Nightlife Advice For Your Stag Do

Your stag party, when turning up at a bar or nightclub can sometimes be made to feel like a fart in a space suit, so put your worries to bed and take onboard some of this advice making sure it doesn't happen on your stag weekend.

Your Names Not Down, You Ain't Coming In!

I am sure you have been there, you've turned up at a nightclub or popular bar only to be turned away by the door security as the establishment is full or "guest list only tonight lads". 

There's only one answer to this and that's to PRE-BOOK!

It's great that you're laid back and you'll take your chances on the night, however what if it goes wrong and you can't get in anywhere? You'll be all dressed up with nowhere to go and I promise you the lads won't be happy.

DesignaVenture have some brilliant unescorted stag do guest list passes all over the UK and Europe, booking one of these are an excellent Plan A or even Plan B. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B!

If you prefer to be esc…

3 Naturally High Stag Do Ideas

On a stag do you're going to get lots of highs and lows, from the lows; of the last morning when you feeling more sick than a hypochondriac standing in the middle of Paddington train station at rush-hour, to the highs; of downing 5 flaming Sambucas.

But what about searching out for that natural high, the high that won't give you a comedown or hangover.

According to this GQ article, swimming in wetsuits in cold water will give you a buzz which will last the complete day, I also think coupled with an adrenaline fuelled activity you're onto a winner.

So which stag do activities can you include wetsuits and cold water?

Well I am glad you asked as I have some awesome stag do ideas which will give you that buzz to last the whole stag weekend...

White Water Rafting Any fast moving water will be cold especially in the hills of North Wales or the Scottish highlands.

So my first recommendation would be white water rafting at our sites in either North Wales (if you're looking for a…

15 Ideas For A Stag Do

Strap yourself in, we're going to get through 15 ideas for a stag do quicker than Usain Bolt at a free chicken nuggets convention.

To view any of these activities with full descriptions destinations, and prices go to our stag do ideas page.
1. Dirt / Rage Buggies Totally awesome, extremely fast and as agile as a panther these dirt buggies are fantastic to race and in my mind is one of the best stag activities you can do. They are rigid, have excellent handling and can accelerate so fast it will push you back into the bucket seat so you must have your wits about you.

Recommended for the petrol heads.

2. Quad Biking Staying with the motorised theme (don't worry it's not all motorised), quad bikes are more versatile than a potato waffle (one for the 80s child), extreme climbs, steep downhills, rivers, brooks, mud whatever the terrain, your quad bike will eat it up.

All activity sites will offer either Trekking or Racing.

3. White Water Rafting A brilliant hangover cure, one th…

Stag Do Destination Guide: Budapest

Budapest, is the capital of Hungry an old Eastern Bloc landlocked country bordering Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria - now that's a lot of border control!

Before we get up to our elbows in what's on offer to stag parties venturing out to Hungry's capital city, Budapest, let's hammer down on some pointless and uninteresting (but secretly interesting) facts about this amazing stag do destination:
Average Temperature: June 24ºC | July 26ºC | August 26ºCRainfall: 620mm per yearPopulation: 1.7 million (est.)It's Hot: But not in the way you're thinking, Budapest has more thermal water springs than any other capital. Height: No Building in Budapest is over 96 metres highPuzzle: The inventor of the 80s phenomenon "Rubik's Cube was invented by Erno Rubik who was born in Budapest, he must have made a fortune!  Biggest Festival : In August for a whole week, Budapest is home to the biggest music festival on mainland Europe, attract…

Destination Ideas For A Stag Do

When asked to be best-man so many thoughts will flood your mind and 90% of those thoughts will be the stag do, am I right?

You want to get it right, make sure your best mate has the stag weekend of his life, so you'll need ideas, luckily for you this Stag Do Blog is bursting with stag do ideas and this post is no exception.
Where to go? If you are looking for some brilliant stag do destination ideas we have put together some Epic Stag Do Destination Guides which includes details on where to go, what nightlife's on offer plus loads of activities ideas.
Brilliant Nightlife Most major cities in the UK offer outstanding nightlife, big cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Newcastle in the North to Nottingham and Birmingham in the Midlands to Bristol, Cardiff, London and even Reading down south.

Seaside towns which are also incredibly lively especially in the summer months include; Newquay, Bournemouth, Brighton, Swansea and Blackpool being the main s…

Don't Blow Your Stag Do Budget

Stag Do Advice time now people, so best men, sit down, have a beer and take note, this post isn't meant to patronise you in anyway, but you'll be surprised how many best men fall into this trap.

One of the main jobs of being a best man is organising the stag do and every year DesignaVenture will help and coach best men into arranging the best weekend the groom will ever have.

Before you get on the stag weekend, there's the simple task of agreeing with the groom and maybe a few of the ushers some important details such as; date, duration, destination and and of course the budget.

Each year at the DesignaVenture towers we will always have the over zealous best man, let's call him Dangerous Dave.

Dangerous Dave is incredibly honoured to be the best man and loves his best mate, the groom (maybe a little more than the bride, which is slight awkward). His main aim is to go all out when booking the stag do.

When I say go all out I mean book everything and anything, thinking e…

Stag Do Destination Guide: Cardiff

Cardiff, the Welsh capital, is famous for having incredible nightlife and being extremely friendly making it one of the most desirable stag do destinations in the UK.

Before we get knee deep in reason why Cardiff should be your chosen stag do destination here are some pointless and uninteresting (but secretly interesting) facts about Cardiff:
Average Temperature: June 18ºC | July 20ºC | August 20ºCRainfall: 710mm per yearPopulation: 357,200 (est.)Sunnier Than Milan: Cardiff has more sunlight (on average) than Milan, now that's something to be proud of.Sporty: Cardiff has won the "European City For Sport" twice, once in 2009 and again in 2014.Rum Baa Baa: Captain Morgan, the man featured on the most famous Rum bottle in the world, was born in Cardiff in 1635, his real name is Sir Henry Morgan, he's actually a real person and if you drink enough you'll see him!Birthplace Of A World Famous Author: Roald Dahl was born just outside Cardiff, as a child he took a dislik…