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Meet My Old Friend, The Simple Kart

One thing is for sure, the kart in whatever form you choose is an extremely popular activity to include whilst on your stag do . The Indoor Kart is possibly the most useful when the weather is bad or the stag is allergic to daylight. You can get loads if not all of the stag party on the track at once alleviating waiting around for your turn. All the indoor karting sites we deal with all have karts with onboard computers giving you read outs on fastest laps, the most laps and the winning kart. You then have the Rally Karts, these have roll cages, big tyres and are usually raced on mud circuits. The speeds of these karts are in excess of 30 mph and you can race them head to head on most circuits in the UK. Then you have the daddy of all outdoor karts, the most popular sought after karting activity, the Rage Buggy (pictured above).  These babies can hit 60mph and the acceleration will exfoliate the skin on your face a win win situation. Stags love the rage bugg

Stag Night Ideas

So, we have entered a double dip recession by a small fraction of a percent, it may or may not effect you directly however when you hear this on the TV and radio people tend to become a bit Froogle. Here are a couple of stag night ideas helping you keep your money in your pocket but also having the kudos of a bang on stag do. Go to North Wales stay in group accommodation for the night on a half board bassis have a go at mountain biking or paintballing for under £50 per person with DesignaVenture, how Froogle is that! Canoe down the River Wye for two nights, stay on a campsite next door to a pub and have the time of your life, I did. The price for this is well under £100 per person. Get yourself to Bristol on a stag do, have a go at Rage Buggies, Quads or Hovercrafts, stay in a 4 star city centre hotel with nightclub entry and you will not be spending more than £100 per person. Nottingham is a great stag night out and has some fantastic nightlife. So for under £6

Do Something Outstanding For The Stag Do

Notes For The Best Man Don’t forget you have just been asked to be the best man, so live up to the title. You need to organise both a memorable and an outstanding stag do for your best mate, something that will be discussed and talked about in your circle of friends for years. Every groom is different, some grooms want full on stag activities in the day and a chilled night, or want a chilled day and massive banging nights, or both, so what ever is on your grooms mind it’s your job to sort it. Stag activities such as Rage Buggies, WhiteWater Rafting , Quad biking are always very popular and a big hit however, your groom may want canoeing down the river wye, yachting to the Isle of Wight or driving old bangers in Berlin. OR he could just want two nights clubbing in Prague or a weekend of lap dancing in Bournemouth, whatever he wants you should generally consider and organise. The flip side to this is you could keep everything a secret, not telling the

Quad Biking In Newquay

Newquay is a fantastic stag destination with a massive selection of unique stag activities including Coasteering, Surfing and Body Boarding, so why Quad Biking in Newquay? Well, if you are looking for an activity site where you can get the whole stag party involved and where you can race quad bikes head to head you have just found it. Fully automatic 125cc Yamaha quad bikes with fast acceleration and easy handling these bikes are going to give you an amazing race. The Course Just under a mile long this course has reverse chambers, adverse chambers, straights, jumps and chicanes to make your stag do race extreme and exciting. There are over 20 quad bikes so you will all be going out together. You’ll be well kitted out on arrival with helmet, goggles, safety glasses, gloves, body armour, knee pads and elbow pads. You will have a safety briefing before hitting the learner track just to get a feel of the bike. Then you will move onto the main racing circuit, t