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When Should I Book The Stag Do?

You have just been told by your best mate he’s getting married and as you’re the best man you are now set with a major task; arranging the stag do. Don’t be a rabbit in the headlights, providing they are not getting married in 2025, you need to get the wheels in motion. Usually on average you should know at least a year in advance, but with that year don’t rest on your laurels my friend, you need to get on it like a car bonnet. Time is of the essence, you’ll have a list as long as your arm to sort things including: When Where Who How many nights Budget Communication Getting the money in Getting there So the quick answer to “when should I book the stag do?” = right now! Best way to communicate There are a million ways to communicate these days, setting up a WhatsApp group, Facebook page (keep private), Twitter (keep private), email etc. I would highly recommend one of the above mediums or any other way which keeps EVERYONE in the loop, communication is key t

50 Stag Do Ideas For 2018

Here are 50 brilliant stag do ideas for 2018, short and snappy ideas, hopefully you'll find one or two for your weekend in 2018 and beyond. 1: Beer / Cider Tasting - All over the UK - Booze on a stag do, who would of thought it? (Drinking responsibly, of course). 2: White Water Rafting - North Wales, South Wales, Scotland, Nottingham, Europe - Amazing amount of fun, excellent hang over cure / wake up remedy. 3: Zip Wire - Has To be Velocity in North Wales - Fastest in the world no less... 4: Quad Biking - Go somewhere where the whole stag group gets a quad bike and go off and explore - Bournemouth is great for that - Nationwide. 5: Paintball - A stag do favourite - Nationwide. 6: Canoeing & Camping - Our canoeing and camping option is on the River Wye in Herefordshire it's popular and really well done, even if we don't mind saying so! 7: Canyoning - North & South Wales, Scotland, England Europe - Exhilarating. 8: Learn To BBQ Properly - Webbe

Zip Up Your Stag Do

If you're looking for some incredible and adventurous activities for your stag do, North Wales is the destination of choice. This fantastic adventure land has some of the best activities in the world let a lone the UK. North Wales has some pretty impressive accolades when it comes to the Zip Wire activity, well it is hilly which is fairly handy - Holland doesn't stand a chance! First of all it has the fastest zip-line in the world and the longest in Europe (see velocity below). Then there's the Titan which is the longest zip-zone in Europe. Not forgetting the Caverns, which is zip lining in underground Caverns, how cool this that! All of these activities can be booked on our website, go and take a look . Velocity The longest zip wire in Europe and the FASTEST in the world - how cool is that! You'll be lying down for this one and as you'll reach speeds of over 100mph, there's only one thing you'll be shouting - SUPERMAN!!! Facts 2 People

What To Do On A Stag Do

Before you trundle off to the  stag do section of the DesignaVenture website  where you will find bucket loads of activity ideas and packages I have put together a little list together below on What To Do On A Stag Do. Just bear in mind that the last thing you want on the stag weekend are the guys bored out of their tiny minds. You also don't need 15 drunken men by 4pm wandering the streets and making a menace of themselves, no establishment in their right minds will not let you in, so it's early to bed then! Organise something for the day which will keep the boys happy, contented and create a memory of the stag do the groom will cherish. Activities don't have to be adventurous, you can go; Horse Racing, Cider Tasting around Herefordshire, Whisky Tasting in Edinburgh, Casino, watch a premiership football match, Beer Bike Tours the list is endless. However if it's adventurous stag activities you're after then Rage Buggy Racing, Quad Biking, Canyonin

Stag Do Ideas By Video

Looking for some stag do ideas without the chaff? One picture, worth ten thousand words (an old Chinese Proverb), what about millions of moving pictures? Now, I am no Rachael Riley (I wouldn't fit into those tight dresses for a start) but that's a lot of words, so instead of writing about some of DesignaVenture's popular stag do ideas , here are some videos which will give you an idea of just how good they are, enjoy... Bubble Football with Barcelona FC at St George's Park.... Obviously Barcelona FC are not going to be your opponents, but just how good does Bubble Football look? Coasteering & White Water Rafting, North Wales.... These activities are incredible in North Wales, they are the foundations of a truly brilliant adventurous stag do. It's a knockout, Bristol.... Foam, inflatables, water and hen parties, all the ingredients to make an amazing stag do activity. A total curve ball, Pizza Making.... This was some

Ideas For Your Stag Do In February 2018

February isn't known as a busy stag do month however, if your bride 'n' groom are getting married near Valentine's day or in March (Spring weddings are quite popular you know) then February is usually the month of choice. Let's face it, January is just too damn dark, and you and the boys are going to be skint after Christmas, so February is a top idea. "But where are all these stag do groups going, and what will they be getting up to?" I hear you ask. Well thanks for being so inquisitive, I am just getting to that... UK or Abroad? Unless you're planning on travelling on a plane to the Canaries or flying 5+ hours (which isn't going to be cheap), the chance of getting some guaranteed sunshine is minimal. So a city break in Europe it is, Prague, Riga, Hamburg, Berlin are all great choices and will keep the stag group happy however will the budget allow? In my mind, for a fantastic stag do destination abroad with a budget busting price

