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The Great Welsh Outdoors - Stag Do Ideas

Binge drinking is now on the decrease, more and more people are getting their highs from activities, stag dos are no different. Stags these days want their stag weekend to be a challenge, adrenaline enthused and exciting, there will obviously be a few pints in the evening however, the day must be full of adventure. Whether it's motorised, getting soaked or scaring the living daylights out of each other there is so much adventure to choose from and the king of adventure in the UK is North Wales. There is no better stag do destination than North Wales for adventurous activities. You can either stay in North Wales or you can drive from Chester, Manchester or Liverpool. Quite simply, North Wales offers simply epic activities for the stag who's an adrenaline junkie. Did you know that North Wales has the longest Zip Wire in Europe? You can reach up to 100 mph and cruise over some of the finest scenery you will ever see - Ouch! North Wales also offers 2 fantastic white

Top 10 Stag Destinations For 2015

2015 is here people, get use to it, after-all, there's no going back, unless you're Marty Mcfly that is! So let's cut to the chase, here are (in my mind) the top 10 stag destinations for 2015. I am going in reverse order, just to build the tension, as I am guessing you are so very excited. 10. Dublin Pros: An incredible place to have your stag do, friendly, buzzing with an atmosphere so good, you could brush your teeth with it. Cons:  On a Saturday night the Temple Bar area can be rammed. 09. Manchester Pros:  Rejuvenated into an amazing European city, old buildings meet new and there are so many bars you could visit one for each day of the year. Cons:  Getting hotel accommodation in the centre in the football season is a nightmare, Man Utd or Man City play at home on alternative weekends. 08. Riga Pros:  Cheap oh so cheap, fantastic lap dancing clubs, ideal for stag parties, funny that! Full on stag activities and the female guide

Why Book Through A Stag Do Organiser?

Why book through a stag do organiser like DesignaVenture ? That's a fantastic question, why the heck should I? Well first of all, I own DesignaVenture, a leading stag do organiser, I will obviously be wanting you to book with them, however I must try and be impartial and give you solid advice without selling my wares, so here are some pros and the cons without ramming DesignaVenture down your throat. First of all, the pros: If you don't have too much time on your hands booking through a stag do company should have loads of stag do ideas. Stag do companies like DesignaVenture, have all the right contacts in all the right places, so finding you a decent hotel thats fully aware that you're a stag party should be a breeze. Get your mates to pay individually, directly to the stag company - this will save you loads of time and stop you from getting your hands dirty with all that cash, it will also save any mix up with people paying you the wrong amount and getting b