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A Stag Do Experience Like No Other: The Beer Bike

When it comes to celebrating the last days of bachelorhood, stag do activities have become a quintessential part of the pre-wedding festivities.  While a traditional bar crawl is always a winner, what about sitting down on a moving table you power whilst sipping on your favourite brew and taking in the sights and sounds of your chosen stag destination. What is a Beer Bike? A beer bike, also known as a party bike or pedal pub, is a custom-made mobile bar (kind of) on wheels, powered by the collective pedalling efforts of its passengers. It features a central bar table, comfortable seats, and a designated driver (often called a "captain") to ensure everyone's safety during the journey.  The group sits together, sips on refreshing drinks, and explores the city while peddling merrily through its streets. It's an entertaining and interactive way to combine sightseeing, socialising, and, of course, savouring a beer or two.  Most Beer bikes have sound systems where you can

Why Choose A UK Stag Do

There are a huge amount of pros when having your stag do in the UK including the familiarity factor, language, no currency exchanges needed, passport not required etc. However there are some other REALLY important factors which also need to be considered and not just, I can get a pint for £2.99 in Wetherspoons..... Diverse destinations The UK offers a wide range of destinations to suit different preferences and interests. From vibrant cities like London, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff or Edinburgh to beautiful countryside locations such as North Wales, South Wales, Herefordshire, Shropshire, The Lakes and The Highlands there are plenty of options to choose from.  You can either tailor your activities around your city or choose your stag destination around activities, for example: Lots of cities are within 45 minutes from epic activity sites... Newquay has almost 365 days of surf, perfect for a surfing lesson or body boarding (activities very rarely get cancelled due to no sw