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Top 10 Stag Do Games

Stag Do Games are a must on a stag do, not only will it create a togetherness amoungst the group, it will also be fricking funny. Just a word of warning , we do not condone masses amounts of drinking that these games promote, this article is just a service we provide for people that would like to know about stag do games, which obviously includes a little tipple or two. Chicken Run This game is brilliant and includes dressing the stag up as a chicken. SO, dress the stag up in a chicken outfit then, everyone sticks £10 into a kitty and gives it to the stag. The stag dressed up as a chicken has as long as it takes for everyone to buy a drink and finish it to find a bar and drink the kitty dry - just imagine, a bloke sat in a bar, dressed up as a chicken, drinking alone, hilarious! The group splits up into teams of 2 - 3, the first teams to find the stag/chicken get to drink from the kitty. The game is over once the kitty is dry or all the teams have fo

Stag Do Advice, Intercepting A Stag Do

A stag do can last anything from 1 day all up to a whole week or even longer, on average though most celebrations are for one or two nights. What happens if you cannot make the whole event? The following stag do advice is for people who may may not be able to attend the whole event, they may have other commitments or financially can't do the whole stag do. My biggest advice to you is to always try and intercept the stag do on the first night. Usually the first night is the best night, everyone is buzzing, excited to get away, meeting up with the old crowd from Uni or home and this is the ingredient for a fantastic atmosphere and night. You then have the option to join the activities on the Saturday (if any are booked) and then depart on the Saturday afternoon / evening. Everyone thinks the Saturday night is the big one, but let me assure you after being on quite a few stag dos the first night is always the most eventful, the second night can be a bit more subdued, e