Funny Stag Do Ideas

If you can't have a laugh on a stag weekend, you must be dead inside. So to resuscitate the living dead, here are Ten Brilliantly Funny Stag Do Ideas even your Uncle Geoff would find funny.*

*If you do have an Uncle Geoff, I am not talking about that Geoff.

1. Handcuff The Stag To A Little Person This is straight from the naughties when a picture was floating about the internet of a stag handcuffed to a dwarf who was painted blue, since then quite a few stag parties have recreated this prank making it a hilarious stag do idea. DesignaVenture offer this stag do prank all over Europe.

2. Visa, What Visa? OK, you'll need a geek in the group who can work Photoshop, a gullible stag and a stag weekend abroad (now we are coming out of the EU, this prank will be easier to do). Get the geek in the group to create visas for everyone in the group except the stag. On the plane on the way out the best man asks everyone to check they've got their visas, everyone in the group then gets t…

Cheap Stag Night Ideas UK

With the economy being battered by Brexit making money as tight as Katy Price's sports bra, do we "batten down the hatches" or get-out-there amongst it and book a cheap stag night in the UK, the groom will still need a stag do, right?

Below I have put together some very cheap stag night ideas helping the UK economy go round and making sure your best mate has a stag night to remember - you can always add stag activities to these basic packages to make a real stag adventure or an extra night and make a weekend of it.
Southern EnglandBOURNEMOUTH | PARTY ONE NIGHT DEAL From £56 per person you can party until you drop in Southern England's most popular stag destination.  This stag night in Bournemouth includes 1 night in a 2 - 3 star hotel with breakfast, lap dancing and bars and clubs - what a bargain! More Details

Bristol is an awesome night out and this stag night package for £75 per person is just the ticket which gives you one night in a 3 -…

Cheap Stag Do Ideas

Sometime an all day drinking session on a stag do can be a bit of a nightmare, lads peaking too soon and losing some of the group by 4pm can put a downer on the stag weekend. So, to combat the "peak too soon culture" I have compiled some cheap stag do ideas which won't break the budget and keep the lads sober until at least mid afternoon!

For up to date prices and further details on any of the activities below go to our stag do ideas section of the DesignaVenture website.

LESS THAN £20 PER PERSON5 A-Side-Football
We're not talking about jumpers for goalposts here, we're talking about professional venues with showers, 365 pitches, ball hire and god-forbid a lot of the venues have bars!

Why 5 a side: 5 A-side-football is a great choice for the stap party who love more than just a kick around.

If some of the group like football and others prefer golf, what a perfect stag activity. It combines the beautiful game with the composure of golf.

You kick off from th…

Stag Do Ideas For Over 50s

The archetypal stag do; weekends fuelled with booze, madness and partying, however not every stag weekend is built the same.

We're not portraying that the over 50s stag groups will turn their noses up to the above frivolities, on the contrary, you may find that this will be 'just the ticket' (why the hell do I sound like Jacob Rees-Mogg!). What we are saying is that popular demand points towards the more sophisticated mature stag do with fantastic activities and ideas on brilliant destinations perfect for the older stag group.
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION First and foremost a stag destination must be chosen, in my mind anywhere that isn't full of kids, so that's Newquay or Magaluf off the list.

UK city destinations such as Bristol, Reading Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle or Reading, mainly anywhere that isn't Newquay!

These cities will have great restaurants, excellent bar options and if the stag do goes that way, lap dancing cl…

Stag Do Ideas For The Year 2020

2020, what a year to get married, and what a year to have a stag do! There are just so many options, activities, packages and ideas on offer you'll need the whole year off not a weekend!

Well don't worry best-men and grooms of Britain the DesignaVenture Stag Do Blog is here to help. We have more stag do ideas than you could ever imagine, and I know you have a vivid imagination!

If you're the best-man let us help you organise the best stag weekend your best mate has ever had, propelling you into legendary status, if your the groom share this post with your best-man he needs all the help he can get.
Let's start with the action packed From Shooting Zombies to racing fully prepared Dodgem Racing Cars there are so many activities you can now book for an Epic stag weekend.

Race Rage Buggies which can hit 60mph, prefer to go faster? How about racing down the fastest Zip Wire in the world reaching speeds of up 125mph and guess what, it's in North Wales!

If you want to get …

Nightlife Advice For Your Stag Do

Your stag party, when turning up at a bar or nightclub can sometimes be made to feel like a fart in a space suit, so put your worries to bed and take onboard some of this advice making sure it doesn't happen on your stag weekend.

Your Names Not Down, You Ain't Coming In!

I am sure you have been there, you've turned up at a nightclub or popular bar only to be turned away by the door security as the establishment is full or "guest list only tonight lads". 

There's only one answer to this and that's to PRE-BOOK!

It's great that you're laid back and you'll take your chances on the night, however what if it goes wrong and you can't get in anywhere? You'll be all dressed up with nowhere to go and I promise you the lads won't be happy.

DesignaVenture have some brilliant unescorted stag do guest list passes all over the UK and Europe, booking one of these are an excellent Plan A or even Plan B. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B!

If you prefer to be esc…

3 Naturally High Stag Do Ideas

On a stag do you're going to get lots of highs and lows, from the lows; of the last morning when you feeling more sick than a hypochondriac standing in the middle of Paddington train station at rush-hour, to the highs; of downing 5 flaming Sambucas.

But what about searching out for that natural high, the high that won't give you a comedown or hangover.

According to this GQ article, swimming in wetsuits in cold water will give you a buzz which will last the complete day, I also think coupled with an adrenaline fuelled activity you're onto a winner.

So which stag do activities can you include wetsuits and cold water?

Well I am glad you asked as I have some awesome stag do ideas which will give you that buzz to last the whole stag weekend...

White Water Rafting Any fast moving water will be cold especially in the hills of North Wales or the Scottish highlands.

So my first recommendation would be white water rafting at our sites in either North Wales (if you're looking for a…