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Coasteering Vs Gorge Scrambling

Coasteering and Gorge Scrambling are two very extreme stag do activities and are both popular with stag and hen parties alike.

Extremely popular in Newquay and South Wales, explore the rugged coastline, whilst jumping into deep pools and traversing rock faces. This activity is fantastic fun having doen it 3 times now, each time just gets better!

All your specialised equipment; Buoyancy aid, helmet and wetsuit is included all you need to bring along with you is old trainers which will get soaked and something to where under your wetsuit.

Gorge Scrambling
Explore gorges which have taken millions of years to be created by mountain streams and rivers producing waterfalls, caves, deep pools and stunning scenery.

Gorge walking, also known as gorge scrambling and canyoning has become a popular stag do activity because it has something for everyone well, except for people who are scared of water!

Walk behind waterfalls, jump into deep pools, explore caves and just have a load of fun…

What's Happened To The Cheap European Stag Do?

We are in strange times people, Prime Minister Cameron has just made the UK a lodger in the European house and prices are going up left right and centre.
Flight prices on low cost airlines are no longer low cost and a pint of beer that used to cost 80p now costs £4!!
Prague, Tallinn, Bratislava and Riga led the way in the nineties and naughties with cheap accommodation, beer, clubs and food now but they are as expensive as London.
But we shouldn't put everything down to price, Prague and the other cities mentioned are still great stag do destinations, offering fantastic activities and stunning squares to sit in, drink beers and watch the peaches go by (a stag do favourite).
There are emerging cheap European stag destinations including Bulgaria and Slovenia which take on that role of cheap beer and digs, however with European country wannabes I feel stags will need to travel further to get more doe for their buck.
But getting there is still a lot more expensive then it used to be, I wou…

The Stag Do Snow Must Go On

You’re planning your winter stag do and wondering what the weather will be like? The biggest possibility is rain, but hey, what happens if it snows? That changes everything, unless of course you make it an integral part of your stag do activity selections.
Take bobsleighing. How many people do you know who have done that? The Baltic States are the place to go for this need for speed and the ride of your life. Riga has the only Olympic standard bobsleigh track in the Baltics and it will scare you witless as you rip around ten curves and over a bridge sin your gently padded rubber leisure ‘vuchku’ soft bob. The slick ice will have you going up to 50kmh and with four screaming stags on a bob, it will definitely tax your coordination. Wicked.
The Bratislava location is more like a mega zooped up version of your childhood sledding, in a more simplified sledge, but no less crazy down a 360 metre tubed track, or restricted on the speed front.
Too out of control for your stag party? Then take yo…

Should The Groom Pay For His Own Stag Do?

This question possibly pops up in the best man's mind as soon as he has been offered the job, "should the groom pay for his own stag do"?
As best man you could pay for his share or split the price between the whole group.
This would mean the group paying an extra £10 - £30 depending on the group size and the price of the stag do.
There are many arguments whether he should or should not pay for his own stag do, such as:
He should pay for his own stag weekend because; I paid for my own stag doI am paying to go on his stag weekend and that's costing me enough so why should I have to pay for part of his?The groom is minted, why should I have to pay for him.

He should not pay for his own stag do because; As best man, I should do my best to look after himHe is paying for the wedding, he has enough to pay forYou and most of the stag group are invited to the wedding, this is a good way of showing gratitude
The above bullet points are just some of the reasons why you should or s…

Stag Weekends in Bournemouth

I am just about to embark for Bournemouth visit and check out the hotels and activity sites we use in Bournemouth for our stag dos.
I have been to Bournemouth many times and absolutely love the town. 
This stag do beach destination has loads to offer; from Rage Buggies, clay pigeon shooting, surfing, quad biking and paintball to a 7 mile sandy beach, fantastic night life and great restaurants.
It caters for lots of different types of stag parties, from the older golfing parties to the young energetic stag groups wanting sun, sex and Stella.
The accommodation down in Bournemouth has dramatically improved recently and all the hotels we use meet a very high standard, in fact I am staying in one of our 3 star hotels tonight and look forward to relaxing in front of my flat screen tv in my bedroom, taking a shower in my wet room, before drinking in the lively late bar downstairs.
I will obviously be testing out the daytime activities which means, thrashing around on a quad and Rage Buggy before …