Advice On Booking A Stag Do Last Minute

Whether it’s a shot-gun wedding, the best man is totally rubbish or the groom last-minute, has decided he actually wants a stag do, booking a stag night or weekend last-minute can be tricky. 
 You have availability and people to sort in a very short amount of time, it ain't going to be easy. 
 Get your lap top out and get going, time is of the essence. 
 First things first , you need a confirmed date and a list of party members who are ready to pay right away – no messing. Set up a WhatsApp group , it's so easy and whilst you'll be getting answers and ideas from the stag group there's always a bit of time for friendly banter. 
 Be flexible, if you can’t get the activities you want, be open to other ideas as you are still going away with your pals and you know you’ll have loads of fun. 
 This can also be a similar story for your chosen stag or hen destination. For example if you choose Bristol and it’s the weekend of the Balloon festival you are going

Last Minute Stag Availability in Bournemouth

July is looking to be a right scorcher and with stag do destinations filling up extremely fast there is only limited space across the whole of the UK. I am here to give you some good news people, we find when the sun shines, Bournemouth is the stag do destination of choice. Beautiful beaches, stunning views and women with next to nothing on, what more does a stag do need? So I've knocked on a few doors, well I called some hotels and found availability in July for Bournemouth, but hurry people these rooms are filling up fast. The 14th - 16th July and the 21st - 23rd July weekends we currently have availability in a cracking 3 star hotel right in the centre of this amazing seaside resort. Not just that we also have availability for fantastic stag activities including Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, .22 Assault Rifle shooting, Footgolf, Bubble Football and Paintball. Packages currently available for these weekends are: Beach Bum 2 Nights 3 star hotel breakfast Bar

5 Top Stag Do Water Themed Activities

We are going through a very hot spell of weather, and if you're looking for a cool down for a last minute stag do or or for next summer, here are some water based stag do ideas for you to wet your whistle with (I think that means to have a drink, but you know what I mean). White Water Rafting An obvious choice but also an incredible one. Travel down the river taking on frothing water, dodging huge boulders and 9 times out of 10, getting chucked in by the raging torrents, so if you can't swim, do not book it. This is one of our most popular stag do activities in 2017, favoured locations are North Wales and Scotland. Canoeing Down River Wye Another very popular stag do activity however this activity lasts the whole weekend. Sleeping under canvass and floating down river with an amazing backdrop of gorgeousness this is canoeing and camping down the River Wye. How it works: Friday night; park up and pitch up at your camp site which has a shower block and toilets

Choose The Right Best Man

A Best Man is not just for the wedding, he's for life, and choosing the right Best Man can be more tricky than cracking the Da Vinci Code. So where do start? You need a best man who is going to wow all the Mums (at the wedding not on the stag do, but then again...),  make all the guys laugh, organise all the family members, write a killer speech, keep you cool and from flapping when the bride is 50 minutes late, basically be your wingman / iceman / best-man. What qualities must your best man posses... First and foremost, he must be reliable (I should frigging well co-co!!) , I would say this is the main quality he must have, not being at any of the pre wedding rehearsals is totally unacceptable, I have heard of some best men not even making the stag do - what!!!? Uh I feel woozy. Other qualities If possible a good candidate must be able to break the ice whoever he's with, a good organiser, he is able to talk in public (doesn't have to be a professional aft

Top Tips On Stag Do Fancy Dress

Stag dos and fancy dress go together like Vodka / Redbull, bucket & spade and Kim Kardashian and big bummed trousers. However, you could spend an absolute fortune on fancy dress and then get turned away from every pub and club at your chosen stag destination, or quite frankly you could look like a "dick", so wait, don't buy anything until you check these top tips out. 20 Fancy Dress Ideas For A Stag Do TIP NUMBER 1 Check to make sure the pubs/bars/clubs you're booked into are happy with fancy dress plus also find your limitations, they may say yes they're happy with fancy dress but may not be happy with the stag turning up dressed as a giant penis. GO ALL OUT Everyone likes a trier, so if you're fancy dress theme is Pirates (for example) don't just turn up with a bit of face paint (usually skull & bones, tut!!), get dressed up like a pirate. Captain Jack Sparrow looks awesome, check out what he's wearing and go for it. You&

How To Organise The Best Ever Stag Do

Being best-man is a great honour, sometimes you can do without it, but most of the time you step up to the mark, create a killer speech and put together the best ever stag do. Arranging the stag do shouldn't be a hassle, if you're short on time but want to be the Weekend Warrior, the Kimosabe... basically the person who gets all the credit for an amazing weekend, I have put together a kind of knowledge base on covering all the angles on arranging a stag do. Organising Time is like gold dust people, and when we're not working, spending time with your partner (if you're lucky or unlucky depending on how you see it!!), keeping fit or commuting you need me-time. Keep your me-time to the max and arrange your stag do through a company just like DesignaVenture (I did say just like, as I am trying to be impartial, however please take "company just like" out of the last sentence): Why? They can arrange absolutely everything for you so you just have one c

Where On Earth Is Hereford

Following on from our themed "Where On Earth" - based on various stag do destinations, we are now focusing on Hereford. So why Hereford? That's a great question which I am just about to answer, so be patient. Well lets start off with a small location lesson, Hereford is about 60 minutes north of Bristol and 60 minutes south of Birmingham, it's like the filling to a Birmingham and Bristol sandwich, if you will. It's also only 45 - 60 minutes drive from the Brecon Beacons, which is a perfect place for one of our top adrenalin stag activities - Canyoning. Hereford sits on the River Wye, a beautiful river which meanders from the Welsh mountains through Herefordshire all the way to the Bristol channel, a fantastic river for a camping and canoeing weekend . Enough about the Geography, why should I hold my stag do in Hereford or Herefordshire? Alright bolshy keep your fish-nets on... As well as the mentioned above stag activities there are also some