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Should I Be Thinking Of the Environment When Planning My Stag Do?

Is your carbon emissions a factor when organising your stag do?

Over the years the stag do trend has always been 'the bigger the better' - however even though this might be a one off for you, in 2019, 50% of flights taken by 20 - 45 year old men were stag dos going abroad.

It's not just stag parties choosing abroad for their stag weekends, hen parties are also getting on flights with a massive 35% of flights taken by 20 - 45 year old ladies, were hen parties going abroad.

So what are the environmental companies saying stag and hen parties should be doing?

They are saying in order to cut carbon emissions stag and hen parties should be choosing the UK instead of going abroad.
Well first of all here are some interesting facts:If you chose Manchester for your stag weekend instead of Las Vegas and you were all travelling from London, not taking that flight is like going Vegan for 1½ Years!Choose Newquay instead of flying* to Amsterdam is like not driving for 1½ weeks! *From Ju…

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Paintball

Paintball, really?


Paintball maybe old hat, you probably played it when you were fourteen years old however, it's making a comeback.
So far this year we have noticed a 19% increase in paintball bookings for stag weekends.  Whether it's part of a multi activity day or half or a full day, there's no getting away from it, Paintball is an awesome activity, perfect for a stag do.

Paintball is also more than just nationwide it's everywhere. Whichever stag destination you choose I bet there's a paintball site nearby.
So what makes Paintball a perfect stag do activity?

It'll bond the group together, no other activity will your make your stag group work together coherently It's extremely exciting, especially if you're fighting other stag groupsThe price is low compared to other stag do activities, providing you're not trigger happyThese days there are lots of pyrotechnics including; smoke, thunder flashes and paint bombs
Technology has helped v…

Top 10 Activities Perfect For A Stag Do

There are activities and there are stag do activities, what's the difference I hear you ask?

OK, let me explain myself...

I personally think that a stag do activity needs to include something which will give you something to talk about in the pub later, it also needs to either scary or hilarious and most of all, it needs to be memorable for the stag.

I also think team competitive activities are a real winner.

Bubble Football A brilliant stag activity, it's like Bubble Football was invented for the stag do!

You have all the elements in this one, competition, team sport, will make the whole group laugh their socks off plus it's the only game of football you'll play where fouling is the name of the game!

Fond out more about Bubble Football here.
Turbo Cricket Obviously the group must love cricket, which most stag groups do. This is an excellent stag do activity which includes competition and is a fantastic team sport. Umpires are there to stop groups of cheating and ever…

Book A Stag Do Package & Keep Life Simple

Doing The Beer Minimum Will Make You Happy!

There's no doubt about it, booking a stag do package through a stag do company like DesignaVenture, will make life simple.

In a world where everything is getting far too complicated, from your personal life to just getting on the bus, we have made modern life complex.

So, keeping things simple is the key to a less stressful life.

Booking a complete stag do package with DesignaVenture just makes things simple. Forget about contacting lots of providers, let someone else do all the donkey work for your group.

You can then sit back and relax with the ushers making up stag do pranks for the groom and figuring out what stag do games you're going get the group to play whilst on the weekend.
So why book though a stag do company like DesignaVenture?Every part of the stag weekend booked in one placeYou can get the guys to pay direct to the stag do company instead of you having to chaseYou get a full information pack of the weekend which you can…

Stag Activity Ideas Spotlight: Bubble Football

BUBBLE FOOTBALL If ever there was an activity which has been specifically designed for a stag do, bubble football is that very activity.

Here 4 reasons why stag parties love Bubble Football:

It's a game of footballIt's a game if football where fouling is the main priorityNo one will get hurt because you're wrapped in a bubble or Zorb suitIt's a group activity, so no one will be left out

WHERE CAN YOU PLAY ZORB FOOTBALL? The great thing about Bubble Football is you can practically play it anywhere there's a football pitch or a flat piece of land with goals!

However, most of our popular stag do destinations we use high quality 365 football pitches which also have changing rooms, showers and a bar!

So Bubble football is practically nationwide, we have even organised it for a stag group on Anglesey!
WHAT'S INCLUDED: You can expect an incredible experience from when you arrive at any of our bubble football destinations and most include the following: ZorbsFootballsBibs…

Stag Do Ideas - The Weird & Whacky

There are literally thousands of stag do ideas available to stag groups. In my day, it was grass karts and a slap round the face with a wet celery stick down the local boozer and you'd count yourself lucky!

However we're in the year 2020 and there are some incredible stag do ideas, some extremely weird and others, like a 90s TV children presenter would say; wickedly whacky.

So find below our take on unusual stag do ideas currently available:

Handcuffed To A Dwarf In the days of total political correctness getting the stag handcuffed to a dwarf and going out on a bar tour for the shock value is a huge winner with groups who just love this stag do prank.

You'll have to travel out of the UK for the pleasure with destinations such as Amsterdam, Benidorm, Riga, Prague and Munich offering this incredible and weird stag do activity!

Available in many popular European stag destinations - you can find out more here.

Stag Arrest Another stag do idea ripped right out of the book of st…

A 5-Step Guide To Planning A Stag Do

It's easy, you've been asked by your best mate to be his second most important person at his wedding, his best man.

However before the wedding there's that extremely important task of planing the stag do. However complexity is not your thing, you like to keep things simple, you don't have time to be dicking around, so here's a quick 5 step guide to planning a legendary stag do.

Step 1 - Up For Discussion Don't just go and book a stag weekend and expect everyone to fall in line, it doesn't work that way. You need to speak to the stag himself and find out what he has in mind. Then you need to speak to his other best friends / ushers and get their take on what should happen on this legendary stag do.

Don't: ask the whole group or it'll take you a month to digest your findings.

Do: take on suggestions and ideas.

Step 2 - Be Money Mindful Every invitee will have their idea of budget, how much they are willing to spend on your best mate's stag do.