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Does the groom pay for his own place on a stag do?

Whether the groom should pay for his own place on a stag do depends on the preferences and arrangements made by the individuals in the group. There is no strict rule and practices can vary. Here are a few considerations: Tradition and Custom Traditionally, it's common for the groom not to pay for his own place on a stag do . The expenses are typically covered by the attendees, who may split the costs among themselves. Group Decision The decision on whether the groom pays for his own place often depends on the group dynamic and agreements. Some groups may choose to cover all expenses for the groom, while others might have the groom contribute to a portion or cover specific costs. So..... communicate if you are unsure. Some Best Men decide on behalf of the group or in minor cases pay for the stag themselves. Communication Clear communication is crucial. It's advisable for the best man, groom and the members of the stag party to discuss expectations and financial commitments in ad