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Ideas For A Winter Stag Do

Currently we are having a very nice end to September and maybe a warm start to October, but let's not kid ourselves people, winter will be on us like a randy dog finding a kennel full of bitches, pre op! Wether it's a Christmas wedding, a Valentine's day wedding or just a winter wedding; winter is a fantastic time to have a stag do, for a start it's usually cheaper and muddier, what more do you want, jam on it? THE UK The UK is a fantastic choice, that's why it's called Great Britain (I'm more cheesy than than a packet of Wotsits). If you are feeling really brave and want to beast the lads book Canyoning or White Water Rafting, honestly this will be memorable, we have some incredible stag do packages in North Wales with these activities in . If you prefer a more indoor affair, the UK has some incredible facilities and activities. From indoor karting and Bubble Football for the active groups, cider and whisky tasting for the groups looking to ke

Booking Flights For Your 2016 Stag Party

If you are thinking of going abroad next year for your stag do then read on people as important news is in. Easyjet and Ryanair have released their flights all the way up to June 2016. "So why is this big news?" Good question my laddie, most stag parties use Ryanair and Easyjet as their prices are low and they offer loads of routes. The norm with flight seats especially low cost and scheduled airlines is they sell their cheapest seats first: For example: The first 1 -  20 seats = £25.00 per seat 20 - 49 seats = £35.00 per seat  50 - 75 seats = £75.00 per seat and so on... We also currently have a very strong pound bringing down continental airport taxes which will also help bring down your ticket. All this contributes to low seat prices, so booking your stag do early really down make sense. The only downside is that you need to book and pay in full for all your flight seats , so that means you will need everyone's first and surnames all spelt co

Best Man Duties

This is your 'Best Man Duties'... how it really is, so pull up a chair digest and get excited about the big day, after all you are one of the main members of the wedding congregation! First Of All organise The Stag Do You will quickly discover that people say one thing but actually mean another, ‘yes’ means ‘maybe’ and ‘no’ means ‘I might change my mind’. Spreadsheets will become the bane of your life and you will probably question why your mate has some very annoying flakey friends! That’s where DesignaVenture can help relieve the pressure, on this amazing website (we are a little biased) you can book online, view your booking online, send people invites, get them to pay individually (online or over the telephone), see who has paid at any time and on top of all that you have the incredible DesignaVenture customer service, which is second to none. At The Church Assisting The Groom On His Wedding Day First and foremost you will need to provide him with mints to hide

Book Your Stag Do Early

We are always banging on about booking early, it really is the best route when arranging a stag do, well you know what they say; "the early bird catches the worm" and "the second mouse get's the cheese!" I know it's Autumn (officially, Autumn starts on the 22nd September at 10:29pm if you're interested, I am sure you're not), but booking your stag do for next summer is a good call. I feel you need reasons why you should book early: If you are booking flights, booking your seats early doors will save you a whole pile of money, depending on where you wish to fly to, you could save up to £200 per person (I might as well stop there, I feel saving a whopping £200 per person is evidence enough, however I will prevail). You should get your first choice of accommodation Booking early will also mean activity slots will be empty ready for your group to grab You'll get your first choice of activities and times There are also more prac