Winter Stag Do Activities

With a cold snap around the corner, maybe a quick reminder of what stag do activities can handle winter without breaking stride.
First of all the farmer's favourite, the quad bike, these four wheel drive machines can handle any terrane and as much snow as mother nature can send it's way.
It's not just the versatility of these bikes which make them popular, some can reach speeds of up to 60mph and getting air between terra-firma and the wheels is easily done making them an extreme stag do activity.
To go to the other spectrum of activities are the indoor ones such as karting and paintball. 
Indoor karting are always a good move as the elements cannot disrupt your racing line.
Indoor Paintball is also a fantastic move however, outdoor paintball in the snow, in my mind, is pretty awesome.
No mention of water activities, however if you are made of sterner stuff go white water rafting or gorge walking, the cold water will shake away your hangover and the wet-suite will keep you nice …

Nottingham, Bristol And Bournemouth Is A Real Knockout

Looking for a great place to have a cracking stag weekend with a unique activity?

Keep your stag do UK and go to Nottingham, Bristol or Bournemouth and have a go at a hen and stag do activity that will keep you laughing all the way to the pub and the name of this crazy activity is called "It's A Knockout".
Dressed in costumes you will be racing with obstacles, props, inflatables, water and foam. This is the nearest activity you will get to the modern day Wipeout.
This hilarious activity will take up about 3 - 4 hours of your Saturday and will usually start about midday to 1pm. 
Hen and stag parties alike enter teams to compete against each other which adds to the tongue in cheek, good natured, party atmosphere.
The winning team gets a bottle of bubbly to either down or shake and spray, with the latter option being the preferred! 
A compere will keep all teams up to date with the latest scores and will chuckle at you falling over and making a fool of yourself.
In my mind, for me…

Keep Your Head Whilst On Your Abroad Stag Do

You have just checked into your hotel and the stag party is looking at you, 'the best man', and asking the question; "right what do we do now?"
You are in a new city, a foreign country, you don't recognise any where so you may feel a little out of your depth.
First things first; 'keep your head', advise everyone to congregate in the bar and then you can compose yourself and get people out of your face.
Then, get yourselves on a mini bar crawl around the area you are in, this will help everyone in the group to start recognising the local area their hotel is in.
Alternatively pre book a bar crawl with a guide for your first night, this will then give you a great idea of where the good bars and clubs are and where to keep away from.
Quiz your guide to find out about everything you intend to get up to whilst on your stag weekend, remember she will have first hand knowledge of the city and will know where to party.
A good walk through the city centre will also help …

Do I need to Insure My Stag Do?

The plain and simple answer to this question is yes, a stag do like other short breaks and holidays needs to be insured.
But it's two nights in Bournemouth why do I need to waste my money?
Well, for starters a UK policy will probably cost you less than a tenner, giving you peace of mind and protection from unwanted costs or loss of money.
In my opinion one of the main reasons is to cover you is for cancellation. 
For example, say you are two weeks away from your fun filled stag do in Bournemouth and you have an accident or someone in the family gets ill, which stops you from from attending, how are you going to get your money back?
This does happen on a regular basis believe or not, that's why at DesignaVenture we advise you to take out insurance every step of the way, we don't actually sell insurance just the benefit of taking it out.
It will also cover you for other elements whilst on your stag trip including loosing your Smart Phone or more importantly your beer money or even…

Casino Vs Lap Dancing Vs Nightclub Vs Comedy Night

With so many option on what to do on a stag night I thought I would highlight a few popular night time activities.
Casino entry is certainly getting more popular especially when gaining entry into these clubs is usually free and you don't have to wait 24 hours for your membership to come through.
Most good casino's have a couple of roulette tables, poker and more slot machines then you can shake your change at, just don't use all your money you still have a stag to look after.
Lap Dancing has always been popular ever since the 90's boom, most cities have a club and most stag parties plan a trip to one, again just don't spend all your money you still have a stag to look after.
What would a stag night be without a trip to a nightclub where the group can let their hair down and have some good old fashion fun of slamming shots and dancing like baboons.
Comedy is the new rock and roll with comedians now selling out huge arenas like The O2. Although, there is nothing like the…

Stag Do Slow Season, Time To Bag A Bargain

We are now entering the conundrums of the stag do calendar, and this is a great time to bag a bargain.

November to February is a quiet time for stag dos and if you are looking for a winter stag do in the UK and beyond at a great price you are in luck.

On the DesignaVenture website there are quite a few deals for parties looking to go between November and February in all the major UK stag do haunts including; Bournemouth, Nottingham, Bristol and Reading.

