Stag Do Destination Ideas - Cardiff

Cardiff is and will always be, a popular stag do destination, it's incredibly friendly for a capital city, it has bags of stag activities, day and night, and you will not find a better night out.

Quick Geography Lesson

Cardiff is just off the M4 about 150 miles west of London (only 3 hours along the M4), 40 miles east of Swansea and about 40 miles south of the Brecon Beacons.

It's situated on the coast (Bristol Channel), which then goes onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Cardiff has a huge train station right in the middle of the city and the airport is only 11 miles away.

Stag Do Ideas Cardiff

Right where do you start! Outside of Cardiff you have some pretty cool activities which include; Canyoning in the Brecon Beacons, Outdoor Karting in Newport (just down the road), Quad biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Assault Course, Paintball, Caving to name just a few.

In Cardiff Bay (20 minute walk / 7 minute Taxi from the the centre) you have an Olympic standard white water rafting course, man mad…

5 Alternative Stag Do Ideas

Your Groom isn't really the clubbing type, he loves to walk / cycle / cars / canoe... nothing too strenuous, so he'll want a stag do to reflect this.

Well lucky for you, you've stumbled across this post where we've put together 5 Alternative Stag Do Ideas which are right up your groom's walking track.

Right, let's get started...


Destination: Snowdonia

Your goal is to get to the top of Snowdonia. There are easy-ish paths to extreme paths where I expect you'll need a guide and climbing equipment.

Just remember Snowdonia is 1km above sea level and the weather can change on a spin of a coin, so remember to be prepared for winter even if your hiking in the summer.

At the very top of Snowdonia is a Cafe which is replenished by the train which travels to the very top every day, so if you want to go up the easy way and hike down, you can, well you are on a stag do!


Destination: London to Paris, Bristol to Bath or London to Brighton

You don't have to go t…

How To Keep The Price Down On Your Stag Do

Things can get out of hand when arranging a stag weekend, sometimes the best man will only be thinking about booking the best stag do his best mate deserves, however, when having such a single track thought process, this can mean eliminating friends and family who can't afford seven weeks in Thailand!

OK, so I exaggerated a little on seven weeks however, pricing people out of stag do is a known issue and happens quite a lot, so I have put together some ideas and tips on keeping the price down.

First and foremost you need to COMMUNICATE, speak to members of the group to make sure the price is within budget, especially the main people the stag wants to attend.

It's no easy feat hitting the sweet spot on arranging the perfect stag do, especially when it comes down to budget, expectations and quality control, my heart goes out to you but if you need to get the price down, hopefully the following information will help.

Flights / Travel
Consider an indirect flight, it may add an hour…

Stag Do Ideas Europe

It's about time this blog took you abroad, according to the Daily Mail in 2014, half of all stag parties go abroad, with Prague, Amsterdam and Krakow being the top three destinations.

These three stag destinations are all city breaks instead of the hedonistic sunshine destinations of Spain e.g. Magaluf, Marbella, Ibiza and Benidorm.

Before we start, DesignaVenture offer a full list of stag do destinations abroad, with ideas activities and fantastic value for money stag packages.

So what attracts stag parties to these cities?

Hold your horses I'm just about to get to that...

The Mac Daddy of European stag destinations, actually what am I talking about, the Grand Daddy!

Stag parties have been travelling to Amsterdam since the 1960s, and we all know why, Amsterdam is the perfect stag destination, with it's laid back attitude to everything that a stag do craves, do I really need two go into detail?

If you don't know what Amsterdam has to offer than either you'…

Stag Do Destination Ideas - Reading

Following on from my themed stag do destination ideas, I have decided to chuck a curve ball and take a look at Reading.

Why do you need to go to Reading on your stag weekend?

Well, OK, it isn't the most popular of stag destinations, it isn't up there with Vegas and Edinburgh, however Reading is a fantastic stag do destination and it totally deserves a mention, and I feel it's my duty to let you know about this little gem.

Just to let you know, DesignaVenture's Reading stag do packages are extremely great value for money and include 4 star hotels right in the centre.

OK, let's get down to business...

First and foremost Reading is located just off the M4, 30 minutes from London, close to the South East and extremely close to Ascot and Newbury (which I will get to later).

Reading has some seriously cool 4* hotels, all city centre and walking distance to the nightlife.

Any umm nightlife in Reading?

Well let me tell you, I have been out in Reading a few times I absolut…

Stag Weekend Essentials

All you really need for an awesome stag weekend is money, passport (if going) abroad and your toothbrush.
However, if you really want to pack heavy see the above infographic!
Good luck!

Stag Do Destination Ideas - Nottingham

Umm Nottingham, isn't that where Robin Hood lives like?

Oh c-mon, if that's the only thing you can think of when someone mentions Nottingham you've never been there on a night out, let a lone a stag weekend.

In my mind, Nottingham is one of the friendliest places in the UK, it's also the perfect stag do destination for it's perfect geographical position, which is by the way slap bang wallop in the middle of the UK, making it the ideal meeting point if you have a group of mates spread all over the Britain.

I am not going to bore you with Nottingham's excellent rail and bus links, plus it's right next to East Midlands airport and just off the M1 and near the M6 - however, I just did without you noticing.

The best thing about Nottingham is it's been extremely popular with stag parties from all over the UK since the 90s, so the locals know how to cater and look after them.

Hot Tip: Hotels in the city centre get booked up very quickly so booking early is a mus…