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10 Ways To Avoid The Stag Do Stresses

The stag do stresses is a medical term made up by DesignaVenture, it’s about the strain put on every best man when arranging the main part of his Best Man role, the stag do . We have put together 10 ways of avoiding the stag do stresses , and if you follow these tips your stag do will be sweeter then a Candy Floss mixture. Number 1 – Organisation The more organised you can be from the very start of organising the stag weekend, the easier life will be. If you can use a PC, make a spreadsheet of who is coming and their contact details and a space for notes by their name. Number 2 – Everyone’s Oar Speak to everyone going on the weekend about stag do ideas however, try not to get influenced by anyone in the group other than the groom, after all it is his stag do. On the other hand use a bit of common,  make sure he doesn’t get carried away with things. Number 3 – Make The Decision At the end of the day, it gets dark! You have been given the job of th

Unusual Stag Do Ideas

Unusual stag do ideas; from the extreme to the dam right funny, stag parties love a good old jape. Below I have compiled some unusual and unique stag do ideas, not in any specific order: Trek up Mount Kilimanjaro , this isn’t any old stag do idea, this is the one for the non drinking stag who wants to put a challenge between himself and his wedding.  It will be the best, BEST MAN story in the world and if you get sponsored for charity, your new in-laws are going to love you. A bit more sedate now, but only slightly – Shark Fishing ! Get on a boat and catch the feistiest fish in the seas. You will have to put them back; however the memory of the fight you had to put in to lad the bugger is enough of a trophy. The next unusual stag do idea is to do with Zombies , this won’t be unusual for long so you best hurry up and try it out before know it all Alan has a go. With the use of pistols and hand guns (not with live rounds) you have to fight you

Stag Activities, Bristol

So you have decided on Bristol for your stag do, and now what? Do we pre book some stag activities or should we just turn up and see what happens ? Well I won't mince my words, if you decide on the latter, you will end up in the pub and you can kiss goodbye to a memorable weekend. Booking a Bristol stag do with DesignaVenture you will find both a value for money break and a hassle free luxury stag weekend. But enough of plugging me old website, what stag activities are available in Bristol? Right, first of all the most popular stag activity in Bristol is the Rage Buggy, these 60mph beasts are fast, furious and loads of fun to race. On a purpose built hard core track these karts are hard to beat for acceleration and speed, unless you are in a rocket! If you fancy something different to a petrol sport and love WipeOut, what about It's a knockout or the very popular West Country Games. It's a knockout is full of inflatables, foam and fancy dress whilst the