I know that the trend is to get married when the weather is fine and dandy, however loving couples also get married in the winter months including special days and holidays including Christmas and Valentines day.

If you are looking for a winter stag weekend in Europe, Riga and Bratislava have loads of offers for this time of year, offering fantastic rates in 3 star plus hotels and discounts on day and night time activities.

So get looking and booking people you only have a few months to go before we go back to stag do silly season.

Off Road Buggies Vs Rage Buggies

One of the most popular stag do activities is the Rage Buggies, some people may call Off Road Buggies or dirt buggies but surely they are the same activity, aren't they?

Well actually no, The Rage Buggy is as described by Clarkson as the Mutts Nuts, they are fast, furious and extremely versatile.

The exhilaration of the Rage Buggy is far superior to your normal buggy, and boy is it tough.

So, the Rage Buggy is an Off Road Buggy but is at the high end of Off Road Buggies scale, just like the Aston Martin is of cars.

So when you look at your next stag do package and it describes Off Road Buggies it may not be The  Amazing Rage Buggy, it might be an imitation or a slower version (a Nissan Micra compared to a Ferrari).

So ask the question before booking.

Ideas for a Stag Do

Fed up with looking around and trying to find the perfect stag do.

Well, look no further people, below are some very popular stag dos which I am sure you will like as they are tried and tested by real stags.

One of our most popular stag weekends in 2011 is the Rage Buggies, Bikes and Boogie weekend in Nottingham.

This amazing package includes Rage Buggies (obviously), Quad Biking, Laser Clays, 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast and nightclub entry into Nottingham's biggest nightclub, Oceana.

If you would prefer something a little more outward bounds then the Gorge scrambling packages in Bristol, Cardiff and Hereford have also been a huge hit.

Gorge Scrambling other wise known as Canyoning is a fantastic activity to do on a stag do, you all get wet, there are loads of jumps to build up the testosterone and everyone leaves the activity knowing they have done well, a win win situation.

If you are looking for something totally different from adrenalin infused activities why no…

Stag Do Activities - For The Petrol Heads

Motorised stag do activities are possibly the most popular activities to do on your stag weekend. The choices have increased dramatically since the late 90's with loads of great motorised on offer.
Not only are there lots of choices these machines have been improved on just like the first Iphone or the very first Playstation.
Activities in the nineties kind of included just grass karts* and boring snoring 4x4 off road driving.
These days you can step into a Rage Buggy which can hit speeds of up to 60mph, you can swing them round bends knowing you are not going to roll and you are so close to the ground the speed feels more like 100mph.
Quad bikes have moved on since the olden days, they have become faster, easier to use and more agile, giving you the ability to get air, climb impossible steep banks and thrash through rivers.
If you are looking for an Italian Job feel to your stag do activity try out our amazing mini racing near Bournemouth. These specially designed old styled Minis ha…

Stag Do Activities - Water Based

Before anything else you need to decide what to do in the day, drinking all day may sound like fun but can get out of hand and the stag could be in bed by 4pm.
The stag do needs an activity, and whatever you decide there is loads on offer throughout the UK.
Whatever you decide the UK has some great activity sites, head to Scotland (Edinburgh) for some of the best white water rafting in Europe.
If you would prefer something a bit more sedate the River Wye in Herefordshire has some great canoeing where you can relax and unwind from the chaos that is your day to day life.
If you would prefer sailing the seas, hire a yacht and skipper in Portsmouth and set sail for Cowes, it's where Prince William was seen recently on a stag do.
If you really want to learn a new hobby which will make you look cooler than James Bond in a DB7, pick up a surf board in Newquay and hit those North Atlantic rollers.
Staying with the James Bond Theme, do the impossible and jump off 60 foot cliffs into the sea on …

Bank Holiday Stag Weekend

A last minute stag weekend is always a little chaotic, fumbling around looking for things to do in the day, where to stay and what to do at night.Add in the Bank Holiday element into the equation and you may find yourself up a certain creek without a certain paddle.So there must be a cure for this unwise situation, and there is book now.Getting a big stag party of say 20 lads into a hotel last minute is hard enough, without the added pressure of a bank holiday to boot.So booking early will elevate the pressure and will also give you and the stag party a focus.If booking through a stag organiser such as DesignaVenture, they will allow and accommodate group sizes dropping up until 5 - 4 weeks before you go so booking early will not leave you out of pocket.So if you have a location in mind and want to go over a busy bank holiday get your stag weekend booked as soon as you can.For more best man tips, have a browse of my blog.

