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Stag Do In March, Help and Ideas

March is a funny time of year for a stag do, it's not that hot over in the Med, there's a chance it could be warmer in the UK, but hey that's enough about the weather, the UK and Europe has loads of stag do ideas to consider. First of all, a nugget of information; Good Friday is on the 03rd April 2015 so if you have kids to consider this is a big help, if you don't you have any fathers in the group you can skip this paragraph, oh it's too late you've already read it! Tip , if you want mud, there are loads of activities that will get you caked in the brown stuff; from quad biking and rage buggies to mountain biking and even mud wrestling in Eastern Europe great for stags with a mud fetish! Another tip , if you don't like getting wet (you big Jessie, but I understand) book 'indoor' daytime activities, such as; indoor karts, indoor bubble football, indoor paintball, the zombie bootcamp or cider tasting! Let's start  with the UK If y

How To Plan A Stag Do

How to plan a stag do, this is a totally unbiased post without a single mention of  DesignaVenture , the professional stag do company with a current score of 96% on trust pilot. Right, let's get started: "We need beer, music, we need dancing and we need naked ladies, right?" Really, is that all you need? Actually there is more to booking a stag do then what's perceived, hence why we have put together a 'How to plan a stag do'. Whether you book it through a stag weekend company like DesignaVenture or go it alone you will still need to know the basics of; how , when , where and what . Follow these easy steps for how, where and what : Sit down and chat with the stag and find out what he wants to do and where he wants to go Whilst you have the stag's attention get all the contact details (mobile and email addresses) of all his mates he wants to invite When you have a good idea of what he wants to do and where he wants go, make the decision;

Cheap Stag Weekends

As Autumn falls on us and the nights are drawing in is it wrong to be thinking about a stag do, surely this is a summer sport? Wrong, more and more couples are tying the knot out of the summer season, whether it's having a Christmas wedding, a Valentine's ceremony or they cannot get into the church that they want until 2059, Autumn and Winter weddings means Autumn and Winter stag dos, awesome! Well people, before it gets too trendy to have your wedding whilst it's snowing maybe you should take advantage of some incredible stag weekend offers, there are some stag dos out there so cheap, you could go twice! Take our Riga Deal , I know it'll be cold however you can stay for 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast, guided bar tour, strip club entry, nightclub entry and and return airport transfers for just £59 per person*! I have just looked at flights from Stansted to Riga and in January with Ryanair they are currently less than £80.00 per person**, that makes

Stag Do European Destination Ideas

The stag has decided he wants to shrug off the shackles of the UK and head for a city beyond blighty and who could blame him, but hang on, you need some stag do abroad ideas pronto, well as luck would have it, here are some stag do European destination ideas: Whether it's heading for a cheap beer or a place in the sun, Europe is the UK's stag do destination of choice. Bratislava has been proven to be the cheapest place in the world to have a stag do, see our recent news item for details and prices . Buy a pint in Bratislava and it will cost you around £1.04! Stags obviously drink a lot of beer, so if beer is going to be your biggest expenditure then Bratislava is definitely the place to party. But it's not all about the cheap brown booze, the city itself is amazing; great nightlife, friendly locals and more stag activities then you can wave a stick at. Next door to the Slovak Republic (Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic, more details can be found 

Top 10 Alternative Stag Activities

Alternative stag activities must be weird, maybe wacky but always something the whole group hasn't done before. We have all done paintball, quad biking and racing karts on a stag do and although these activities are loads of fun sometimes there is a need for an alternative stag activity, an unusual event, something that will get the boys hooked on and really looking forward to the stag weekend. Here at DesignaVenture we have gone through our stag activities with a fine tooth comb, rooted out some very alternative activities which go along the spectrums of budget, craziness and of course how far they go up the alternative stag activities measuring pole. So we present you with the Top 10 Alternative Stag Activities  (in alphabetical order, just for the OCD heads out there): Air Combat An extremely expensive alternative stag activity, but it's right up there with wacky, thrilling, adrenalin induced activities and can only be found in the good old US of A. This is no sim