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UK Stag Do Ideas On The Beach

It's the first day in July and apparently it's going to be the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures hitting 33 degrees celsius. Wimbledon is on, it's the third day and apparently if it get's too hot the ladies tennis players are allowed a 10 minute break between sets, but not the same ruling for the men, sexual equality at it's best their lads! However all this nonsense doesn't fix the fact that you still have a last minute stag do to arrange and need a beach and the sea to cool off in. Lucky for you then I have compiled some fantastic UK destinations popular with stag dos. Lets start with the South and move upwards, Newquay is a popular spot for stag and hen parties and is the perfect destination to start things off. Whether you are after a full on stag weekend with jet ski-ing, coasteering, surfing and quad biking or a more chilled out affair with a packet of John Smiths and a beach towel, Newquay can sort you out big time. The beache