The Stag Do For The Non Drinker

Everyone thinks of a stag do to be down the boozer, drinking games, getting leathered and hitting a nightclub.But hey, not all stags want to get hammered by 4pm so they cant remember their name or where they live, some stags want a drink free zone in the day and something to do at night.Well here is a few stag do ideas for the non drinking and drinking stag party. Activities in the day which dont include booze come in thick and fast and these days you can get up to all sorts of things including Rage Buggy Racing, Hovercraft Racing, White Water Rafting, Paintball, Zap Cat Experience, Raft Building, there is just too many to name.What happens at night when you have 10 men that want to drink and the stag and a few others that don't, well there are plenty of options which will keep both parties happy:A comedy club night will cater for both the stag and his merry men, with three hours of stand up comedy and then dancing into the wee hours.If Comedy isn't his bag what about a trip t…

Making the Best ‘Man’ of your stag do

The Best Man often has more responsibilities than anyone realises and there’s no slacking off if you want to stay mates with the groom and shine in the eyes of the all-important bride. After all, she will be your passport to future access to your best mate, and maybe the may get involved in the stag do unless you show you can cope with responsibility.

The pressure’s not just on with the speech, rings, getting the groom there at all, it all starts before the actual day as, traditionally, it’s your job to organise the stag do. If we’re putting the fear of God into you before you’ve even entered the church, then don’t panic, we have some great advice to make at least one important task go swimmingly and possibly be something to inspire your Best Man’s speech; the stag night.

Plan ahead
Plan early. This will give you time to organise something properly, get availability and make a real event of it instead of a predictable local bar crawl dressed as babies. It also means that if you need to c…

Full Throttle Stag Dos

We were horrified when the news broke that Jordan, aka Katie Price, had bought an awesome Bugatti Veyron and was then committing the ultimate insult to the hypercar by have it pinked up, inside and out.
It might be your Top Gear wet dream to own one of those babies (the car, not Jordan!) or even drive one, but let’s be honest, you’d never get too fast and too furious for fear of dinking it. If you’re the type that cringes if the bus pulls too closely into the lane next to you, then our stag do driving activities are a great way for you to not only build up your driving confidence, but jump into a vehicle that is actually specially designed to be thrown around. Forget the supercar raceday, your stag do needs to be full throttle, off road rally driving. Throw a real car into corners, handbrake all the turns, blast through the water, but always take the advice of your pre-race tuition expert and for heaven’s sake remember you’re not in that car on the way home.If you want to feel a bit m…

Top 5 UK Stag Do Destinations

Every time I tell people what I do the first question they ask me is "where are the best places to go on a stag do?"

This is a difficult question to answer as it usually depends on what you want to do on your stag weekend.

However, if you are wanting to know the top 5 UK stag destinations for 2011; according to a popular stag do company's figures, here are the top 5 in no particular order:

Newquay is an obvious answer is it does so well out of stag dos in the summer and is usually packed with hen parties too, giving it a unbelievable atmosphere.

Keeping with the seaside theme Bournemouth is extremely busy with stag weekends looking for good beaches, fantastic stag do activities and nightlife so electric you could plug your phone charger in and get a full charge.

Bristol doesn't seem to be an obvious answer but once you get there you will realise why. Fantastic nightlife, more daytime activities then you can shake a stick at (what does that saying mean??) and top quali…


Fed up of the British summer? Me too, and that’s why stags dos have a better chance of some fun in the sun with packages to easily accessible destinations like Spain, the Algarve and even Bulgaria. Currently the temperatures are pretty hot, hot, hot and so are the deals, with Spain offering the most choice of resorts, all catering to the stag night crowd. The TV comedy of the same name has boosted the popularity of Benidorm, which remains a firm stag weekend favourite and no wonder;
There is plenty to do in and around the resort including water and theme parks, jeep safaris, catamaraning, paintballing the beaches and of course an abundance of wicked bars and clubs.
To maintain your staying power, Brits can feel at home with the old fry up and fast food, but there’s no shortage of hip restaurants with all sorts of world cuisine. For a more rambunctious dining experience let your stag night partake of the medieval banquet, or combine dinner with a lucky night at the casino. If you hit t…

