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Don't Forget.....

You've booked your stag do, all the boys have paid up and are bombarding you with questions. You feel like you have turned into their Mum (won't be the first time!!), looking after the boys to the best of your ability is your job, you are the best man / stag do organiser after all. So we have put together a little don't forget list to help you arrange the best stag do known to man. Don't forget to include the stag or yourself when booking the stag do, you'll be surprised how many people make this mistake! Make sure everyone is aware of where, when and what time , you don't want people missing their activity or have checked into the wrong hotel. Valid passport!!! If you're travelling abroad make sure everyone has a valid passport. Don't forget to leave time for food, keep everyone happy some people may not want to eat but most will. Don't forget a stag do kitty is always best - it keeps the peace and stops the bitching. Don't forge

Stag Destinations Spotlight

Anna Makin, DesignaVenture's stag destinations guru, looks at stag do destinations that have shown longevity. Nottingham is as in vogue as ever, ever since I have been in the stag do business Nottingham has been extremely popular with UK stag parties, whether it's because it's right in the centre of Britain and easy to get to or the story of 6 women to 1 man, Nottingham is a tried and tested stag destination. In the early days of DesignaVenture Bristol wasn't a hotspot on the stag weekend agenda, however with our luxury 4 star packages and a few superb stag activity sites setting up we think we have assisted Bristol in become a top stag do mecca, or it could just have been the millions the city has spent on a massive face lift to make it an amazing place to visit. I absolutely love Bournemouth and so do many of our stag parties, the beach is great but that's not the biggest draw,  fantastic daytime activities and awesome nightlife has made and kept it a

Cardiff Stag Do Ideas

If you have no idea how good Cardiff is for a stag do, then if I was you I would seriously contemplate giving yourself a good talking to. First you have the nightlife..... At night Cardiff is incredible, the atmosphere is so electric you can charge your phone on it, so no dead battery problems in Cardiff then. You then have the locals..... Extremely friendly and know how to have a good time, and if you're from 'away' they will greet you with open arms. And after all that..... There are plenty of things to do in the day to keep the boys noses clean. Try Gorge scrambling / Canyoning if you fancy exploring a beautiful part of the Brecon Beacons (about 45 minutes away), walking behind waterfalls, jumping into deep pools and traversing sheer rock faces will be just some of the feats expected from you. You also have an amazing Quad Biking site, driving through woods, climbing up steep hills and driving down inclines you think are just impossible, basically scari