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At The End Of The Day.....It Gets Dark!

In previous posts you have heard me bang on about stag activities including Rage Buggies, Paintball, White Water Rafting as they are great things to do in the day, but what about the night time? The stag weekend without a big night out or two wouldn't be a stag weekend, it would be more like an activity weekend on the Isle of Man. The night life on a stag do is the icing on the cake, the jam in the donut, the cream - I must eat before I write next time! In most major popular stag destinations there's the lap dancing club. No more are they seedy and pushy but more like a club with girls walking around with very little on, and if you cross their palm with gold that little bit of clothing seems to disappear. If you prefer to laugh then a comedy club should be on your itinerary, with or without food this is a fantastic night out and will keep the boys together rather then loosing them in bars. But if you prefer a bar crawl you can have it guided or unescorted. In most p

Just Simply Gorge-ous

This year we have seen a huge increase in stags choosing Gorge Scrambling / Canyoning as their main activity. Stag dos from all over the UK have been flocking to North and South Wales, the Highlands of Scotland and Valencia to enjoy this amazing activity. So what is Canyoning / Gorge Scrambling then? Hold on there Steve, I am about to tell you: You are provided with a wet suit, a helmet and a buoyancy aid, all you need to bring with you is swimwear (to wear under your wet suit), trainers you don’t mind getting wet, a towel to dry off at the end of the session and balls of steel. Then, following an instructor you will climb up river, through a Gorge, walking behind waterfalls, jumping into deep pools from various heights, abseiling, a little bit of caving and traversing sheer rock faces (some of these activities are location dependent). You finish in most locations with the highest jump, which in some gorges are 45 – 60 feet!! No peer pressure on the day and t

Stag Do Ideas: Get Ribbing

If the stag is a thrill chaser and has a taste for speed there is a perfect activity, should you be staying on a stag weekend in Bournemouth or Southampton: Get onboard a RIB and thrash across the Solent to the Isle of Wight for lunch. The instructors have a saying “the rougher the better” as these RIBS can cope with mountainous waves in complete safety, cutting through the waves like a hot knife in Nutella. This stag activity is fantastic fun and if you are looking for something unique and a little different to the Norm you cannot go wrong. All specialised clothing is included including your boyancy aids, all you need to bring with you is pumps, a waterproof top if you have one and plenty of suncream. Full wet weather gear is provided should the rain clouds make a visit however, I am sure you won't care after your first donut! What is a RIB I hear you say? RIB's stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat , not Rubber Inflatable Boats as some people

Get Some Indoor Action

In the current climate, and I am not talking about the credit crunch for a change but the disastrous summer currently experienced on these great shores, maybe it’s time to head indoor for your stag activities. There can’t be too many adrenaline fueled activities available indoors to do on your stag do, can there? Well actually no, there currently isn’t a list as long as my arm in fact I could possible count them all on one hand however if you don’t mind getting wet and muddy then you should head outdoors for frothing white water rafting, thrashing around on quad bikes or getting caked in mud whilst racing Rage Buggies. If you would prefer to stay indoors on your stag do then how about some indoor karting? It’s actually loads of fun and these karts can hit some serious speeds! The racing is similar to a grand prix and you will get loads of driving in whilst keeping nice and dry and without the inconvenience of having to pick mud out of your teeth. If you would pre