Nothing Normal About A Stag Do In Reading

We’ve known for a while that most stag dos just aren’t normal, so DesignaVenture has created some stag do activity combos to accommodate you mentalists in outrageous style. Let’s start with the water sports. We know you’re all big kids when it comes to the wet stuff and this time DesignaVenture are pulling the plug on anything standard to bring you Bath-tubs, Boats and Bananas package. To kick off, the boat isn’t a traditional boat. Think of this more as a Scrap Heap Challenge moment, as you’ll be building your own vessel and attempting to race it to the finish. No engineering skills required though, as this craft will be made of cardboard (yes, we know, but it is special cardboard), plastic and the like and then you’ll paddle like fury before you get that sinking feeling.Fortunately the inflatable banana bullet is not so fruity and you’ll be wildly bouncing in the wake of a powerful speed boat as you rodeo your way over the waves.The bath-tub racing concept is as mentally vexing as…

Stag Night – The Movie!

As if having your balls-outstag night antics posted on Facebook wasn’t glory enough, the evolution of sophisticated functions on our smart phones means that the unbelievable events of your whole stag do could be immortalised in a technicolour production to rival ‘The Hangover’ parts 1 and 2, and uploaded for the whole world to enjoy. YouTube has a lot to answer for.
So, our advice is; make it worth watching. Every good movie, sorry stag do, needs a balance of memorable laugh-out-loud and air-punching moments. Stag nights need to be remembered for more than how many yards of ale were consumed and the whole stag party needs a bit of a script, direction and a loose plot. These days stag dos can be as wild as you like, if you can handle it (Ooh, did we throw down a little challenge there?). Our repertoire of, shall we say ‘exotic’ activities, are expanding all the time. A quick bite to eat will never be the same after you’ve licked and sucked it off a stunning naked woman lying across your…

The Devil Is In The Detail: Stag Do Tips

It's the same old story, stag do invitees complaining it's too expensive, or I can't go for two nights, it's too far.

So where does that leave you?

Tune-in to what people want, make compromises (not too much) and help people attend the stag weekend.

If a few of the guys can only make part of the stag do, ask the question get a price for one night.

Go a little out of your way to help people get on board, after all as the best man this is part of your job description.

Most stag do companies like DesignaVenture will help you with the finer points including budgets and tailor made quotes as that's the reason you book with them, the hassle free factor.

Take on everyone's point of view and calculate it by using the following formula, 50% groom's choices and 50% invitees ideas.

Once booked, keep on top of the boys, send out gentle reminders about the payment date, and any relevant news and prank ideas.

Once every one has paid up send out all the details by email, taking t…

Nottingham Stag Weekends Rock

Consider a stag do destination where apparently there are 7 women to 1 man (not sure if this is a myth?), it's easy to get to, the nightlife is buzzing and there are tons of daytime activities to choose from.

That destination is Nottingham, a hot bed for hen and stag parties wanting to let their hair down and party.

In the 90's Nottingham was one of the first cities outside of London, Blackpool and Edinburgh to attract loads of hen and stag revellers.

There are many reasons for this including friendly locals, fantastic nightlife, the rumour of more women than men, activity centres popping up all around Nottinghamshire and it's geographical location within the UK mainland.

The Nightlife is not to be sniffed at, it has many restaurants suiting tastebuds from around the world, energetic bars and dynamic clubs to keep even the liveliest stag party entertained.

The daytime activities in Nottingham are simply awesome and include Rage Buggies, Hovercrafts, It's a Knockout, Quad Bi…

Be A UK Stag Do Beach Bum

The summer is here and lots of stag dos are heading for the UK's finest beach resorts.

Newquayhas been a firm favourite for years and has loads going on, that's if you don't fancyjust sitting on the beach and watching the peaches go by.

Activities in Newquay include Coasteering (written about in a previous post), surfing, one of the best quad biking sites in the UK, twin engine outdoor race karts that go up to 60mph, body boarding and beach volley ball.

The beaches in Newquay are some of the cleanest you will find anywhere in the world and the water is crystal clear, if a little chilly in early summer!

Bournemouth has a 7 mile award winning sandy beach, and Dorset is home to one of the most expenses places to live in the world, Sand Banks.

Activities in Bournemouth are vast and include Rage Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking, Human Table Football, It's a Knockout and even surfing! Bournemouth is home to the first man made surfing reef.

If you just want to sit on the…

Winter Stag Do Ideas

Believe or not we are almost half way through the year and once you hit August you know Christmas and winter is around the corner.

