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Stag Weekends A Little Less Ordinary

When booking a stag weekend, stag parties don't really want to do the same thing twice, unless it was epic! What do people say again, "variety is the spice of life"? So you will find best men and their grooms looking for unique stag do ideas to quench that thirst for variety. Now all of your mates may be new to the stag world and haven't tried out Rage Buggies or Clay Pigeon Shooting and these activities will be unique to them. But what about the stag weekends that are off the beaten track. The stag dos that you will struggle to find unless you look really hard for them or do it yourself. A couple of months ago I wrote about a stag group that bought a couple of old bangers and drove them to Benidorm from Sheffield. They even got sponsored by all their friends and families and raised over £2k for a local hospice. A similar stag do story I covered in 2012 in my stag do news section of DesignaVenture, was about another stag group raising money for charity a

20 Fancy Dress Ideas For A Stag Do

Gathering stag do ideas shouldn’t just be about booking the stag do, it should also be about what you're going to wear. Here are 20 Fancy Dress Ideas for your Stag Do: Number 1 - Mankini Get the stag dressed in a Borat Mankini , and all the rest of the stag party as Kazakhstan Peasants , niiiece.  (Not to be worn on a stag do in Newquay, The police have banned the mankini) Number 2 - Old Ladies A stag do loves an Old Lady , so why not dress up as one. Grey wigs, knitted cardigans, flowery long dresses made of nylon and American tan tights you will look like a Mavis in no time. Smell like one by having a pee in your tights before going out. Number 3 - 118 Men (a bit old now) 118 men – I know, a bit obvious, but extremely easy to do and very popular. Number 4 - Butchers Butchers , a bit random all you need is white coats with blood / red stains, a tash and that all-important string of sausages hanging out your pocket. Best leave the meat

Bristol Stag Do

Why on earth should I take my boys on a stag do to the capital of carrot crunchers, Bristol? "That's a very good question Colin, a tad aggressive but I will bypass that." Bristol over the past 10 years has had a massive make over, from geek to chick, once an ugly ducking, now a beautiful swan. With a brand new £500m shopping centre, millions spent on a city centre revamp and a huge amount of investment made by brands and banks, Bristol really is one of Europe's amazing cities. The nightlife is a great place to start and covers both the city centre and an area called the waterfront , only 5 - 10 minutes walk between each other. Bristol now attracts lots of stag dos (and hen parties) and one of the reason why, is the nightlife. A stupendous amount of bars in both sections of Bristol but the waterfront for me is the place to go. Bars line the waterfront, and in the summer and warm nights you can sit outside and take in the atmosphere. Bristol also has s

Competitive Stag Do Ideas – Shooting

Whether you’re a group of paintballers strategically fighting another stag party or smashing clays to smithereens the shooting stag activities are a fantastic amount of fun. Paintball is and always will be, one of the best activities to do whilst on a stag do . You and your trusty mates go to war against a group of reprobates (possibly bankers), with at least 4 games zones per session, all with different directives, it’s about strategy and balls of steel. By the way the winner isn’t the one who shoots the most bullets but sometimes the two do marry. Then you have the target shooting competition whether it’s smashing Clay Pigeons or a tacking aim at paper targets with menacing people outlines on them, who has a steady hand like Phil the Power Taylor and who has the eyes of Mr Magoo? The shooting alleys in the old Eastern European cities, such as Prague, Riga or Bratislava are amazing, real guns, loud and powerful will put the hairs on the back of you

Competitive Stag Do Ideas – Racing

There is no denying that stag dos love a bit of competition, whether it’s for bragging rights or an ancient instinctive ritual, activities with a competitive edge will always be popular.   So below are some stag do ideas for the competitive parties who love a bit of racing, which in fact is pretty much all of you. Karting, whether it’s indoor or outdoor (on slick tyres), Rage Buggies or Dirt Buggies (racing on mud), this activity are without doubt one of the most popular racing stag activities. The slick tyre karts, indoor or out, are usually set up like a Grand Prix with heats, semi finals and finals. This format is loads of fun if you want individual competition and podium finishes. Other formats include the Iron Man, which is racing around a track for a huge amount of time or the endurance race. The endurance race sees groups split into teams of usually 2 chaps with fast changeovers under a set amount of time, to see which group completes the most laps.  The slick