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What Does Brexit Mean To The Stag Do

Hey, I know this isn't the most important question on David Cameron's lips however there are going to be some implications on traveling abroad for your stag do as well as having a stag weekend in the UK. Looking at the Stag Do Abroad... Flights: What will happen to flight prices and is this the end of the low cost airlines that are not British? For example before 1992 if you flew with  Ryanair from Manchester to Palma, Majorca, as Ryanair is Irish they would have to touch down on Irish soil before flying on to Majorca! Since the 1992 bill which was passed within the European Union, Ryanair can fly straight to Majorca from Manchester, saving you loads of time and money. I am pretty sure this won't change, however there may be a levy put on by the EU, who knows!! Medical: On a stag do there is a high chance you'll need to visit the local A&E, maybe it's severe sunburn or maybe you fell over whilst helping an old lady across a busy road, whatever

Stag Do Destinations For 2017

I know what you're thinking, we're only halfway through 2016 and already we are ditching it for 2017. Well, you need to look and book early in order to get what you want for the best possible price, take it from me popular stag do destinations will fill early. HOT TIP: The last and first weekend of each month are the busiest, so try and look at other weekend dates for a lot more choice, especially when booking late. Stag Destinations Abroad  Now if you are looking at overseas stag destinations and looking for sun and lively nightlife; Majorca, Ibiza, Benidorm, Costa Del Sol, basically Spain you cannot go wrong with. These destinations usually have plenty of flights going to them from all over the UK and flights can be very cheap. You will also be able to book into fully inclusive hotels, if that's what you're looking for, OUCH... just think of the hangover without the huge bar bill!! If you prefer a little bit of culture and want to party in a lively city

Stag Do Activities

Where ever you decide to have your stag do whether it's Las Vegas or Bournemouth, best men always like to include an activity or two to keep you crazy boys out the pub. So strap yourself in and get some cracking ideas for an incredible stag do. Totally obscure and off the chart is Air Combat in Las Vegas: Using laser beams (about the only place you can use laser beams near aircrafts), the aim is to try and shoot your opponent down, if you do manage to hit him, smoke will come out of the back of his plane - how cool is that! A very popular stag activity straight out of the Mad Max Films is  Rage Buggies: Acceleration which will slam you back into your bucket seat and handling like a cat on a sofa you will love driving these machines. Competition and speed what more do you want, jam on it? This next activity borders on the crazy, however it's a fantastic stag do idea, one of our stags called it "p**s my pants funny":  Cardboard Boat Challenge, Batht