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Stag Do Ideas For 2017

OK, OK it's only August and already we are banging on about next year however, I have been in the travel business since 1989, and know that booking early especially with a large groups is essential in order to get everything that you want, booked. I have put together some ideas for 2017 under various descriptive headers however if none of your requirements are met, we have literally thousands of more stag do ideas which include popular packages and activities on our  website , get yourselves over there and getting planning. Horse Racing Weekends For the stag party that doesn't want anything energetic but wants adrenalin, excitement and a right laugh. Most popular destinations: Reading (Ascot or Newbury) Nottingham Chester Cheltenham For a full list of weekends and prices go here . The Sun Drink, girls and 24 hour partying, the Med has been a firm favourite with lads holidays since as far as I can remember, 2, 3 or more nights in the sun, it's grea

Motorised Stag Do Ideas

Quad Biking believe it or not, is one of our top motorised activities in the UK. Thrash your quad bike through mud, water (shallow-ish, not deep rivers obviously), flat fields, woodlands, up intense vertical hills you'll be surprised what these bikes can do! Other activity sites offer racing around a track with humps, bumps, chicanes and straights which is equally as much fun! Here are some quad biking packages, locations and ideas on our website. Rage Buggy Racing is another one of our top motorised stag activities. Forget about the grass kart buggies which can't even take the skin off a rice pudding, these Rage Buggies can reach the crazy speeds of 58 mph, and the acceleration....oh the acceleration, it's pretty special, it shoves you into your bucket seat and gets you out of any corner. Hovercrafts  are noisy, fast and furious, ticking every list item on what a motorised activity should be. Racing on a curtain of air with a giant what only can be