL HELL YES! Paintball maybe old hat, you probably played it when you were fourteen years old however, it's making a comeback. So far this year we have noticed a 19% increase in paintball bookings for stag weekends.  Whether it's part of a multi activity day or half or a full day, there's no getting away from it, Paintball is an awesome activity, perfect for a stag do. Paintball is also more than just nationwide it's everywhere. Whichever stag destination you choose I bet there's a paintball site nearby. So what makes Paintball a perfect stag do activity? It'll bond the group together, no other activity will your make your stag group work together coherently  It's extremely exciting, especially if you're fighting other stag groups The price is low compared to other stag do activities, providing you're not trigger happy These days there are lots of pyrotechnics including; smoke, thunder flashes and p

Top 10 Activities Perfect For A Stag Do

There are activities and there are stag do activities , what's the difference I hear you ask? OK, let me explain myself... I personally think that a stag do activity needs to include something which will give you something to talk about in the pub later, it also needs to either scary or hilarious and most of all, it needs to be memorable for the stag. I also think team competitive activities are a real winner. Bubble Football A brilliant stag activity, it's like Bubble Football was invented for the stag do! You have all the elements in this one, competition, team sport, will make the whole group laugh their socks off plus it's the only game of football you'll play where fouling is the name of the game! Fond out more about Bubble Football here . Turbo Cricket Obviously the group must love cricket, which most stag groups do. This is an excellent stag do activity which includes competition and is a fantastic team sport. Umpires are there to stop g