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What To Do On A Stag Do

Before you trundle off to the  stag do section of the DesignaVenture website  where you will find bucket loads of activity ideas and packages I have put together a little list together below on What To Do On A Stag Do. Just bear in mind that the last thing you want on the stag weekend are the guys bored out of their tiny minds. You also don't need 15 drunken men by 4pm wandering the streets and making a menace of themselves, no establishment in their right minds will not let you in, so it's early to bed then! Organise something for the day which will keep the boys happy, contented and create a memory of the stag do the groom will cherish. Activities don't have to be adventurous, you can go; Horse Racing, Cider Tasting around Herefordshire, Whisky Tasting in Edinburgh, Casino, watch a premiership football match, Beer Bike Tours the list is endless. However if it's adventurous stag activities you're after then Rage Buggy Racing, Quad Biking, Canyonin

Stag Do Ideas By Video

Looking for some stag do ideas without the chaff? One picture, worth ten thousand words (an old Chinese Proverb), what about millions of moving pictures? Now, I am no Rachael Riley (I wouldn't fit into those tight dresses for a start) but that's a lot of words, so instead of writing about some of DesignaVenture's popular stag do ideas , here are some videos which will give you an idea of just how good they are, enjoy... Bubble Football with Barcelona FC at St George's Park.... Obviously Barcelona FC are not going to be your opponents, but just how good does Bubble Football look? Coasteering & White Water Rafting, North Wales.... These activities are incredible in North Wales, they are the foundations of a truly brilliant adventurous stag do. It's a knockout, Bristol.... Foam, inflatables, water and hen parties, all the ingredients to make an amazing stag do activity. A total curve ball, Pizza Making.... This was some