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Ideas For Your Stag Do In February 2018

February isn't known as a busy stag do month however, if your bride 'n' groom are getting married near Valentine's day or in March (Spring weddings are quite popular you know) then February is usually the month of choice. Let's face it, January is just too damn dark, and you and the boys are going to be skint after Christmas, so February is a top idea. "But where are all these stag do groups going, and what will they be getting up to?" I hear you ask. Well thanks for being so inquisitive, I am just getting to that... UK or Abroad? Unless you're planning on travelling on a plane to the Canaries or flying 5+ hours (which isn't going to be cheap), the chance of getting some guaranteed sunshine is minimal. So a city break in Europe it is, Prague, Riga, Hamburg, Berlin are all great choices and will keep the stag group happy however will the budget allow? In my mind, for a fantastic stag do destination abroad with a budget busting price

Advice On Booking A Stag Do Last Minute

Whether it’s a shot-gun wedding, the best man is totally rubbish or the groom last-minute, has decided he actually wants a stag do, booking a stag night or weekend last-minute can be tricky. 
 You have availability and people to sort in a very short amount of time, it ain't going to be easy. 
 Get your lap top out and get going, time is of the essence. 
 First things first , you need a confirmed date and a list of party members who are ready to pay right away – no messing. Set up a WhatsApp group , it's so easy and whilst you'll be getting answers and ideas from the stag group there's always a bit of time for friendly banter. 
 Be flexible, if you can’t get the activities you want, be open to other ideas as you are still going away with your pals and you know you’ll have loads of fun. 
 This can also be a similar story for your chosen stag or hen destination. For example if you choose Bristol and it’s the weekend of the Balloon festival you are going