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Stag Night – The Movie!

As if having your balls-out stag night antics posted on Facebook wasn’t glory enough, the evolution of sophisticated functions on our smart phones means that the unbelievable events of your whole stag do could be immortalised in a technicolour production to rival ‘The Hangover’ parts 1 and 2, and uploaded for the whole world to enjoy. YouTube has a lot to answer for. So, our advice is; make it worth watching. Every good movie, sorry stag do, needs a balance of memorable laugh-out-loud and air-punching moments. Stag nights need to be remembered for more than how many yards of ale were consumed and the whole stag party needs a bit of a script, direction and a loose plot. These days stag dos can be as wild as you like, if you can handle it (Ooh, did we throw down a little challenge there?). Our repertoire of, shall we say ‘exotic’ activities, are expanding all the time. A quick bite to eat will never be the same after you’ve licked and sucked it off a stunning naked woman lying acr

The Devil Is In The Detail: Stag Do Tips

It's the same old story, stag do invitees complaining it's too expensive, or I can't go for two nights, it's too far. So where does that leave you? Tune-in to what people want, make compromises (not too much) and help people attend the stag weekend. If a few of the guys can only make part of the stag do, ask the question get a price for one night. Go a little out of your way to help people get on board, after all as the best man this is part of your job description. Most stag do companies like DesignaVenture will help you with the finer points including budgets and tailor made quotes as that's the reason you book with them, the hassle free factor. Take on everyone's point of view and calculate it by using the following formula, 50% groom's choices and 50% invitees ideas. Once booked, keep on top of the boys, send out gentle reminders about the payment date, and any relevant news and prank ideas. Once every one has paid up send out all the details by email,