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Don't Blow Your Stag Do Budget

Stag Do Advice time now people, so best men, sit down, have a beer and take note, this post isn't meant to patronise you in anyway, but you'll be surprised how many best men fall into this trap. One of the main jobs of being a best man is organising the stag do and every year DesignaVenture will help and coach best men into arranging the best weekend the groom will ever have. Before you get on the stag weekend, there's the simple task of agreeing with the groom and maybe a few of the ushers some important details such as; date, duration, destination and and of course the budget. Each year at the DesignaVenture towers we will always have the over zealous best man, let's call him Dangerous Dave . Dangerous Dave is incredibly honoured to be the best man and loves his best mate, the groom (maybe a little more than the bride, which is slight awkward). His main aim is to go all out when booking the stag do. When I say go all out I mean book everything and

Stag Do Destination Guide: Cardiff

Cardiff, the Welsh capital, is famous for having incredible nightlife and being extremely friendly making it one of the most desirable stag do destinations in the UK. Before we get knee deep in reason why Cardiff should be your chosen stag do destination here are some pointless and uninteresting (but secretly interesting) facts about Cardiff: Average Temperature:  June 18ºC | July 20ºC | August 20ºC Rainfall:  710mm per year Population:  357,200 (est.) Sunnier Than Milan:  Cardiff has more sunlight (on average) than Milan, now that's something to be proud of. Sporty:  Cardiff has won the "European City For Sport" twice, once in 2009 and again in 2014. Rum Baa Baa:  Captain Morgan, the man featured on the most famous Rum bottle in the world, was born in Cardiff in 1635, his real name is Sir Henry Morgan, he's actually a real person and if you drink enough you'll see him! Birthplace Of A World Famous Author:  Roald Dahl was born just outsid

Stag Destination Ideas In The UK For 2019

The UK has some of the best nightlife and activities known to man, making it the top stag do destination for grooms to be. Don't get me wrong stag dos in European and further a field destinations are pretty awesome and unforgettable however you're not settling for second best by choosing the UK, on the contrary England, Wales and Scotland are pretty epic destinations for a stag weekend. So let's get started at the top of this beautiful island we call home and make are way down: Scotland Breathtaking scenery, incredible activities and unbelievable nightlife, no one parties like the Scots, no one! Edinburgh You'll need a base when on your stag do in Scotland and Edinburgh I think is your best choice, Edinburgh actually made it into our recent post Dream Stag Weekends In The UK (if money was no object) . You can stay in lavish hotels and drink the finest Whiskies or you can stay in budget accommodation and party life it's twenty ninety nin

Stag Do Destination Guide: Bristol

If you've picked Bristol as the destination for your stag do then you need to give yourself a pat on the back my friend, as you've done extremely well. Bristol is a brilliant stag do destination with incredible daytime activities and nightlife so good... you'll consider moving here with your family and taking residents. But first, let's see some very uninteresting facts: Pointless Uninteresting (but secretly interesting) Facts About Bristol Average Temperature:  June 19ºC | July 22ºC | August 21ºC Rainfall:  870mm per year Population:  670,934 (est.) Fact For Adventure:  The Clifton Suspension bridge in 1979 was the first place in the world to witness someone Bungee Jumping, courtesy of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club.   Pirate fact:  Bristol was home to the most famous pirate, Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach. Hot Air:  Bristol is the world's biggest manufacturers of hot air balloons and there's a Hot Air Balloon Festival every A