Christmas and Valentine weddings are hugely popular so what can a stag party do in the winter months.

First of all there are many benefits to having a winter stag do, one of them being you may find it cheaper than usual spring and summer months.

At DesignaVenture we offer many winter stag do offers in places such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Reading and Newquay.

These winter special offer include loads of activities including quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, paintball, stay in high quality hotels and get up to 30% off the usual price.

You can always take advantage of the cold weather and go tobogganing on a specialised ice circuit in Riga, just like the pros in the winter Olympics. You can also ski do

Get some balls of steel and go Gorge Scrambling down a river (which is made up of melting snow) from the top of the Brecon Beacons, now that will be cold!

If you wan…

Last Minute Stag Do

Looking for that Last Minute Stag Do which is giving you the hebejebes?

Well don't worry too much as booking through a stag do company like DesignaVenture can really minimise your stress.

The cons of booking it yourself is finding availability, especially in June, July and August when most of the popular hot spots are full, you may find yourself up against it.

Stag Companies such as DesignaVenture can really help with availability as they will have live up dates from hotels and activity sites all around the country.

They also have an abundance of resources so if your first choice is not available you should be able to get as close to it as possible.

As you are booking last minute, try and keep the price as low as possible - this will keep everyone in the group happy as don't forget; spending money is also vital.

We also findmost last minute stag dos are smaller than your average stag group as people may not have enough time to book days off or get out of going to a family event…

Is Golf A Good Stag Do Activity?

Well, it is and it isn't, if that makes any sense.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that it all depends on your group and the way you handle the booking.

We take many stag do bookings which include Golf and find half of them either reduce right down in numbers or completely cancel.

If the groom loves golf and wants to have a game on his stag weekend, then that's great, he should be able to do what he wants to do.

However, if you have 20 people on the list you will possibly find that over half will not have played golf before or even want to play this fustrating game.

Note; Churchill was quoted on saying; "Golf spoils a good walk!"

So you have two options, book the golf for the Sunday morning and do something else on the Saturday, or quote the guys two prices, with and without golf.

They then have the option and will still attend the stag weekend without feeling that have to play and pay for golf.

Golf is an extremely hard game and if you have never played before you are …

Stag Do Ideas For The Petrol Head

You don't have to stink of petrol to enjoy some amazing motorised activities whilst on your stag do.

Motorised stag activities are extremely popular as most groups want excitement, adrenalin and speed from their activities.

One of the most popular activities to do on your stag do is Rage Buggies, these dirt buggies can reach speeds of up to 60mph and take some guts to swing them round corners at top speed!

If you prefer to be on a bike, then Quad Bikes will take some beating, they are very versatile and easy to ride. Some sites let you race these beasts around specially designed mud tracks which have adverse and reverse chambers and some even have straights with jumps in the middle of them so you can get air.

If you prefer to take on what Mother Nature has provided then off road and quad bike across extreme treks, with steep climbs and inclines, through rivers and woods this is definitely not a nature trail.

Hovercrafts for the last few years have become extremely popular with activity…

Unusual Stag Do Ideas

Most stags are looking for something different to do on their stag do, something most of the guys in the group have not done before.

Below, I have put together some unusual stag do ideas for you to have a peak at.

If money is no object and for a luxury stag do, book a private jet to a European destination of your choice. DesignaVenture offer this option on their website and will include private transfers at your resort, 5 star accommodation and entry into prestigious nightclubs and bars.

If you would prefer to stay in the UK and get away from the grime and erratic nightlife of the big cities, Pitch Up and Canoe down the River Wye. With exceptional scenery and a chance to unwind, drink and catch up with friends this really is a great idea.

If you would prefer loads of full on activities ideal for the stag who love the outdoor life, then North Wales is a fantastic option.

White Water Rafting, Gorge Scrambling / Canyoning, Abseiling off 60 foot bridges are just some of the activities you …

Stag Do Olympic Antics West Country Style

What better way to embrace the worldwide sports spectacular of London Twenty Twelve Olympics than to have a Bristol stag do themed around the Olympics, West Country style?

If you fancy gaining momentum by running up to a predetermined area and throwing a welly rather than a javelin, then this will be right up your track.

Compete in nine different events all in the style of this fantastic madcap and off the wall funny theme.

There's the cider run where you are tied to a bungee rope, the Vicky Pollard's handbag event, Tractor Tyre roll and pitchfork duel, drunk pub skittles to give you just a taster.

