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Stag Do T-Shirt Ideas

It's no surprise that stag do t-shirts are big business, in fact it's HUGE!

These days, most stag dos go away with a t-shirt packed, it becomes their travelling uniform whether it's on a plane or going to the activities or even going out at night, to some stag parties the stag do t-shirt is an essential item of clothing.

The stag do t-shirt also acts as a momento / souvenir for the stag do and usually must consist of the following 3 items of written information:

Where WhenName of the stag
So with that in mind here are some great ideas on what type of t-shirts you could go for:

The Photo T-Shirt
Using an embarrassing image of the stag, make sure it's blown up and printed onto everyone's t-shirt, better still get a picture of his bride-to-be and do the same.

Go one step further and get a picture of an ex girlfriend or better still, a picture of his mother-in-law, the possibilities are endless!

The T-shirt with the Slogan
The slogan is meant to amuse and sometimes shock…