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Bunk Up & Save Money

You may find that not everyone in the group wants to spend the same amount of money on the stag do as you do. However, the stag wants as many people there as possible and as the times are currently tough maybe booking a relatively cheap stag do is the best way forward. One of the best ways to save money is to book accommodation with multi-bedded rooms be it in Bournemouth, Edinburgh or North Wales, this will help save a fair few pennies. Usually on a stag do the hotel is for sleeping and breakfast, the rest of the time you are occupied with stag activities and clubbing. Saving money on the accommodation will mean you have more funds for fantastic daytime activities and night time shenanigans, also opening it up to other invitees who aren't exactly flush. One of the best destinations offering great activities close to a couple group hotels is North Wales / Shropshire Borders. Here you can go White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Quad Biking, Shoot Clay Pigeons, Fly Hovercraf

Best Men - Do Your Best!

If the JLS stag do arranged by Oristse is anything to go by, then best men, you have something to live up to. First of all the stag party arrived into Las Vegas where Marvin Hume was handcuffed to a Dwarf called 5 Cent. They then moved on to Miami where they took a yacht out with bikini clad women and then hit the clubs of Miami in true stag do style. Now, obviously the JLS boys have a totally different budget to any normal stag party however, budget a side there was a lot of thought gone into this epic stag do. They had a sports bag stuffed with pranks; funny t-shirts and other stuff to further embarrass the stag. So Best Men of the world, don't think booking the hotel and a nightclub is enough, put some more thought into the whole process, as this is his last few days as a free man. Find out what the 'groom to be' likes and what he doesn't like, use this information to your advantage. Obviously a stag do prank or two is always a good idea and w

A Holiday Makes You Feel Happier

NEWS FLASH, NEWS FLASH.... materialism doesn't make you happy, well it does make you happy but only for a short period of time, apparently only 1 - 2 hours. You go to the shop and buy the new Ipad or a brand new smart phone, you come home play with it for a hour or two and then get a little bored. These are great gadgets however the happiness is short lived. Now, a holiday or a short break with friends on the other hand lasts for days if not weeks increasing your happiness tenfold and you dine out on the memories for weeks, keeping you chirpy for months. This is why us Brits love a holiday, we are not stupid, we know what makes us happy and the more holidays and short breaks we can cram into our yearly schedule the better. So any excuse to have a holiday we take it, and there is no better excuse then a stag do with all your mates and acquaintances. Don't just go down the pub make a weekend of it! It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a