The winner will be presented with a gallon of traditional scrumpy and will walk away a gladiator, that's if he can stand up after necking the cider!

This is truly a unique stag activity package.

With this event on your Bristol stag weekend you will be fighting off would-be friends with a sh***ty pitchfork to keep your guest list down.

Horse Racing Weekend - Ideas For A Stag Do

Another amazing Stag Do idea is going to the Races, what a perfect way to celebrate your last few days of single life.

Ladies in hats, Champagne, excitement and frivolity awaits you at any number of the fantastic race courses around the UK.

Royal Ascot is one of the most popular horse racing destinations for stag dos, it has panache and flair suited to a stag group looking for a bit more of an upmarket do.

Watch the horses parade around the ring before choosing the Beauty you think will make you some money.

Then soak in the buzz and excitement of the actual races themselves, take the hit or win some dosh then, celebrate or commiserate with a bottle of champagne!

Newcastle racecourse in July celebrates Plate Day, which is one of the busiest race days north of the Watford Gap. This days has a fantastic atmosphere and is extremely popular, so book as soon as you can.

DesignaVenture offers extremely popular Horse Racing Weekends for stag dos all over the UK, they include hotels, return transpor…

Stag Dos that Rock

Stag Dos these days are looking for unique activities and a location which suits the group's expectations.

Locations in the UK which really are hitting the big time in 2011 are Bristol, Bournemouth, Newcastle, North Wales and Nottingham.

Whether it's specific activities available or simply the nightlife, these locations have a warm welcome to stag dos and seem to get busier and busier each year.

For example take Bristol, it has a great location and is very accessible from most parts of England and Wales. It also has fantastic activities and lively nightlife.

Newcastle and Nottingham have always been a firm favourite with stag groups as the nightlife is simple electric and the locals are friendly and accommodating.

If you are looking for the Beach then Bournemouth has 7 miles of glorious white sand, on a day like to day there is no better place to be with the boys, watching the peaches go by and maybe have getting a quick game of 5 a side.

Unique activities in North Wales is it'…

Consider Coasteering for a Great Stag Do Idea

Coasteering is a great activity to include on your Stag Do Newquay.

Exploring the rugged Cornish coastline, your aim is cover to get from A to B without going in land which will include climbing sheer rock faces and jumping into deep water pools.

Starting off on lower ledges you will gradually move on to higher ledges which can exceed 40 foot!

However, no peer pressure is the key here, instructors and guides will be on hand to help you every jump of the way and if the jump is too big, there is always another way down.

Here is a short video of Coasteering with DesignaVenture:

Most stag dos will find this activity incredible, well this is the feedback we get back from our stag parties every weekend!

Stag Activity Weekends in Wales

If you need a break from the usual nightclub, bar crawls and packed city centres then look no further then our North Wales / Shropshire Border stag activity weekends.

Staying in en-suite group accommodation with a late bar (open until you can't take anymore) serving Real Ales and hearty locally produced meals it is a great place to get away from the fast lane of modern living.

On the doorstep of this amazing laid back location is some of the finest stag activities known to stags.

Activities include White Water Rafting, Quad Biking, Hovercrafts, Gorge Scrambling, Abseiling off 80 ft bridges, Paintball, Outdoor Race Karts, Clay Pigeon Shooting to name just a few.

After you have exhausted your bodies go back to your group hotel for a well earned pint or two and tuck into a hearty two course meal, then sit back and relax, unwind and discuss why you fell out the raft, or got shot the most in Paintball in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

This is one of many fantastic stag do ideas available …

Bristol Stag Do

If you are looking for a destination which will satisfy most stag groups then, holding your stag do in Bristol will help you hit the ground running.

With fantastic activities which include Rage Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking and even Gorge Scrambling Bristol really is a fine place to hold your stag weekend.

Bristol has a good number of 4 star hotels all situated in the centre of the city, and DesignaVenture only use 4 star hotels, which are affordable and stag friendly.

The nightlife has been upgraded and rejuvenated into cosmopolitan bars, restaurants and clubs with the biggest drag being around the waterside area of this amazing stag do city.

Fancy a flutter? The DesignaVenture horse racing package in Bristol is an ideal weekend suiting the stag party looking for thrills and excitement without getting wet or muddy.

Whatever you want to do on your stag do, I am positive Bristol will knock your stag party for 6, with high fives all around from the happy stag.