What Is The Role Of The Best Man?

It's all very well being asked to be Best Man, and most Best Men bite the Groom's hand off when asked. It's recognition of the friendship you have. However once you've sobered up and the dust has settled, it will suddenly dawn on you that actually you have a responsibility and that question will come up "what is the role of the best man?".

Stay with us bro, DesignaVenture has your back.

Below we have put together Best Man Roles and Responsibilities. Please note; some are labelled "traditional" as these roles may be outdated so take with a pinch of salt.
Before The Wedding Help Choose The Right Attire Usually you're given a colour scheme to work with, making the Ushers, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groom and Bride look co-ordinated. You also need to decide on cufflinks, shoes and most importantly the hip flasks!
Get The Ushers To The Suit Fittings It's your job to make sure the ushers turn up for fittings. You may only need a couple of fittings, o…

Cheap Stag Weekends UK

If you are looking for a cheap stag weekend in the UK I think there is no better place to be right now than on this web page. We've gone knocking on some doors and found some pretty impressive stag packages at very reasonable prices.

Below we have compiled some of DesignaVenture's cheapest stag weekends in the UK, but don't worry cheap doesn't mean you have to rough it, some of these unbelievable priced stag weekends include 4 star hotels plus some incredible activities!

 UNDER £100 per person 

Surely you can't stay anywhere for 2 nights under £100 these days, well my friends you're wrong...

2 nights in a standard hotel with breakfast, bar and club entries for the Saturday night, an animal of a stag weekend in Newquay. - more details.

Enjoy 2 nights in a 2 - 3 star hotel with breakfast, self guided bar crawl plus nightclub entry for both nights - more details.


Advice On Booking Your Stag Weekend Abroad

Prepare yourselves lads, it's going to be a bumpy landing unless you follow some of this brilliant advice on booking your stag do abroad from DesignaVenture.

Unless you're going by car or train you're going to need to book some flight seats. Although this may seem quite easy you'll need to follow some simple and effective rules:

When searching for flights make sure you search with your group number and not for 1 seat as the price will be different*Use a flight comparison website to give you more scope on routes and prices - I usually use If you are booking non-refundable seats do not pay for anyone you do not trust or know as you could find yourself out of pocket Make sure each member of the group sends you over the correct spelling of their first and surnames, then if the name is spelt wrong and there's an admin fee to change it, it's not your fee to pay Book with an ATOL Bonded stag do company like DesignaVenture
*The busier the flight becomes the …

Top 3 Stag Party Drinking Games

There are some brilliant drinking games around at the moment and if your on a stag weekend and there's a bit of a lull, you as the BEST MAN will need to have a game up your sleeve.

So I have a had a scout around, knocked on some doors and got the lads together and we have put together our top 3 stag party drinking games.

We haven't gone with elaborate drinking games which require a lot effort, to be honest the least effort the better, and have included them below along with what you need and the all important rules.

NUMBER 1 - IBBLE DIBBLE This was by far the best drinking game and had us all in fits to the point where beer was coming out of my nose!
OK apart from beer/cider or your tipple of choice, this is all you need...

SET UP Get your lighter and burn your cork at one tip until it's completely black, make sure: It's cooled down before usingIt's made of cork and not of synthetic plastic Give everybody an Ibble Dibble number, so for example I was; "number 3 …

10 Best Man Top Tips

Best Men everywhere, it's time to sit up and take note!

You now have a job where you'll need to step up to the plate, show your worth. Your best mate is about to get married and he has asked you to be the third most important person at the wedding.

Obviously it goes:
BrideGroomBest Man (that's you) So DesignaVenture has compiled 10 Best Man Top Tips to help you on your way. We can't hold your hand but by damn it, we are right behind you.

# Top Tip 1 - Have The Chat Your best mate is about to make a HUGE decision and it's not asking you to be best man. 
He is about to make a life changing act so you as his BEST MATE need to make sure, he's sure. It's also a great excuse to go out and have a few bevvies and discuss the stag do!

# Top Tip 2 - Create The Killer Best Man Speech The first thing people say to you once they know you're going to be a best man is: Ooooh the speech! I mean, if that's not going to put the frighteners up you I don't know what …

Funny Stag Do Ideas

If you can't have a laugh on a stag weekend, you must be dead inside. So to resuscitate the living dead, here are Ten Brilliantly Funny Stag Do Ideas even your Uncle Geoff would find funny.*

*If you do have an Uncle Geoff, I am not talking about that Geoff.

1. Handcuff The Stag To A Little Person This is straight from the naughties when a picture was floating about the internet of a stag handcuffed to a dwarf who was painted blue, since then quite a few stag parties have recreated this prank making it a hilarious stag do idea. DesignaVenture offer this stag do prank all over Europe.

2. Visa, What Visa? OK, you'll need a geek in the group who can work Photoshop, a gullible stag and a stag weekend abroad (now we are coming out of the EU, this prank will be easier to do). Get the geek in the group to create visas for everyone in the group except the stag. On the plane on the way out the best man asks everyone to check they've got their visas, everyone in the group then gets t…

Cheap Stag Night Ideas UK

With the economy being battered by Brexit making money as tight as Katy Price's sports bra, do we "batten down the hatches" or get-out-there amongst it and book a cheap stag night in the UK, the groom will still need a stag do, right?

Below I have put together some very cheap stag night ideas helping the UK economy go round and making sure your best mate has a stag night to remember - you can always add stag activities to these basic packages to make a real stag adventure or an extra night and make a weekend of it.
Southern EnglandBOURNEMOUTH | PARTY ONE NIGHT DEAL From £56 per person you can party until you drop in Southern England's most popular stag destination.  This stag night in Bournemouth includes 1 night in a 2 - 3 star hotel with breakfast, lap dancing and bars and clubs - what a bargain! More Details

Bristol is an awesome night out and this stag night package for £75 per person is just the ticket which gives you one night in a 3 -…