Advice - Booking Flights For Your Stag Weekend

When you were asked to be best man, I expect that there was a moment of sheer pride, your best mate has asked YOU to basically give him away!

Your next thoughts will be speech and then the stag do (not necessarily in that order).

THE SPEECH, you're going to need balls and a course in public speakingTHE STAG, you're going to need a lot of advice
We have done a stag do glossary which is a window of advice and help for your stag do.

Advice When Booking Your Stag Party Flights
You have 2 options; book though an ATOL bonded stag do company like DesignaVenture, or book them yourself.

Here's an interesting post on Booking a flight inclusive package vs booking your own flights separately.
KILLER ADVICE ON BOOKING YOUR OWN FLIGHTS FIRST OF ALL, GET THE MONEY OFF THE BOYS If your flights are non refundable, like most low cost airlines*, do not pay for anyone you do not 100% trust or know. If these airfare blaggers drop out, you will lose your money, unless you can find a replacement, b…

Stag Do Ideas For 2020

Booking a stag do for 2020? Look no further Monsieur or even Madam, this incredible stag do ideas guide will help. In 2020, stag weekends will be Lively, Stylish and Adventurous.
2020, THE YEAR OF THE STAG WEEKEND STAYCATION? Recent years have been scorchers in the UK, more and more stag groups are booking to celebrate on this beautiful island we call Great Britain.

Lively UK Stag Destinations For 2020
Bournemouth, Newquay, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff and York.

These lively stag destinations in the UK will not let you down, blazing bars, exceptional clubs with an atmosphere to boot.

2020 UK Stag Weekend Destinations Full Of Adventure
North Wales, Hereford, Cardiff, The Lakes, The Highlands Of Scotland & Chester.

At the above adventurous UK destinations you will find Canyoning, The Fastest Zip Wire In The World (North Wales), White Water Rafting, Climbing as well as the firm favourites such as; racing dirt buggies / Rage buggies, paintball and super qu…

Stag Do Destination Guide: Benidorm

Benidorm is a stag do favourite and, if possible, getting more and more popular each year with groups wanting 3,4 or 5 nights away in the sun.

Before we get knee deep in why you should choose Benidorm for your stag weekend, lets have some no one cares facts:

Population: 67,558 (2018), however 11 million people currently visit each year!Av. Max Temperatures: May 24℃, June 28℃, July 30℃ & August 31℃ Rainfall: 548mm annual rainfall (rainiest month is September, all the rest very low) Sky Living: Benidorm is home to over 300 skyscrapers all with their own leisure space so they don't feel all crammed in. Beaches: The sandy beaches of Benidorm are 100% natural and contrary to rumour the sand has not been imported. The sea is one of the cleanest in Europe and did you know (possibly not) Benidorm was the first resort in Spain to allow Bikinis? Nightlife: Benidorm offers over 1,000 bars and 200 nightclubs so you'll need to come for a month, not a weekend! Do The TripAdvisor Top 10 Bar …

11 Of The Best UK Stag Weekend Destinations For 2020

2020 is just around the corner and is likely to be with us quicker than Usain Bolt at an all-you-can-eat chicken nugget buffet, so I would say booking your 2020 stag weekend now is a good shout.

We've done a little investigating and found that 2020 in the wedding industry is going to be extremely busy, all the signals are there from our colleagues at various wedding venues, outlets and websites. Your stag weekend is part of this industry so booking early is a must as it's going to be one hell of a busy year!

If you've decided on the UK for your stag do but you don't know where, well luckily the DesignaVenture stag do blog is here to help you decide.

In no particular order here are 11 of the best stag weekend destinations in the UK we think will be incredible in 2020:
NEWCASTLE Whatever you say about the Geordies they are damn friendly and sure know how to party, that's why Newcastle is an extremely friendly stag do destination and makes it into our top 11. River cr…

Your Stag Do Glossary For 2020

Arranging a stag do can be very difficult, arranging 20 lads to pay, attend and enjoy a weekend isn't a walk in the park.

In my mind, you'll need to live by the 7 p's of planning*, making sure your best mate's stag do goes to plan.

*7 p's of planning = Proper Planning & Preparation, Prevents Piss Poor Performance

This stag do glossary for 2020 will help you book the best stag weekend known to man making you the very BEST best man.
SO PLANNING Make sure you plan your stag do properly, so you'll need to read this 101 The Ultimate Stag Do Guide, remember proper planning.

You will also need help planning your stag weekend.
PROPER PLANNING You have to try and think of everything, make sure everyone knows where they are going and what they're doing, so proper planning includes communicating information to the stag party.
Everyone has a smart phone and most people are on WhatsApp, so a WhatsApp group should be your communicating tool of choice, it's easy t…

Best Stag Do Destinations In April

Believe it or not April is an extremely busy month for stag dos.
Why? The average time between the stag weekend and the wedding is getting nearer 2 months.

No longer is it the night before. Many people choose stag weekends rather than stag nights, so the night before the wedding is no longer feasible.
April and May is going to busy, so where is the best stag do destinations in April? OK, so it depends on what you are looking for...


In April, you are not guaranteed sunshine in the Med, I know that's a bit of a shock but I've been to Majorca in April and it rained for the whole week and it was actually warmer in Blighty, the friggin cheek of it!

So you'll need to go further a field for guaranteed sunshine such as the Tenerife or Las Vegas! But to be honest you don't go to Las Vegas to sunbathe!

CHEAP EUROPEAN CITIES If you are looking for a cheap stag weekend abroad then look no further than Prague, Bratislava or Riga. You can get a decent pint in Prague for les…

When Was The Stag Night Invented?

When was the humble stag night invented?

Well how far do you want to go back? Vikings, Henry VIII?

It's been written that the Vikings, before a wedding ceremony, would go out and party but what's new about that? Vikings always went out and partied.

In Tudor times Henry VIII would have had 6 stag parties. He practically invented stag activities, which usually included blood sports or archery, plus drinking copious amounts of mead.
Modern Times  The 1960s was when the UK started to change. With mini skirts, sexual liberty and expressive music becoming popular, giving the late teens and early twenties more freedom than the last generation.

NOTE: In the 1960s, the average age of a groom was 22 and 20 for the bride.

So you'd have to say the modern day stag do really stemmed from the 1960s.

The stag party then started to become a customary celebration in the 1970s & 1980s, tied to the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Back then, the average stag party would be an office party a…