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Why Use A Stag Do Organiser?

The question on every best man's or groom's lips when arranging a stag party; "should I use a stag do organiser or do it myself?" If your answer is YES to any of the following questions you should consider using a stag do organiser: Are you short of time? Are you bad at organising things? Do you need someone else to do it all for you? Are you poor at communicating? Are you bad with money? What is a stag do organiser? A stag do organiser is a company which can book you practically every part of your stag do. These days, most reputable stag do organising websites  also have the facilities for: Online payments Sending invites to your mates (so they can book on to the stag and pay) Sending you essential information packs so you don't have to think Question In an age when you can just go online and practically find everything on Google why would you need a stag do organiser? Answer The answer is easy, it's all about saving

Best Stag Do Destinations For 2020

2020 is the year to get married, it's got a kind of ring to it (pardon the pun). So you'll need to know the Best Stag Do Destinations for this incredible year. In no particular order, because let's be honest, everyone is different, here are the best stag destinations for 2020: 1. PRAGUE The best city in Europe to have your stag weekend, and in my mind Prague is becoming more liberal than Amsterdam, now that's saying something. Prague is also top of the charts for our Cheapest Stag Destination To Get A Pint In , so not only will your stag party be everything you ever wanted it to be, it'll also be lighter on your pocket. This capital city is incredibly beautiful and has some awesome stag activities, so altogether a brilliant all rounder. 2. BRISTOL Bristol makes it easily in to the best stag destinations for 2020 because it's just such an amazing city. Bristol has some of the best stag do activities available  throughout the day and by

Where is the Cheapest Stag Destination To Get A Pint?

Here at the DesignaVenture Stag Do Blog we like to go against the grain. Whilst the press are banging on about 'people drinking less' (a tiny percentage if you dig deep), we feel it's still extremely important to find out where you can get "more pint for your pound" whilst on your stag weekend. Lots of different factors come into play when picking your stag party destination such as; distance to travel, stag activities on offer, nightlife and package price. Here's one more factor that must also be taken onboard, the price of BEER! We started looking at the stats brought out by the  Money Guru , and found out some alarming facts. To get a pint in Dubai you're looking at £9, Oslo isn't too far behind with £7. OK these aren't exactly popular stag destinations however, rounds will be expensive. So we have have delved deep and looked at popular stag destinations around the world. Whilst one thing is guaranteed, London will be expensive,

5 Of The Best US Bachelor Party Destinations

Just like in the UK the Americans take their Bachelor Parties (stag dos) very seriously. Their pre wedding celebrations include partying, drinking and having fun with friends new and old. From speaking to customers and American colleagues in Vegas, here are our Top 5 US Bachelor Party Destinations. This is where the Americans choose to party: Austin, Texas Austin in Texas is famous throughout America for it's Breweries, BBQs, music and restaurants making it easily into the 5 best US bachelor party destinations. Head down town to many of it's taprooms and Breweries including Hops & Grain, Austin Beerworks and Blue Owl Brewing. For more of an upmarket scene head to East 6th Street where you'll find many busy bars, venues and some fantastic cocktail bars. During the day get a tan and bring your own beer whilst tubing down the river. Alternatively, you could go shotgun shooting! New Orleans, Louisiana An infamous party destination, beautiful