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Best Stag Do Activities For 2020

2020 is an epic year to get married, and you don't have to be Rachael Riley to work out how long you've been married for! So if you're getting married in 2020 (or your friend is) you're going to need a stag do. There is no better time to have a stag weekend as there are so many activities and options on hand you are literally spoilt for choice. So let's delve deep into the best stag do activities for 2020: DAYTIME ACTIVITIES Quarry Karts Rip down a mountain dirt track at high speed in this epic, environmentally friendly, stag do activity. You won't need to add carbon to the atmosphere as you are using a natural energy called gravity to fuel your speed and adrenaline fix. The track is 3km long and you can expect to compete against chicanes, banked corners and tunnels as well as the other stag party members. Combine this activity with the fastest zip line in the world and you have yourself one hell of an activity day! Location: North Wales

Stag Do Destination Guide: Liverpool

This time for our Stag do destination guide we're going to shine the spotlight on Liverpool. An incredible city, with more culture than a lorry full of Probiotic drinks that's listening to Culture club. Liverpool is an extremely famous city, you could go anywhere on the planet and people you meet may not have heard of your home town or city but they will definitely have heard of Liverpool. Why? Liverpool's famous for mainly 2 massive exports - The Beatles and Liverpool FC. But before we dive into why you should have your stag weekend in Liverpool , here are some very useful facts (about as useful as a meat buffet to a Vegan!). Population: 497,409 (est.) Av Max Temperatures: May 16℃, June 18℃, July 20℃ & August 19℃ Rainfall: 796mm Musically Brilliant: Liverpudlians have had more number 1 records than any other city, obviously The Beatles massively helped with that! Number 3: Even though Liverpool isn't used to being number 3, but that

Alternative Stag Do Ideas UK & Europe

We've all been on boys or stag weekends which included so much booze you could fill a swimming pool with, so maybe you fancy something different? Here are our alternative stag do ideas that your group will love: 1. Bobsleigh - Riga, Latvia In my mind there is only one place to take your stag party on a weekend and get involved in some Olympic standard Bobsleigh and that's Riga. In the winter you will hurtle down an Olympic standard Bobsleigh course at break neck speed - not for the faint hearted. 2. ZIP Wire Velocity - North Wales, UK The fastest zip wire in the world and the longest in Europe and it all takes place in North Wales, Snowdonia to be exact. Another stag do activity which includes incredible speed, bags of adrenaline and will give the stag an incredible memory to take into his married life, and that's what it's all about! 3. Cornish Games, Newquay You've watched Baywatch right? The movie not the series, well this is nothing

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: White Water Rafting

What's a stag weekend without a thoroughly decent activity which will knock you about and stick you in the drink? White water rafting is that very activity. In a nutshell, white water rafting is bombing down a river in an inflatable where paddles, at times, seem surplus to requirements. Luckily each raft will have an instructor who knows the river like the back of his/her hand and can steer your raft away from huge rocks and keep the raft upright, most of the time! Why is white water rafting a good stag do activity? An excellent hang over cure - TOP PRIORITY! Great bonding session for the whole group Better for groups that want to do the activity together A very memorable activity for the groom to take into his married life So where are the best places in the UK to white water raft? Excellent question my friend, for an epic rural stag weekend we believe North Wales to be one of the best locations. With plenty of rainfall and epic Rivers (which in the summer is